A Dying Art?

So, I am back from holiday, I will have a blog to follow, I promise.

I find mothers like my mother to be a dying art.

I guess it could be the ever changing times, or the ever changing people. 

My mother, to me, really is one of a kind. Now I know to each of us, all our mothers are amazing, but I always found mine had that something special. She is the always doing, jam making kind of mother. She bakes everything herself, after a 12 hour shift she would always come home and cook our tea. As a child I can never remember her being poorly or having a down day. She was always the one on the go, nothing ever too much trouble, never a bad word out of her mouth. I have to say I cannot ever remembering her use the phrase ‘I’m tired’ She is and was the most kind and caring person I know. I never realised it before, but she really is like my idol. Although I don’t have the physical strength, or ability to do everything she did and still, in-fact, does do. 

Growing up you never realise, as a moody teen, that your mother is really an incredible woman, and although I wish so badly I was like her, I simply am not. 

I don’t and can’t (unaided) cook alone, I do say ‘I’m tired’ a substantial amount and as much as I would like to I just don’t have the energy she has. 

I hope the fact I am not the same as her and that I do have to live differently still makes her proud. I now know that I was blessed to have her as a mother growing up and although I can’t be the same I take the lessons she taught me and use them with my girls. 

My sister however is alot more like my mum, strong and very able. Although she would never admit it, she is more like mum than she realises. I admire it alot.

One of the hardest things about having MS is telling people and explaining in to them. Friends have gone, the good ones have stayed. With my family however they have all stood by my side and promised to be there always. My family do more for me than most. My sister is my carer and I make sure I still call my mum everyday, sad? Maybe, but I guess I just miss her.

I think as my girls grow up and become more aware, it makes me look at myself. What the girls see and hear becomes more visible everyday, I need to be more careful with my attitude and the way I come across. As like my mum, I would love the girls to look up to me, to know I will always be that constant in their lives. Although I can’t quite be superwoman, I can be my own version. 

Where did you take your parenting skills and advice from? Did you, like me have a super-mum?

Is this real?

 Are we being honest? I think each and every blog tells people’s own unique story. But are we all as honest as we all like to think we are.

I know when I go about writing a post if it doesn’t flow I know that its not the right time and needs more thought. In each post I write, I like to make it as true to life as humanly possible. Sugar coating is not my thing. Although I do struggle with getting my rather odd sense of humour over in the right way.
I guess the thing I love and hate about blogging is you can be whoever you want to be, whether it is real or not. Sometimes I often wonder if the person behind the blog ever bends the truth, even just a little bit? I guess though that is their prerogative. Although almost every blog I read, I connect with and I feel like I know the person. There are a few where I feel its all too much like a fairytale, I don’t know of any one who lives a fairytale life. I guess that means I could find some of them a little untrue in regards to the language used. I mean do some people really speak all fluffy and use really expressive, emotive language? I know I like my blog to be like I am almost speaking it out loud whilst the person is reading it. I like to look back and know that only I could have written that. Only I am that daft.
I do find some a little too, almost, well forced? Like if I was to have a face to face conversation with the person, they wouldn’t speak like they do in their blog. This isn’t bashing anyone, its just how I feel on the subject. You know when your reading honesty, as you feel like you are standing right there next to them, I find this an amazing skill to have, and one I hope I can learn over time.
I know since I started writing a few months back the way I ‘write’ has changed a lot in my mind. I tend to type as I think. I guess its because I am trying to give as true account as possible of a life living with MS. Its hard, some days its shit and others its just fine, not great just fine. I know a lot of the time I feel sorry for myself but that fine, because right now I do. Right now, its just hard and shitty.
Okay well i’m done rambling now. Thank you for listening.  

Naked Mummas PLEASE READ :)

My MS is a neurological thing, no-one can see the effects it has on me, they are inside and hidden, my body gives nothing away.We have some friends over this weekend. We were laughing and joking etc, anyway the conversation (yes it was odd) about naturist s, inspired me. Also kind of running off the lovely Pippa over at story of mum. They have been looking at how we view our bodies and feeling better about the ‘bad’ bits. which really helped me.

