Drawing A Blank On The Blog…

Yup, I didn’t do my usual post yesterday, I am drawing a blank blogging wise, not because I have run out of things to say, that’s impossible, I just can’t find a way to say it.

I can’t find a way to write it without sounding like a complete twat. 

I started my injections again, not that I want to. I just want to give them another go, I feel lost and a little lifeless.

I ache.

Which after the last two weeks of Hubby being poorly and completely not himself, isn’t really surprising.

I have so much I need to do, crossed with so much I want to do, its causing a massive collision in priorities. And one huge brain fart. It seems the more you want and plan the less you can be arsed to do.

I had a weird moment in the shower, stood there, mind a farty, and I realised I couldn’t feel the water running down my back, I like a hot shower, literally come out looking like a fresh salmon. However no matter how hot it was, I couldn’t feel a thing.

I know that is such a freaky thing to say, but its an equally freaky feeling I can tell you.

I feel like I have hit a huge wall, I am tired, exhausted and ready for a few days of rest, the last to weeks have been more than I was prepared for.

Add to all this the fact Pop’s has impetigo, therefore can’t go to playgroup, makes for one very tired Mummy, one who owes many people a blog post however just cannot find the words to type without getting confused and flappy.

This then makes me forget what I wanted to blog about in the first place, then I get mad and fed up and don’t bother. 

Argh, sorry about the shitty post.

I’ll shut up now. 

Scarlett And Crimson Make-up Review

Scarlett and Crimson, from Littlewoods is a great new make-up range created by Ruby Hammer and Millie Kendall is great for creating own scene at any age.

Each make-up pack/accessory is like a book, perfect for any handbag, each one has its own scene number. We have scene 7 which is an eye and lip palette  five shades of each. We also have scene 23 which is a light cream to powder foundation and concealer and eye-liner pencil.


Me and Pops had a great time playing with it, as she is a little younger, we used the eye-liner to draw whiskers. Pops is a huge make-up fan, which is odd because I don’t use it myself. For me I love the quality of these packs, I know she won’t have some hideous reaction.

pops and make up

You can purchase these from Littlewoods online catalogues, the make-up sets start from around £12, they would make really great gifts for any make-up obsessive  young or old! The mix of vibrant colours are great. I know here we have one happy little customer!

makeup and pops

My #TeamHonk Tattoo

So, yesterday was comic relief, the three lovely ladies went to the live show, to be honest I couldn’t think of three better people. 

The blogosphere has pulled together and done some truly funny things for money, from riding 25 miles on a bike (OMG) Finding change down the sofa, cutting hair to climbing Snowdon, as a group, donned in red pants. Amazing. 

This was something I was physically unable to do, which was gutting, so I chose the have a #Teamhonk tattoo to show my support and raise some money for a great cause.

I am sure some people were sceptical, however I am not one to let people down. 

So even after the week we have had, with Hubby getting an infection after his op, I did it, I am now the proud owner of a #TeamHonk Tattoo 🙂 


tattoo 2 tattoo 3 tattoo 4

The tattoo
The tattoo
Finish and I hadn't even brushed my hair :)
Finish and I hadn’t even brushed my hair 🙂

Crazy, well yes, what else do you expect?! Remember you can still sponsor me!

I Am Not That Person

I am just not. I am simply not that person. 

What person?! Oh…..

The type of person who thinks beating this disease is an option. I am not going to beat it, because you cannot beat something you cannot cure. 

Now, don’t start spouting the “there will be a cure” bullshit, because that’s just what it is, bullshit. 

How can you cure something that no-one has ever seen. No-one knows what causes it, why we have it or how we got. It is not a real entity, its not a growth or a tumour, it is simply the Latin name for the destruction it has left behind, sclerosis, of the multiple variety.

It cannot be removed.

My brain and all the others of fellow MS sufferers, are covered in lesions, scars, showing not the extent of the damage, just where it happened, kind of like a scene of the crime kind of thing. 

No amount of weight lifting, exercise or vitamin supplements will help, granted they might make you feel better, for a while, but like any person with this knows, its what’s going on inside that matters.

I discuss it with my Nurse frequently. You might feel the best ever, however inside your MS could be on a rampage, causing all sorts of destruction. You might not feel it now, but further down the line, you will. 

All we can really do is live, get up everyday, make our own choices and smile through the pain. Or as I like to call it, surviving.

So for me there is no cure, and if there finally is one, ever, it won’t be in my lifetime.

Hard to take? Yes. But what else do you expect me to say?

Blogging Bitches And Social Media Meddlers

This world is full of them, however in the online world, blogging bitches and social media meddlers are everywhere. You can’t tweet a thing without someone taking offence by it, or thinking its aimed at them, when in actual fact, its more likely to be someone you saw on TV!

It really makes me wonder if these people really do have some sort of complex, that makes them think everyone is talking about them, when in reality, they simply are not that important or interesting.

I am lucky to have met some really lovely people online, people who accept me for me, they get to know me by talking to me as opposed to what someone else could have told them. 

Its amazing what people can become when sat behind a computer screen, lets face it, they can be whoever they choose to be, whether it be honest or not.

Image source
Image source

Some people however, I have noticed don’t talk to me. I won’t pretend I don’t know why, however in a way I am quite glad. These people must be incredibly narrow minded to listen and accept vile rumours. 

There loss, quite middle schoolish to be honest.

Whomever is spreading these lies must be a very insecure person. 

Its funny how a little blog post or a status update can cause people to revolt and attack someone for simple, personal thoughts. I have seen many a post be torn apart by internet trolls and “feminist” facebook groups or “parenting” forums.

People seemingly like to gather to throw tomatoes abuse, almost like an event.

I am happy I started my blog, I get so many lovely emails, which makes all the social media madness that much easier. I am not going any where 🙂