The Wright Stuff On Contraception Age 13

So this morning on The Wright Stuff, channel 5, you know the one, its on after milkshake!

So they were talking about girls from the age of 13 having contraception without parental consent. I found some of the views fairly old fashioned I have to say.

When I was 13 I have a long term boyfriend, we ended up being together for 4 years. As a 13 year old girl, I had sex, yes I know, how awful. However I did it, it happened.  

One of the times ‘it happened’ the condom broke, genuinely it broke. 

I have never been so scared in my whole life, I was a child too frightened to admit to her parents she was already having sex.

I was lucky enough to have a god father I was very close too, he came to the rescue and took me to the local Time4u clinic they next day, for little emergencies like this. 

I was given emergency contraception and I was put on the pill, all without telling my parents.

I was so incredibly thankful for this service. 

I ended up going on the injection at the age of 14, I found it easy and it suited me fine. I saw nothing wrong with being sensible and getting contraception even if my parents didn’t know.

If it wasn’t for services like this, I don’t know where I would have been.

I love my girls and want the best for them, so I really would not be against them having contraception without my knowledge  as long as it was from a medically trained person. 

I would rather them do this than end up pregnant and not wanting it.

I would not want that for my girls.

I don’t see why people are so concerned, I would be pleased that the girls were sensible enough to seek help.

How do you feel on the subject?

Leapfrog Review

LeapsterGS Explorer.

I think the leapsterGS should be a must have on any preschoolers Christmas list.

This kids tough gaming system is amazing. With touch screen and the usual button controls, it makes the GS really easy to use. They can have all the fun of the games whilst learning at the same time, which for us has been great. Plus having the stylus attached, it means I won’t keep having to search for it.

We have got the Disney Princess game with ours and Pops loves it, being the true princess she is, she is always on this game. The great thing about the GS is that it also has downloadable games, including two free. Which is great for the every growing Pops

The leapsterGS takes 4AA batteries and comes with a great little camera on the back, for all her video and picture taking. It also come with 2GB of internal memory which is perfect for us.

With o many appointments to go to, this really is great, it keeps her occupied whilst learning at the same time, it has already helped with her letter sounds.

The LeapsterGS retails at £64.99. Personally I think this is a great price for such an amazing toy, a real must have.

Leapfrog Tag System

With numbers safely under our belt, the next step is letters and learning to read, so the tag system was perfect for us.

The tag reader is a pen tht works along side the leapfrog tag books, so kids can learn to read at their own pace, with ease.

The great thing about this is that it doesn’t just read the words, it also sounds out the letters and words and helps with comprehension. This is great for recognising the letters as well as reading the words. 

There are over 25 books available, so you never run out of things to read. This is great for reading together and for them to read alone and become confident in reading.

This tag system currently retails at £20.99 and can be found here.

We also got the interactive world map, which teaches simple geography and many games. Pops will have hours of fun with this as she grows. It retails for £16.99 and can be found here.

All of these products are perfect for any inquisitive growing child, it brings together play and learning just the right amount, so they don’t notice. 🙂

All views are my own, always follow instructions. 

I Am Just Not Sure?

Last week I had my blood test, to see if I have this JC virus.

All this waiting makes me so unsure as to what I want for the future. 

Do I want to be on tysabri?

Why don’t I try the others first?

I have become very good at putting on a front, however there are parts of the day I find myself staring, blankly.

My new tablets for my back are great, they really do work, well that’s if I take them. If I miss one of my three a day I get all edgy and short fused.

They have also has an effect on my mood, I feel down, more tired and a little lost.

Having MS is one of those things no-one can understand until they have it, all the books might say I need to keep going but why can’t I just have a day? A day to rest and a day to not be okay.

Twice last week when someone asked me if I was okay, I said fine then inside my mind was shouting “LIAR LIAR” however no-one wants to hear how you really feel when they ask you that, especially when they don’t really give a shit.

I keep forgetting what I am saying and doing, tonight I even put talc in Pop’s hair when drying her, I completely forgot what I was actually doing.

Talc is surprisingly hard to get out of hair I have to say!

My mind is a mess and I know it. 

Only I know it.

Well, now you do I guess?

Putting on a face has made me tired, so I feel an early night might be on the cards.

Note to self, take tablet.

What was I doing?……….

LEGO Friends Review

Pop’s loves LEGO, so you can imagine our delight when we found the LEGO friends range. A range designed with girls in mind.

This set was great for Pops, so loves little things so this was a perfect addition to her toy box.

The LEGO friends range has five characters. Olivia, Mia, Stephanie, Emma and Andrea.

We had Andrea, which is a Bunny set. The set comes with a little bunny and all you need to keep it with.

Pops has had hours of fun playing with this set, plus others she has. We have also enjoyed picking up the pieces (literally) after.

The LEGO friends website  has loads of info on the range, including many videos which we have loved watching. There is also loads to do on the website, which has really made this product fab.

This set retails at £9.99 and can be found here.

This is a great addition for any little girls Christmas list and it also a great way to build up your LEGO friends range.

All opinions are my own, always follow instructions. 



Keeping Those Memories.

I hate stuff.

I have become someone who throws away everything. I have kept nothing from my past parters as I throw stuff away really easily. 

One thing I will not throw away is artwork .

No, not mine, I could not draw to save my life, no this is Pop’s artwork and Beboo’s when she does some.

Yes, every silly scribble I get home from play school I keep.

Don’t believe me?

Yep, I have a love of all things my girls create!

So I decided I was going to make them into a scrap book and show everyone how to do it, simple and easy.

All you need it a hole punch and some treasury tags:

You simply punch the pages and threat the tags through. You can even add the odd things and the larger pictures!

After doing it with all the art work you then have the completed book that you can add too at any time.

It cost me like £3 to do ad that included buying the hole punch.

Now I can keep an account of her art and how it changes.

How do you document their achievements?!