Taking A Stab In The Dark, Or The Arm.

Yeh, I forgot to post this. I started my injections again, to see if that is what is making me down.

A few weeks ago a injected myself a little too high up on my arm fat, here what it looks like when you do this:

bad arm


Yeh, not to good looking. By far the worst bit of this treatment is the after sting of the copaxone. The injection, I don’t feel, its the whole stingy burn after, it really gets me.

Also, I had real issues cutting my finger nails last night, not sight wise, I tend to push the clippers until I feel them on my skin. No, it was the not having the squeeze in my left hand to cut the fingers on my right!

Truly a depressing experience! 

Cloudbabies Review And Comp!

When we were sent the cloud babies musical to test drive, we had one excited one year old to contend with.

cloudbabies TV

Both Beboo and her sister love cloudbabies, so this was great for them both, it is also incredibly robust, which is a massive plus. 

beboo one beboo 2






The cloudbabies musical TV simply works by pushing the switch on the back and pressing the button on the front, something that has not taken long for Beboo to figure out, much to my dismay. Once on it plays the cloudbabies theme tune and the picture moves along with the music.

The musical TV retails at around £9.99, its one of those things I remember from my own childhood and a must have for any little cloudbabies fan!

Along with the review I am really excited to give you the chance to win a fab cloudbabies bundle (see photo below) which includes the great musical TV, simply follow the instructions below.

toy bundle

UK only and good luck!!!

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I Am A Stay At Home Mum Who Sits In Her Slippers All Day.

Yes, according to a certain person on ITV’s This Morning, has said that stay at home mums should simply not complain about this new proposal to pay working mums for childcare, because we simply sit around in our slippers, supposedly doing nothing.

Because it was our choice.

The lovely woman who suggested it was none other than Katie Hopkins. Yes, this woman was both condescending and judgemental towards all stay at home mums. 

katie hopkins


Both myself and other mothers and families on twitter are fuming at her unfair generalisation of stay at home parents. 

Each person makes a choice, one that has the best interests of their family at heart, being a stay at home mother or father, is far from an easy or lazy choice, its hard work, its 24 hours a day 365 days a year. 

The choices made are all unique to each family situation, no stay at home parent should be judged for making this choice.

For this little family, the fact I stay home, and will probably always have to stay home is now because I have numerous disabilities. Some on the outside but many on the inside, I also have support when my husband goes to work, because lets face it, he needs to work, especially these days.

I did not know about this before I had Beboo and certainly not before Pops. Before I had children I was different, I did not have multiple sclerosis, to my knowledge, therefore could not, in a million years have predicted our future.

Do I think parents who both go back to work should be given said money, well not if they earn between 80 – 150K plus a year I don’t, why the hell to they need it?! Under this then yes, why not? Its their choice.

Fact of the matter is, each person or family makes a choice with their best interests at heart, stay at home mums for whatever reason, should not be made out to be lazy and money grabbing.

Katie Hopkins should be ashamed of herself. 

I challenge her to look after my children for 48 hours and tell me its easy! 

Please Help, I Think I Need New Legs?!

Its true, please, I think I just need new legs then it will all be sorted. Promise!

Okay, so maybe I did too much walking today, maybe I should have sat down for two a bun or something, but in my defence I did take my stick.

So that makes its okay.

Conscience wise anyway.

Not sure my legs, hips or back will understand.

Those three body parts are incredibly judgemental, they also don’t act there age, I think they may have forgotten they are 23 and not 70, you could say wise beyond there time. I simply say, shit. 

Its days like these, that I want to enjoy, I end up regretting the most. Not because I spent them with Hubby, no, that would be easy. I would have left him at home. No its because I end up paying the price for spending time doing something other than popping to the shops, or playing with the girls.

It really makes me angry that I am sat here living with this stupid, inconsiderate disease. I don’t know why I am bloody angry, its a wasted emotion because there is nothing I can do.

So a lovely day, going round the shops in a local town, finding an amazing second hand dress and still not being able to afford it, has ended up in me sitting at home with a hot water bottle and support pillow, eating  two huge ice buns and sobbing about the dress.

God I feel sick. God I want that dress.

So, tomorrow looks like a day to abuse the Gabapentin and the Husband. Poor man, patience of a wasp saint.

Oh, also don’t tell my MS Nurse about this. Its better she doesn’t know!!

Also I am aware I do not “pop” anywhere, the term “limp aimlessly” did not fit right.

Yes, Why Wouldn’t I Want My Kids To Smoke?!

Yes, I mean why wouldn’t I want my four and one year old kids to smoke, sharing is caring after all?!

No, I have not gone mad, it seems other people feel the need to force this habit upon my children by lighting up and blowing the smoke directly at them? Why do people do this, since when has it become socially acceptable to blow your second hand smoke on my children when we finally venture out to the shops?

Its disgusting and gross.

Its your choice to smoke, each to their own and all that shit, just don’t proceed to think its okay to blow your smoke over innocent passers by, especially the smaller, sticky kind. 

I mean people don’t even bat an eyelid whilst lighting up in the middle of the street with all the people that don’t smoke and all the children that I hope will never smoke.

I am not a hater of smokers, if you want to do it that is your choice, no, I am a hater of people blowing there disgustingly rotten smoke all over my children!!!!!

Its not just cigarette smoke either, with all these teens thinking they are the dogs bollocks for smoking weed, when, in-fact the simply smell like dogs bollocks. YOU ARE NOT COOL! It is also not cool to do it in the street around all the previously mentioned, small sticky people. Its a drug, one I do not wish for my children to inhale!

Come on people, keep your habits to yourself. I dont randomly walk up to you and start picking your nasty flaky skin, so don’t blow your shit in our faces.