Sorry, No Drugs Here!

So we live in a friendly neighbourhood, next door are lovely and we have a lovely relationship with most people around here.

There is one thing that has been really grating on me and Hubbys nerves, drugs.

A few doors down from us, there is a house that supplies drugs to people, these people wait outside my family home.

They are supplying drugs to children as young as 12, how do I know this? Because we see them in groups waiting for the ‘runner’

I am sick to death of this happening right outside my front door and I am also sick to death of our local police station doing nothing about it.

They simply say they went and found nothing. Why can’t they watch the road, it happens over 4 times a day.

This is an issue I feel so strongly about, many children live down here, including my own,there is even a play school 5 meters away from my house, it is disgusting and it has to stop!

I don’t want my children growing up around this, more needs to be done!

men walking away

Those three men walking away had just been stood outside waiting for the ‘runner’ Had my camera not had a delay, I would have got him handing it over!

Please share this post, things like this have to stop, its getting beyond a joke and I don’t want this around my children.


Ranty Friday!!

Its the end of the week again and Christmas has once more been and gone.

Ergh, cue new year.

I don’t get the big deal when it comes to new year, its just another day, granted a different year however still, not really that exciting.

I will be at home, as per waiting until the fireworks have frightened the dog ad turned her into some crazed loon. 

I really cannot find the excitement in it at all.

It seems this time of year turns people into crazed loons also. People have seriously lost respect for each other, since when was it okay to say vile things things about other people.

Get a grip!

Also I hate how people live such lies. Getting sympathy diseases and always trying to one up when it really is not needed. Can’t people grow up and stop being so dramatic. 

I have so many questions running through my head, I have no idea what road I want to take or why I am so hell bent on wanting it.

Me and hubs ended up spending our Christmas money on storage for all the toys we accumulated over the ‘festive’ season. Yes, we know how to roll.

I cannot wait until things go back to normal, with everything being shut and people getting sale rage when doing the shopping, I think we all need to take a deep breath and calm down.


Ding Dong Merrily Goodbye!!!

Ding Dong Merrily Goodbye!!! 

Yep, if you cannot tell, I am saying goodbye to Christmas 2012, I know boxing day was yesterday and all that however, I don’t care!

Me and Hubs were talking in the car about how un-festive everywhere feels now, its rainy and dark and everyone is walking around with a grumpy face, it just makes the whole place seem so ‘normal’

Today we have taken down the tree and tomorrow the rest ill be following, forget the whole luck thing, bad luck follows me everywhere, nothing I do will make me more lucky. 

Christmas just does not feel the same any more, people seem to think it is all about that one day, however I love the run up and all that goes with it, now that Christmas day has been and gone its like everyone has just forgotten.

Today seemed so normal.

So I decided I would also join in on all the non-Christmasness.

No more angel hair and baubles flying around, nope we are clean and tidy in the Williams house.

When are you taking yours down?!

Please, No More Toys?!

I don’t think this house could take any more presents, toys especially! I tried to go easy this year, In-fact I did go easy, it was everyone else who went insane.

Christmas turned out to be lovely, my Sister ended up staying home, which really did make my day. I was able to spend Christmas day with all the family. I decided not to let my whole MS get in the way, just for a day I was allowed to forget. I loaded up on painkillers and my normal array of tablets and enjoyed the day.

I did discover rounding up two small children, a husband and a dog on Christmas morning was like rounded a heard of ferrets, do ferrets have heards? They should. Every time I thought I had them all together and ready, one would wiggle off, mission.

After a break from all things on-line  I am back and I intend to use this year to document more of my life and make a difference to people like me.

Watch this space…

20121225_092625 20121225_131228


Hope you all had a Merry Christmas 🙂

What Christmas Eve Means To Me…

There have been loads of posts flying around about what Christmas means to people, however I have decided to share what Christmas eve means to me. 

I was lucky to have a really fantastic childhood, where I was allowed to be a child for a long as I wanted and Christmas was always a special time for me, full of food and family, and I love food! 

Christmas eve was always my favourite day, apart from Christmas day of course. My Mum is what made my Christmas eve special, she would always be in the kitchen making something amazing, listening to classic FM and singing the good old Christmas songs. I would be watching a Muppets Christmas Carol for like the 20th time, snuggled up on the sofa with the fire burning.

Then in the evening, walking up the big hill to the church, where mother made me  and me went to crib lighting with all the other kids in the village  as much as I hated going, I am glad I have that memory.

Also the smell of Clementine s always remind me of this season.

I hope my girls have fond memories of the Christmas season, although I am not amazing like my mum, bionic is how she could be described, no I am not a patch on her, however I really hope I can make it special and familiar.

Although this year it has been full of the year before memories, I am slowly letting it go, it is what it is and nothing I could have done would have changed it. As much as it sucks, I have it. 

What does Christmas Eve mean to you?

christmas tree