Tremors, Tears And Tangerines…

Why do they have to grow up? I mean obviously I know why, but why?!

Today has been a generally normal day from start to finish, in-fact nothing too exciting has been going on recently, I have officially become a bore.

Not the animal kind, although I am kinda hairy.

My MS seems to have have loosened its grip somewhat, I don’t feel anywhere near normal, but then I don’t feel too horrendous either, I am on my own, personal, even keel.

I am not expecting it to last long, however I will endeavour to make the most of it whilst I have it. I am sure when I start Copaxone injections, I will once again have to face the selfish bitch that is Multiple Sclerosis. 

So today I have noticed my tremors have returned, I was reading the paper (okay the headlines, but to be fair they tell a story too) and it was becoming particularly challenging to turn the page and hold them still, I bet it was a laugh a minute to watch. 

For me its just annoying.

The girls have been, well, lets call it ‘a challenge’ if its not one its the other and Pop’s is growing by the minute, it seems that her new favourite thing is to tell me I’m stupid and she hates me. I didn’t realise it started so early and I also didn’t realise how much it hurts, although I know she doesn’t mean it and I said it to my mum a million times, it still hurts.

Beboo is just into everything. I know people say that all the time, but she is literally into EVERYTHING, not something Pops ever did, she was happy with a toy. Not Beboo, she is a girl on a mission.

A machine.

So, although I have alot I want to say, its been a hard day and I wish to slob out on the sofa!

Oh, and……



I Am The Mum You Love To Hate!

Yup, I am the kind of Mum people love to hate, I am far from perfect and I refuse to pretend otherwise!

Some people find parenting as an amazingly wonderful experience,  their children are made of gold plated platinum and smell of Estee Lauder, they are potty trained from birth, shit roses and sleep all night and often have lie-ins.

My children are snotty little grebs who spend an inordinate amount of time picking their noses, burping and talking about poo! Beboo is obsessed with dog biscuits and makes a bee line every time the gate is left open and Pops makes it her life’s work to be the loudest child known to man with no real filter!

Some mothers bake all day and have the tidiest house. Washing is done, toilet is ready for the Queen to visit and Husbands are cleanly shaven and extraordinarily  happy. Beds are made and there is nothing crusty on any of the carpets. They go to WI and have regular coffee mornings in Starbucks.

Our house always has this constant battle going on, between crust, crumbs and the hoover, with the latter always coming out on top. My Husband and I do always have cleanly shaven heads, which for some is off putting and our love of tattoos make us top of everyone’s guest list! HA! Toilet humour and lack of personal space is something we thrive off. If you want to shut the toilet door, be prepared for Pops to drop by and judge the shape of your shit! Wormy or mountainous, she can name them all!

I shout and I get irate, albeit briefly and regretfully, there is also no real discipline  regime in this house either, we count down from 5 and have no idea what would happen if we got to 1, probably bribery.

I am not ashamed to say I have bad days and wonder who’s idea it was to have kids. 

With all this, I am still a Mum, a very different Mum but a Mum nonetheless! I need help and I am not afraid to ask for it. We are far from normal and I like it. The girls are happy, normal children, who will always be top of the priority list, I have holey pants and rank bras to prove it!  

Most of all though, we love each other an awful lot. I am so proud to be the crappy, over sharing, open Mum that I am, I would much rather be that than perfect, perfect is boring! 

Things That Make Me Go Awwww…

Do you know what I hate? I hate looking back, yes I know ‘what a horrible thing to say, however do I live with myself?’  Well before you gallop away, jump off your high horse, pull up a bale and listen.

I hate looking back over memories because they remind me of what I cannot have. Although I am still able to have children, it would do nothing but disable me more and it would not be fair on me or the family.

No accident happening here I’m afraid, its double bagging  belts and braces all the way 😛

You see looking back just makes me miss those early days, those little newborn grunts and endless cuddles. Watching them sleep whilst the sun comes up, I won’t get that again. 

Of course, like any other honest parent, some days I wonder whose idea it was to have children in the first place?! But then I also have those days when I would love to have another.

So I have decided to share a few photos, photos that make me smile but also make me want what I can’t have, curse my womanly wiles! 

Yup that is my boob!!
Yup that is my boob!!

family photo
us together

Story time!
Story time!

Aaawwww you would not see the last one now, there would be claws and screaming!

So, I will now always be a baby free zone! 

Anger Management, Season 1

anger management


Hubby loves two and half men and Charlie Sheen, who really did not disappoint in this series. With a really great cast this series was great to watch.

Charlie, played by Charlie is a former baseball player who turns his hand at anger management, whilst seeing his own councillor. In true Charlie Sheen style, things will never be simple. He ends up juggling his own odd clients as well as trying to continue his own manic life.

The whole cast really do make this series one to watch and I hope there are more series to come. Each episode is full of real life out loud moments that just keep coming.

This 10 episode 2 disc DVD is great for a giggle, plus its a great way to make you feel better about your own life.

Anger Management is out on 14th of January 2013 and retails at around £18.

5 Ways To Get Payback…

Aaaahhh children, we all long to create them, however when they are here we spend some days wondering why we decided it would be a good idea to have them?! 

No? Just me?! 

Anyway today I have decided that when they become 15 years of age, I am going to get my revenge on those snotty little critters!

I have chosen 5 ways in which I will get my own back on them and I have decided to share them with you, in hopes that likes me, you will prepare your payback way in advance.

  1. When they are sleeping soundly in their beds, loving every little minute of the soft warm cosiness, I will wake up at 4am, go into the chosen siblings rooms and scream at the top of my voice “I HAVE A RUNNY NOSE” I will then return to my bed.
  2. When they are waiting for their turn in the shower, I will hold them back by refusing to go in until they let me shower in their slippers!
  3. When out and about with them in town or at our local supermarket, I will ask them very loudly why that man has such a rubbish beard, knowing that the man was in-fact a woman.
  4. One day I will ask one of my lovely daughters if they wouldn’t mind making me a drink. Once I have the drink, I will take a sip, shriek “I didn’t want orange” then cry until I get a new drink.
  5. Finally, I will save the best for last. When they offer me one of their biscuits/crisps/sweets or whatever, I will say thank you and proceed to sneeze all over it! 

So, there is my plan of action, I am sure I will need to add more as they grow! So do you have any payback ideas for your little ones?!