Vertigo, Its Time To Go

Vertigo, the bane of my existence. It seems to creep up on me, waiting in the wings like a pervy old man.


I woke up this morning feeling drunk, I could not focus or keep my balance.

This would have been okay had I have been drinking, as then I would only have myself to blame, however in this case it really was not me to blame.

I started my tysabri treatment this week, I don’t know what it was that I expected to happen, some sort of miracle cure maybe? Yes I have read all the books and googled until google was mocking me, I listened to all the advice and watched the ‘to good to be true’ DVD however part of me still thought, this might make it all better. 

Still I pretty much feel the same.

Suddenly you are reminded that you will never really get better, this will help to slow the progression and space out the relapses, however at the end of the day, there is still no way to stop my monster.

I am grateful for this treatment, however I am still angry at the fact I a living with this disease.

I keep putting my mindset back into last year and what I was doing. I was waiting on my results. I was waiting to hear my fate.

The most selfish part, I wished it to be a tumour. Why did I want this? Because this could be removed, this could be sorted.

Ms was the thing I feared most, nevertheless it was to be my future.


Because it is a forever thing, just when you feel you might get some relief, it comes back and bites you in the metaphorical arse.

I know rest is key, I know if my nurse found out she would be chasing me with a big old stick, however its Christmas and there is so much to do, so many people to see.

I am letting people down, family and friends which makes me feel so shit and useless. I am now having a child free night, just to get some rest in before the madness resumes.

I hate relying on people all the time. I miss the girls and all the chaos they bring.

How To Survive A Teething Baby 101

So I have recently been suffering with a teething Beboo, so I decided I would share with you, how I survived the first tooth, in hope you run as far as you can learn something.

So Beboo is now 10 months, crawling and until this last week had no teeth. Now she has cut her first tooth and my what a week it has been.

I am not going to yabber on about how proud I am, blah blah, that goes without saying, no I am going to tell you how me, sister and hubby survived this last week.

Apocalypse, you have nothing on my daughter.

Firstly a teething baby is not fun, it doesn’t smell pleasant and you will need more than one change of clothes.  Hey, this is the honest teething class.

Next, when you see the signs coming, think beyond vile poo, vomit, snot, temperature, red cheeks and plenty of ear pulling, any or all of these count I promise. You will need to clear your diary, lock the doors and make a base on the sofa.

Remember defence is the best form of attack, fail to prepare, prepare to fail! 

Make sure you have prepared yourself mentally and with stuff, here is my must have list:

  • Capol and Calprofen. These are different and can be given alternatively as they are different drugs and have different qualities, do not muddle them up! 
  • Teething gel, Dentinox is a good one.
  • Or for a more natural way, ashton and parsons teething powder.
  • Gripe water, with poop and vomit comes a rumbly tummy.
  • If vomit and poop is causing issues and gripe water has not worked, care do kaolin mixture which is special for the little ones and it is amazing at settling tummies!
  • Biscuits, for yourself and baby, chewing is always good.
  • Gin, for you not them!

Also a good teether is a bonus, although Beboo does not like them!

Be prepared to sleep in an odd place and always keep a towel near by. Trust me. Just do what they ask and let them sleep as much as they want. Prepare yourself with my list and you will survive!!!

Teething babies are mean and evil, fact.

Here’s mine:


Just Dance Disney Party Review



Just dance party, has just gone Disney mad! Ubisoft has really gone Disney proud with this great game!

We have review the Wii version, as Pops is a massive fan of the Wii.

This is a perfect game for my toddle teen, with all the Disney classics old and new. Including some of the songs from The Disney channel TV shows. Suitable from age 3 and up, songs go from something from for the younger ones like Jungle Book to High school musical and Camp rock. This game grows with them.

As there are different ability settings, it really is great fun for all the family,  including Daddy who loves to dance along to Mary Poppins. 

They really feel like part of the film, dancing as Belle from Beauty and the Beast or Lilo from Lilo and Stitch. Which for someone who is Pop’s age, it really makes it magical.

Custom playlist means I can set a song track suitable for her, as it has the ability to have four players, it means everyone can join in!

There is many other things besides just dancing, with lots of add-on like freeze and shake and balloon pop.  Watching Pop’s ponce around the front room to the good old Disney classics really is a giggle!

This game retails at around £17 and really is the perfect gift for Disney fans young and old!

Christmas Changes And Pops The Elf

Yesterday saw my first born have her very first Christmas play. I have never been so proud and shocked as I was yesterday afternoon.

Apart from it being incredibly cute watching her play and sing and be herself, it was a real eye opener. My little firework was quiet, shy and sensible. Nothing at all like she is at home. I know they will be different, but come on, she was so well behaved?!

Anyhow, the one and only Santa came for a visit, I know I could not believe my eyes. Pops made daddy go up with her and get her present, she was shy however she has never been a massive fan of meeting him in the flesh, so this was no surprise.

Whilst sitting at our table, I noticed all the other kids had opened their presents?!


What the hell was going on?!

This seemed to be okay with everyone else, I was the only one looking around like a wally.

Where is the waiting and keeping it for Christmas day? I mean I let it go when I found out her friends opened their presents the day they got them, however this pushed me over the edge. 

I always waited until Christmas day to open my presents and Pops has many (too many) already under the tree, however I knew stopping her from doing as all her friends had was something I simply could not do.

Do you make your kids save them for the big day? I bloody well hope so! 

Well, either way here are some photos of Pop’s as she has been mega Christmassy recently! Enjoy 🙂

20121214_085430 20121217_080739She is a cutie 🙂

Joolz Winter Offer

I have to say, I am a massive fan of Joolz and when I saw this wonderful offer, starting 1st of Jan, I could not resist sharing!

Joolz Winter Offer[1][1]

I know, not only do you get a beautiful Joolz Pushchair, you get the cosy footmuff and stylish nursery bag to match! Worth a whopping £69 each. A real must have in the cold season!

Check out the Joolz website and grab this amazing offer as soon as it starts on January the 1st, don’t miss this great offer!