“Please Don’t Squeeze Your Sister’s Head!!”

Yup, its something I have found myself saying repeatedly recently, “please don’t squeeze your sister’s head” and no matter how many times I say it, it still does not sink in.

I swear, being a mother means we might as well have ‘Please Ignore’ written on our foreheads, even my husband finds the urge to completely ignore me far too appealing.

And to be honest, I blame the kids.

I think he is learning it from them.

I can be repeatedly telling Pops to please not sit on the dog and she just carries on sitting on the poor animal, it usually gets to the point where I am either shouting each word very slowly but loudly OR going and taking her off the dog, sister or table.

Husband wise I can ask him 4/5 times to please pick up my prescription from town, whilst he is getting ready to leave for said journey to town. Only for him to tell me to stop telling him as he heard me the first time. Then on his return I ask about the prescription, only to be told he forget?! HOW?!

I do sometimes wonder if they have like a thing going on to see who can ignore Mummy for the longest.

Its a very similar when it comes to things like housework and trying to teach the small people between the rights and wrongs we human folk face.

I can tell them all over and over and over and over again, only for it to be forgotten two minutes later, when they have fallen down the toilet or forgotten to feed the dog.

Sometimes I feel like I need one of those megaphones! Hmmmm….



I could stop nagging and trying to bring the girls up with a little bit of class but that would be too easy…. That is what they want!!!

Maybe I just need to come at it from a different angle?

Maybe treats or tummy rubs?! NO sorry that is dogs. Maybe I could take away the TV and all game systems? Then they would have no choice but to listen?!

Whoever says they don’t have this problem because their family are perfect is lying, that or they just haven’t noticed yet! 

Woolly And Tig DVD Review And Comp!

wooly and tig DVD


We are really REALLY big woolly and Tig fans in this house, even my sister likes it! So when the chance came to review the DVD, we were more than excited.

Woolly and Tig is about a little girl (Tig) and her toy spider (woolly) that goes everywhere with her. Each episode Tig faces a new challenge, whether its Nanny saying no or getting a hair cut, when Tig gets frightened or unsure Woolly magically comes alive and gives her some great advice.

It really does teach little ones how to deal with certain situations and explains things like sharing in terms they will understand.

This DVD contains 15 whole episodes and even comes with a free reward and sticker chart and retails for around £6.50.

If like us, you seem to watch nothing but Cbeebies and you also have a love for the funky little spider, then this DVD is perfect for you your little ones!

Also, I am pleased to bring you the chance to win one of 5 copies of this great DVD, simply follow the instructions below.

UK only.

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So, Where Do We Go Now?!

I am home, things are normal and I find myself wondering where it is I should go now? I know I need to start thinking about facing my demons, especially as I want to be on the board for the MS society.

If I want to help others, I need to help myself too.

I was awoken this morning by the truly horrific sounding doorbell, honest, think “ERGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH” with a pingy sound and you have my doorbell. I awoke from my pit (lovely soft sheets I swear) I was expecting it to be the builders back to remove the key safe. Great, I would be greeting full grown men in my old lady nighty, with flat morning boobs (you know the kind) with full on cockatoo hair.

Nevertheless, I answered the door looking rough as bum’oles, only to be greeted by my MS nurse. Phew, I was surprised and wondering how I had forgotten this meeting?

We talked about feeling fine and the fact I had seen my holiday as more of an escape, apparently that is normal. 

We discussed how my feeling fine is my steroids, its something I have gotten used too, I no longer fear the down part, I will simply deal with it. It was so lovely to talk to her as she is the one who understands and she is also the one with the power of painkillers. 

Talking made me realise I have to start to move forward, although I won’t accept it, I need to stop running away, especially as I plan to make as much fuss as possible with the MS society.

Its time people stood up and listened. See people with MS may not be facing death, but we have been told we now have to live with an unpredictable, disabling life long disease. One that has no cure or no written path.

There are no answers, no percentages and no options. 

Its time people really see and hear the stories of people like myself.

Well, I am pleased to be back, I missed my space. So be prepared for more of my inane drivel and please enjoy 🙂


Holidays And The Here And Now

So we are home. I made it through another holiday with two under five, it was manic but we all had a lovely time. One of the biggest reasons I went away was to escape, to be away from my life just for a little while. I was able to dose up on painkillers and forget my MS just for a while.

Yes I used a wheelchair and my stick and yes I am absolutely shattered now, but both me and the girls had a great time. It was all about them and having fun.

Of course inside I cannot really forget, but I think the fact there was nothing there to remind me and for that short amount of time I could block it out. I am aware I will pay the price, however the memories we made were so worth it.

Also the fact, back home our house was being pulled apart was another big reason we went. It was nice to come home to no mould. I cannot tell you how fresh this house feels with all the new vents and fans.

One of the nicest things we discovered was that Pop’s loves rides. Who knew?!

She went on every ride that accepted her wristband more than once. This girl really got her monies worth.

pops rides 3


pops ride 2

pops ride 1

pops rides 4

She had a great time, she spends so much time being there for me, it was nice to  be able to give her something back.

So, now I have to say I am bit lost as to what next, but the break really has let me put myself back together after having a really tough few months. I feel ready to face the world.

Holiday So far…

So we have been on holiday since Monday, its been the usual holiday madness things going wrong and sinks leaking, however Hoseasons have been amazing about it, unlike Unity where we are staying, there customer service leaves alot to be desired. 

So we have spent far too much time in the amusements but to be fair, we have had such a giggle, so who cares?!

Yesterday the weather was lovely, so Nanny, the girls and daddy went off to the beach!

DSCN0145 DSCN0117 DSCN0120 DSCN0122 DSCN0137

Later on, Nanny decided to go and win the jackpot on a machine! So we decided to capture her joy!



Sorry about the blur, Husband was obviously over excited!

So, after being told to rest, I now ache and feel hideous, all part of the fun I guess! 🙂