We Made Easter Nests, Edible Ones!

Yes, although I am not really an Easter fan we made edible Easter nests with Pops this week, so she could take the to playgroup and share them with her friends (much to her dismay)

So here is our nest journey in photos, please bear in mind my Sister made us do in it our jammies so we didn’t have to get changed twice, now that is logic.

Crush shredded wheat
Crush shredded wheat
Then I help
Then I help

DSCF1435 DSCF1437 DSCF1436 DSCF1438

Finishes nests
Finishes nests

The great thing about these chocolate crispes is they contain no actual chocolate! MEGA!

1 Good Tablespoon of margarine

4 Tablespoons of icing sugar

2 tablespoons of golden syrup

Put into pan together until it just starts to boil, don’t let it boil though, then add 2 sieved tablespoons of cocoa powder, mix together then quickly add the shredded wheat (or if its not Easter rice crispies) then stir and add to paper cases! Done!

Let them cool, (or if you are me eat them ASAP) then you ave some yummy treats, we added mini eggs and little chicks for that extra nesty effect 🙂

Don’t forget to share the yummy love below 😉

What Is With This Bedroom Tax?!

I don’t get it. Who decided the rules for this bedroom tax business? I mean, I am all for saving money and should we have had a “spare” room, I would be more than happy to live somewhere else, or loose the money.

What I don’t think people realise is that its not just the people with extra or spare rooms that are being affected.

We live in a three bedroomed house. So that’s myself, Hubby, Pops and Beboo. The girls have a room each, one of which is a TINY almost pointless room and me and Hubby share obviously.

We are deemed to have a spare room, because we have two girls. They can share.

Now, maybe then can, but why should they?! At some point they will need their own space.

But that is not the only reason I am mad and perplexed, no. The main reason is because this house is adapted for me.  Before we moved in in-fact. So on my worst days I can still function safely in the house, throw in the fact that due to my extreme fatigue, sometimes Hubby sleeps downstairs as I need to rest, so he is not always in our bed.

Same goes for me, when I relapse, I will stay downstairs, near the toilet as to not risk falling on the stairs.

People and their situations are not always so cut and dry,whoever it was who decided what makes a room “spare” needs to wake up and start living in the real world.

A lovely lady on twitter has been affected as she and her daughter has a two bedroomed house. Meaning they can share?!


Since when the hell was this seen as okay or normal?! 

This country is getting worse not better and so far, I have only seen the poor affected.


Living Each Day, Because That Is All We Have

I have started to turn a corner, taking each day as it comes and dealing with it the best way I can, far from perfect and a little flaky, but what choice do we have?

I find that fact that I have this disease forever, a hard one to take. I cry and shout and yes, I have doubted myself and wondered if its worth being any more. Its not a nice feeling, or one I find easy to deal with especially as I have no choice in the whole thing.

I guess as humans we do what we can to survive, because really, we are programmed that way. So when life throws you a lump of steaming shit, you grab a cloth and start cleaning.

Just so happens with MS, the steaming shit throwing is constant and relentless. So we adapt, in a sense maybe we buy one of these fancy JML cloths. Go from there and keep trying. 

I tend to be the giving up type.

However with two little buggers monsters needing you every day, you really don’t have the giving up option.

I wish other people would see how life changing and debilitating this disease is. So many people know of it, however they simply know nothing about it.

I guess ignorance is bliss?

Or simply ignorant, I can’t decide?


Raising The Profile And Riding The Mobility Scooter!

Yep, I have decided to take the plunge and look into getting a mobility scooter, so much so, I even went for a test drive!

mobility scooter


I will soon be cruising around, finally able to enjoy all trips out. At the ripe old age of 23, which isn’t the nicest feeling, I will be riding around on one of these.

I have also decided, as well as writing a book, I will be looking into raising the profile of MS, looking into something for young children who are affected by parents who have MS and getting more done to help PND sufferers.

Also, all the time, still blogging through the madness. I want to do more to help other people, I have a voice still, so I might as well use it. 

I just need to find out where to start now?!

I also need a nap!!!!

Another Reason Why Being A Multiple Sclerosis Mum Is Hard

So, I have decided to open up about something I find very hard, even harder I guess having a disease like multiple sclerosis.

Motherhood and MS don’t really go well together. They are far from a match made in heaven and something I will always struggle with, even more so now with Pops growing up.

She she starts school in September. I know its still a way off, but its coming. Its just another big change we will have to deal with as a family.

Until now, I have not told too many other parents I have MS. I have left them to find out on their own, partly because its very taboo still and partly because its my life and my business.  Those who do have spoken to me, they have asked me questions, which is always good and they have offered support. Especially playgroup.

Now Pops will be getting ready for school, she will change. She will grow up that little bit more and we will have to deal with a whole new set of problems.

She will not need me. She will not be here as much. She has to go to school, unlike playgroup where they understand that sometimes, I just want her home, with me. 

Pops is four, she drives me nuts and all that crap but she has been there since day one of all this. She has held my hand and watched me cry, she understands empathy alot more than any normal 4 year old. 

Now I won’t have that support, I feel selfish for not wanting her to go to school, because it means I will have to face more things alone. I should be looking after her, truth is, she is the one who does alot of looking after.

I know I have plenty of time to prepare myself, but it won’t stop me from being sad. I love the fact she is growing up, but as she does, she will change and need me less and less.

I just hope I don’t end up needing her more and more.