So I was thing about doing a Mummy Blogger Naked Wave. Where we each write a blog post about doing a ‘mummy’ task in the nuddy, and if you so desire, a photo. You could be washing up or hoovering or sorting the washing? Obviously we are all pretty much family orientated, so we wouldn’t have to be fully naked, and obviously not showing any rude bits, kind of Calendar girls esque? I would love to use it to raise awareness for Jo’s Trust and cervical cancer.

So is anyone daring enough to take on the #mummybloggernakedwave, I know I am! I do not wish to offend anyone just a bit of something to make us hard working mothers feel good and raise awareness for a really important issue.

Please comment or tweet me, it would be such a lovely way to raise awareness and who knows maybe we can make our own #mummybloggernankedwave calendar?! 

Life’s critiques

I have recently found out someone did not enjoy my previous post About my mummy failings. 

They were so horrified in-fact they decided to create a post about it on mums forum. It was a very popular thread. All but the person that posted it was supportive and did not judge me, they read my whole story, not just one part. 

I do not see why people see the need to broadcast there ‘feelings’ so abruptly. My blog is here for me to document my journey. It is also here to raise awareness of MS and so people can see what living with a neurological condition is like. It is honest. It might make you cringe or laugh or even cry. But I am not about to be fake about something so very real. 

I am here for all the people, who like me, live daily with this condition. We have our good days and our bad. Big deal if we are not perfect, who is?

I hope the people who read this blog appreciate the honesty ad the fact I don’t, and won’t paper over the cracks.

Thank you for reading 🙂

My Failings, with illustrations!

My failings as a mother taunt me on a daily basis. After seeing a lovely lady on twitter post about hers, I decided to admit mine, hey maybe I will learn from them?
I often use the tv as the main form of entertainment. Having two and no energy, I have to say it is one tool I would not live without. I am not afraid to say it!
I tell lies, mostly small, but some big whoppers too. See I only do it to keep Pops safe, she literally never misses a thing, I cannot even have a poo without her announcing it to the world!
I am not yet a naughty step fan, one reason being I am scared shitless of Pops falling down the stairs. So I use the counting to five technique, it works and I have never got to five, I wouldn’t know what to do if I did?!
I tend to give in for a quiet life, I will use sweets and toys as a weapon and often after me saying no and a lot of wining later I simply give in for some peace.
I shout, yes I shout loud and I hate myself when I do, I have sworn and cried before, but sometimes the questions are so relentless and never ending Its easily done. Although I have become a much calmer person.
I often forget to brush her hair. I know, but sometimes its such a mission I just do not need the aggro! I would rather she has a birds nest than listen to the screams, nothing works or makes it an easier not even bribery, trust me I have tried.
I have eaten her sweets and blamed the dog. Well Skye can’t talk so will not drop me in it. Plus I don’t think she minds too much.
I will sometimes hand Beboo over to Hubby for a ‘cuddle’ when I know full well she has pooed! Oh dear lord I am awful!
Some weeks mcdonalds is a staple. This is by far getting to be my worst habit, it did briefly improve. But has since returned. There is no excuse I am simply, some days just lazy. I would judge me too!
I have yet to register any of us at a dentist. I myself hate hate hate them. No not a typo. I hate hate hate them. I will not go, but I know Pops should.
I taught Pops naughty words at a young age and found it highly amusing when she shouted them at Hubby, in my defensive she does not use them any more. She is far too posh.
I use Pops as my getter of things. If I cannot be bothered to get the remote or my phone I will ask her and make it seem super cool and special. To be honest doing some of these things if way cool!
Pops, the 3 year old still has a dummy at bedtime. I hear gasps. I no it is awful, but I require sleep for my condition!
I tease her. I tease her a lot. I have even told her I will have her christened Simon Pie-man.
I pretty much let her potty train herself. I was heavily pregnant and getting nowhere fast, so I gave in, then she decided to do it anyway.
For now this is what has come to mind! I am not perfect and I sure I will add more. Please come and admit yours 🙂