My Mood Is Lifting!

Well, I have done the hard week.

I have done the stabbing and the drugs and the hideous bus crash feeling and now I am finally feeling relief.

Relief from what I am not sure but I am feeling so much happier in myself. Upping my antidepressants was discussed this week, however I am pleased to say, I do not need to, big smiles all round! 

Of course there are a few things keeping me going, the Husband for all his sins, the sister and most of all my girlys.

Oh and being the Christmas freak I am, my sister kindly put up my decorations, so our beautiful tree has also brought on a smile 🙂

So, for now at least we can enjoy the festive season which is all I want for the girls.

I am finally allowed to feel my version of normal for a while, with my Tysabri infusions due to start on the 18th of this month, I am sure the peace won’t last long, however I will treasure every minute.

Are you ready for the man in red?!

Brother Max Snackpot Review and Comp

Lets face it, when snacking and weaning are involved, we mums run for cover as we know that mushy mess is about to descend all over everything. 

Not any more. Seriously. The Brother max snack pot is the solution to that messy problem that is snack time.

With its innovative designed lid, the little ones can get their hands in, however the contents does not fall out.

Take lid off and put the snack in
Pop lid back on

It really is that simple and best of all it works:

As you can tell from the blurry pictures, we gave the snackpot a real good try. I was more than impressed.

This snackpot is BPA free, easy to clean, dishwasher and freezer safe, it fits into any hands, it can e used as a snackpot as above or take the lid off and its a weaning bowl. Best of all I feel is the whole spill proof thing, it really is great as I hate mess, especially the damp slimy, pre-sucked kind. Beboo has no problems getting her little hands in through the top to get through to the food. This would be great for at home or on the go.

The Brother max Snackpot retails at £5.99 and can be found here.

Or enter this comp by following the instructions below! 
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Are You Afraid Of Your Local Supermarket?

Yup, it is true, I am afraid of Supermarkets.

Not just one in-particular, just supermarkets in general.

It is such a crazy thing to be afraid of, its also getting incredibly annoying but they really do freak me out.

Its the whole speed of everything and everyone. There is so many people, so may things in such a small space, even the thought of it creeps me out. 

I guess its the whole sight thing, when I get hot my sight gets worse and supermarkets are not the most relaxing of places, so the two combined jut make the whole experience really unpleasant for me.

Both me and Hubs have worked in them, so its not like I am not used to it? My sister still works part-time in one herself, which for me is lucky because when I do venture in, I make sure I am with her.

So this fear is really irrational, however still real.

People are just so vile when they are food shopping, its like we all become the incredibly grumpy nation when we go supermarketing?

Yes I know that’s not a word!

But its true. Standing behind me and huffing because I am trying to see what I am buying is not nice, it even caused me to buy my Husband a ‘To My Wife’ Anniversary card last year, I kid you not!


It might be ‘The Season’ however this does not mean we should all be angry trolley wielding creatures.

Chill out…


Wallaboo Suede Sling Review

The Wallaboo baby slings are really one of a kind. I have tried a couple of slings and carriers in the past with Pop’s none of which I got on with, this one however has been great.

he first thing I loved about this microfibre sling was the easy to follow instructions on the back of the packaging.

It also has a useful instruction manual inside, as this sling enables you to carry baby in three ways.

The Wallaboo sling has 4 fittings so you can have the perfect fit. Please excuse the photos, these last few weeks have been hard.

Once you have found the right size for you, its time to pop baby in. This sling has a blue tag on the front, which is mentioned in the instructions so you can fit them in perfect, it also has Velcro at the front also, so you can loosen it to get baby in and out and also for the different ways you can carry baby.

The first is the sleeping position:

This is great should Beboo need a sleep when we are out and about.

Next is the sitting position:

This one we found great for walking round the house on the days she is teething and clingy. Also as I struggle with stairs the sling makes it safer as I can hold the bannisters knowing she is safe.

Last is the Active position:

Her arms and legs are free but she is firmly attached to mummy!

I really love the Wallaboo sling, the suede fabric means its not also lovely and soft but really strong, so you know baby is really safe.

The Wallaboo sling is suitable for use for babies from 4lbs to 28lbs, so we will still get loads of use out of it.

The most important thing for me is being able to use this with my mobility issues, so using it with my stick or crutches needs to be easy and with the Wallaboo sling it is, especially in the sitting position.

This sling can be found here from Hippychick and retails at £54.95.

This is the perfect sling/carrier for anyone who is thinking about baby carrying, the weight is evenly distributed so babies weight is really not an issue, neither is a bad back! 


Battery On Coronation Street?

So like many people, I love the drama on the cobbles. Lets face it, its makes us feel better about our own lives and is often the only bit of adult company we get.

More recently the big storyline has been the Tyrone and Kirsty one, with Tyrone falling victim to domestic violence. 

To be honest I think Coronation Street has played this storyline out really well so far, although there have been times where I have felt a little uncomfortable. I guess that’s what they are going for?

Anyway for those who don’t watch it all came about when the delightful Kirsty fell pregnant, she become incredibly aggressive towards poor Ty. Beating him and isolating him, Corrie has brought to light that men suffer from domestic abuse too.

Well this whole story made me think, why was it acceptable during her pregnancy, however now seems more poignant and abusive? The ITV show even had a ‘some viewers may find this disturbing’ thingy this week. I saw no difference between the severity of it now and before, when she was pregnant?

It got my back up and really begs the question, is it okay to blame a pregnancy for domestic violence? Is this really a viable excuse?

If this is the case then surely men could start to put some kind of ‘excuse’ forward for their actions?

As like the storyline states, she does not stop those brutal beatings even after little Ruby was born, so it makes you wonder if it really is socially acceptable for a woman to beat a man purely because she is pregnant?

Double standards?