100 Years of Crayola

Can you believe it?! 100 whole years of Crayola?

A brand that has become one of the most reliable for children’s stationary and now for the adult colouring world too?!

That’s amazing.

Personally, I have loved the brand since I was a wee one. Always the best felt tips bar far. And now they sell so much more.


Yes, you’re seeing it right. They even do something for adults now too.

With adult colouring becoming so big, it was only naturally for this to happen. This craze has literally swept the world. Not much beats sitting back with a colouring book and losing yourself in some epic designs with pretty colours to boot.

The books themselves are stunning. Unique designs that will have you lost in the book for hours. A perfect way to destress after a long day parenting.

Liv has tried to steal my books and pens several times. So much so I have taken to hiding them.

But it just goes to show that the littles sometimes want something as beautiful and complex also.

The fine line markers are up there in normal Crayola stand also. But they do feel a little more sophisticated than the kids colouring markers.

Plus they rarely share with me anyway 😛

So if you are as taken with this adult colouring craze as the rest of, well, everyone, then pick up these goodies from Crayola and celebrate with them in style!

They have some much more to offer on the site too. So go over and take a look.

It will be the most relaxing thing you have done all year.


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