999, What’s Your Emergency?

Okay, so I have been watching the 999: What’s your emergency, channel 4 programme.

I cannot be more ashamed with some of the ‘people’ featured.

I mean besides the amount of prank calls they have (yes I know we have all been their as kids) the people that let their children roam the streets and have no respect for the people who work in the emergency services is awful.

I think both the children and the parents should be ashamed of themselves!

As a child or teen I would have NEVER spoken to a policeman with such disrespect, I would have been terrified had one ever even approached me. How  do these teens get away with it? Who has taught them that treating people in authority, or anyone for that matter is respectful or acceptable? It is just wrong. 

Had one of those children been my own, I would have been ashamed. In complete and utter despair.

The fact that the parents sat on national TV and defended their child’s behaviour was just vile. Saying they couldn’t stop them any more.

I completely agree that parenting nowadays is different. Harder even, but that is simply no excuse, these children had no boundaries or rules.

Growing up, I was not beaten, but I still respected my parents and people in higher authority, I was taught the difference between right and wrong, without physical punishment. So why can’t thee people do this too?

One mother said she could not stop her son from going out nor tell him to come home at a certain time, because she couldn’t ‘make him’ No but you can lock the door and say NO. You can also get off your backside and go and find your child. I know if my girls are not home by a certain time, me and Hubby will go out and pick them up. But I should hope they learn respect and do as I ask. As its for safety more than just shitting on their parade.

What made me even more angry was the 3 year old boy roaming the streets alone. His mother was doing, well whatever she was doing and she managed to ‘not notice’ the fact her three year old was gone for an hour AN HOUR?!

It really makes me wonder what has happened to people. I mean my mothers disappointment was enough to make me realise I was wrong. Why is this no longer enough?! I intend to bring my girls up, knowing who they are, being who they want to be and expressing themselves in their own way. But my girls will ALWAYS be taught to treat people with respect and to know when to stop, the difference between right and wrong.

I wonder what the next episode will bring?!


My Stomach Turner

I was told I couldn’t possibly be any kind of mother because there is one thing I cannot stomach.

Some old bitch told me this.

I have to say I was not impressed.

So there is a few things us mothers have to deal with on a daily basis, there is no getting away from it.

Yes, bodily fluids.

There are many types of these vile things, however for the people who have been living under a rock since birth, I will post the more ‘popular’ ones.

First comes wee, pee, piss or urine, whatever you wish to call it it is the most common and frequent one we mothers deal with.

This one I am not adverse too, no this I can take by the bucket load (not in a literal sense)

Next comes poo, poop, crap, shit or faeces, again whatever you call it, at one time or another I have had this somewhere on my person.

Again not fussed by this either!

Next comes snot, bogeys, candles sticks, loogie or mucus, whichever word you use this one is also a big one. Most of my clothes have some form of it on them, whether wet or dry.

This one also does not phase me in the slightest, in-fact getting rid of this, out the nose of a small child, when dry, gives me great satisfaction (my own child, not yours)

Here comes the last one in my list, yup; sick, vom, puke or vomit. The ones is not a frequent as the others put still a biggie.

You guessed it, this one is my downfall, my stomach turner. This one is the one the old bitch criticised me about.

Now I am not talking baby sick, that is fine. I am talking full on bits of pizza, carrot or sweetcorn, the real “hard stuff” kind of puke. This I cannot stomach, I walk into the room and immediately turn around and flee the scene. God bless my husband. I cannot even stand my own!

So my question to you is, do you also have a stomach turner? I can’t be alone can I?

Can I?!


So after a shit day yesterday today I have a Flu thing.

Yup it got worse.

I ache all over, I am the snottiest person alive. The amount of  times I have snotted on myself is simply vile.  I have what feels like a chainsaw in my throat and my eyes are hurty!

One of my handy ‘MS self help books’ says that being poorly and run down can often trigger an attack. Great more joy.

I found some antibioticsin my draw, got out the old BNF and read they might help. So I am also self medicating GASP. Yes how irresponsible and stupid I am, however I feel they can only help not hinder this vile disease I have contracted.

I completely blame the vile play school mum who brought her snotty ill child in.Poor diseased little mite.

I really go feel like death.

I challenge anyone to walk a day in the shoes of someone with MS and a flu like disease.  

I need to have some sleep.

Wish me luck.

Attack of the Sisters!

With the nights drawing in the fact that I will be stuck inside with the two girls is just plain frightening, I wont lie.

Pop’s has some sort of vendetta against her sister I swear, she will not share a thing, to her Beboo is always sweaty (dribble) So how will I stem the arguments once shut inside with two head strong girls?

Pop’s only ever has a little bit of time for her sister, after that he wants nothing to do with her, she ruins everything apparently. I have no idea where these feelings have come from, I try my best to make things fair and to share my attention equally, but sometimes it is so hard to get it right.

Beboo will be venturing into the movement stage soon, I feel this will just create more issues between them.

I can honestly say I did not think the sibling rivalry would start for some time, but it is well and truly under way.

How will I survive the winter?

Any tips? A cage maybe?  Too extreme?

Multiple Sclerosis

Dear MS,

Although you have only been in my life 8 months, you have already made your presence very known, MS the way I feel about you has no words. I cannot except you, I also cannot stop you from eating away at my existence.

I find myself locked away in my house, isolated and alone. I have support, but I am the only one who is there when the lights go out, its never ‘goodnight’ its always ‘please not tonight’

You have already taken some of my vision, I know inside you are not done, but please, let me watch my girls grow before you take the rest.

You decide who I am and who I will become, I know after reading about treatment, when it comes down to it, nothing will really stop you. You are my life sentence. Its not a love hate thing, it is pure unadulterated hatred.

I read stories about how disabling you are and it turns my stomach, to know that one day I will be a bigger mess than I am now.

The pain I feel in my body is due to you, the saking I experience is you, the vision loss is you, me being so different to others is because of you, my depression is you, I will now always be defined by you.

I am simply becoming a stranger in my own life. I am sick to death of being tired, I am tired of you, I am tired of the pain and I am tired of always being so very tired.

We have no choice but to do this together, I know one day my body will be ruled by you and you alone, but for now I am still me, I will try and be the mother and wife I know I need to be.

I will not fight, as I know you will win, I will just keep on trying and showing I am still in here somewhere.

So MS, you are the by far the most unwanted and scariest thing I could have imagined in my life.

You may not kill me but you will contribute in some way I am sure.

It is not over yet, until next time.