PJ’s, Duvets And Jaffa Cakes

Do you ever feel, a little, well, lost? 

This last week I haven’t really felt like myself, not ill or anything sucky like that, just unsure and lost.

I have spent most of the week in the safety of my PJ’s, I know then no-one can make me go out then, I was far to unsavoury! I guess with the cold and snow and all that shit, I was probably better off inside?

I don’t really know what the hell is wrong with me, other than the fact I am totally useless and generally uninteresting. 

When you become a mum, suddenly you don’t really matter, the most important thing for you is those snotty little buggers. 

You make sure they are fed, watered, wiped and happy, then by the time you are done you have forgotten about looking after yourself, about eating right and brushing your hair, you know, all the luxuries! 

I guess I am just a little bit stuck? I have so much I want to do, I just have trouble making it all happen. 

Also I am really, REALLY sleepy at the moment, waiting on my copaxone, plus all the meds I take make me drowsy, so add that to the awful fatigue, makes a sleepy mummy!

I hope I can pull myself out of this slump…..


Say No To Snow-Hair!



So, unless you have been shut inside with the curtains closed (much like the people over the road) you will have noticed the snow, yes?

Then why the hell are some people still driving around with snow hair atop their cars?! 

We we driving along the bypass yesterday when someone’s snow hair blew off onto our windscreen, now if Hubby hadn’t of seen it coming we could of had an accident! Luckily we saw it and no harm was done, however this won’t always be the case. 

As well as the snow blowing off onto the person behind yous car, you could brake and it could come down onto your windscreen, then BANG, you cannot see!

Now all it takes is a quick sweep with a broom or something similar, should you not own a broom, which, to be fair who doesn’t own a broom?! 

Its not rocket science!

Also, Mr Police, why are you not doing anything?! Yes its cold but wear some long-johns and grow a pair man! 

Come on people, snow-hair will never catch on, give up trying!

snow car


Say NO to snow-hair! 

New To MS? My Advice To You…

It dawned on me the other day, people who have just been diagnosed with MS will read my blog. People who are fresh from the neurology office, have come home and reached for google, much like I did. 

That freaks me out.

Not in the stalkerish kind of way, no, in the ‘those poor people’ kind of way.

I really hope opening up my world of MS does not leave anyone freaking out and running for the hills?!

If you have found me and you have just been diagnosed then please, feel free to read but please remember, I am but one person with this disease and we don’t all feel it in the same way. 

My advice?

Well there are people out there who preach about cures and diet and positive shit, however I am really that not kind of person and  cannot for the life of me find a positive, I am the kind of person who is honest and open and I use this blog as my therapy. 

One lovely girl on twitter tweeted me last week, she had been diagnosed and said so far, finding me was the only good thing. It made me smile and was something I will keep with me, it made me see maybe people will find my inane ramblings useful.

If I could give any advice for someone starting this journey, it would be time. Time for it to sink in, time to get your head together and make sense of this new life. I won’t lie, its horrible and painful and at times lonely, good god I am nowhere near getting to grips with it or myself. However talking to people and writing it down has helped me let go of some things.

MS is hard, but then so is life..

Please Remember…

So I  have decided to log a few of the things I always want my girls to remember  things I want them to always take with them wherever they go;

  • Always put the butter on before the marmite or jam, I know but come on, it makes sense.
  • Never tuck your jumper into you trousers, no matter what you Nan might tell you, it is not cool or useful.
  • That blank expression your father has on his face is normal, I promise he is neither upset or in a mood, I have checked a gazillion times.
  • Milk does not make you grow a beard, I was lying.
  • Always wipe from front to back and please stop using the expression ‘shake the lettuce dry’ It is not an acceptable way to dry after weeing.
  • Never shave your monobrow, always pluck, daddy is really good at it, he’s like a hairy beautician.
  • Mister maker is not frightening.
  • Flying Susan is not really a flying doll, it was simply a game taken to the extreme.
  • Picking your nose will not make your bum fall off but if you must do it, stop doing it when we go out.
  • Not all meat is Nannies meat, however unless it was you would not eat it.
  • Not every biscuit contains nuts, I was lying.
  • They are called peanuts not penisnuts. I know, crazy.
  • There is no such thing as a guttersnipe.
  • Haggis are not animals that come out the ground.

Well girls for now that is all you need to know, I’m sure the future will bring more, take these facts with you wherever you go! 🙂