Packing Up And Getting Ready

So I haven’t really blogged about ‘me’ recently, I am not even sure what I am feeling right now, so that has been contributing to it. Also I have been concentrating on holiday, so today has been spent  packing up and getting ready to go.

As well as the aforementioned holiday, we are also having the house done, so builders will be descending in numbers to fit things and bang with hammers, so I really am glad to be going away, I just hope they are finished when we get back.

We are also having a kitchen upgrade, so we get to choose from some lovely designs and make this house ours. From cupboards to paint, its all very exciting.

I am using all these things to give me something to look forward to, recently, with my relapse and some personal issues, I have been a teary, sleepy and depressed mess, so having something like this holiday to look forward to has been lovely.

I can escape for a while and relax for once. All with the new energy the steroids have given me, steroid highs really are great, I know it will last a few weeks and then I get the low, but I will enjoy it whilst it lasts.

What’s the point in having to take all these meds and not enjoying the good parts?! 

I will use it to put myself back together and spend time with my girls, as they really are amazing!!

the girlys

Beboo is walking now which will make it even more exciting, two little buggers running around, living the dream here. 

You Make Your Own Future.

Its true, we all make our own future, whether it be good or bad we are the ones who give the final say, the yes or no’s.

I find that to be so true in the world of blogging. Some people throw around the term ‘blagging’ when it comes to reviews and other opportunities, I don’t see it like that at all. The way I see it is, people are not going to come looking for you, if you want more from it and for it to go further you have to find your own opportunities. 

Something which there is no harm in, after all, how are these people meant to know about you unless you stand up and say “I’m here!”

I have seen comments about wishing there were less bloggers these days and too many people are doing it now, I believe this to be a load of old crap! The people who see it like this, I think, are probably either jealous or they simply think there is not enough to go around, when in actual fact there is.

I love the diversity and amount of people out there, its a big place is the world wide web and there is plenty of space for everyone! 

I have gone from having nothing for myself, to having this little space and the chance to make a difference. This year I have so many things on my list to do and I intend to take every opportunity that comes my way, because I won’t always be able to and I intend to make the most of my body whilst I still can.

Next time you find yourself wondering whether to say yes, just do bloody do it because if your anything like me, you’ll only think of reasons not to, reasons that perhaps are not really reasons at all, more like excuses.


Chillow, The Coooooool Pillow

The Chillow. So both me and Husband are really hot sleepers. You know the kind, we radiate heat regardless of the time of year. Anyone with MS will know that heat is not out friend and waking up is the only time I have any kind of decent vision, so staying cool is important for me.

I even sleep with a fan.

Having a bad nights sleep is one of the worst things possible. Recent sleep study by Silentnight shows that 35 million of us admit to feel ‘shattered’ after having a poor nights sleep and a massive 75% of people have not been getting the recommend 8 hours sleep?! For me that is madness, especially with my MS, sleep is one of the most important factors when it comes to feeling well.

So finding the Chillow, was great.



The Chillow is a flat pillow you add water to, to create the cool blue surface.

blue chillow


So to active and setup the Chillow there are a few easy to follow steps on the instruction leaflet.

Firstly, on the reverse of the Chillow there is a valve, you need to remove the value and add 1.9/2.2 litres of warm tap water, then replace the valve and make sure its snapped tight.

chillow fill 1 chillow fill 2Chillow rest


Then you need to let the Chillow rest for four hours, it might seem like alot but you only need to do this once.

Once it has rested, you need to follow the instructions to extract the excess air. Remove the valve and start slowly rolling the chillow from the valves-less end, you may loose some water but that’s fine, you will notice the air bubbles coming out. When you have removed all the excess air, replace the valve and let it cool. You can also give it a wipe with a towel if any water got on it. 

DSCF1505 DSCF1503 Chillow rest


You will notice the Chillow wrinkle now the air has gone.

Then once you have followed the steps, its ready to use!

chillow ready


You can either place it on your pillow and sleep as normal or use to help relieve pressure and or pain on body parts. The Husband has had a bad back so had been using it at night to help with the pain, it has given him great relief and helped for a much better sleep.

The Chillow for me will be great for myself due to my MS, I have back problems and currently knee problems, so a product like this is invaluable, although the steps seem like alot, they are very simple and all you need to do is top up the water now and then and the Chillow stays cool for hours.I will be using it to help with the injection burn I get after Copaxone.

The Chillow retails for around £27.50 and is a really great product.

Mums Need Stealth, Fact!

Its true, as mothers we need to learn the art of stealth. We need to learn how to move un-noticed from room to room (something with just happens as a wife) So recently, I had to put all my stealth training into action.

Picture the scene.

Its midnight. Everyone is asleep and Beboo wakes. Husband comes upstairs to feed her, however he turns on all the lights and really wakes her up.

Add the fact the she has pooped and you have a recipe for a bad nights sleep.

He changes her and puts her back to sleep in her cot, however due to a nasty cold she refuses to go back to sleep alone, husband nominates himself to take her downstairs and sleep on the sofabed, which is a huge relief as I am a really light sleeper.

Anyhow, an hour and a half later your eyes open and you suddenly realise you need a wee. After he’s finally got her settled your body decides now is the time to have a piss. 


You try to forget about it and shut your eyes, it is not the kind of piss that you can hold in. I realise I have to go downstairs to the toilet using all the stealth skills I have learnt.

I creep lightly down the stairs, one creaky step at a time trying to remember the right places to tread. I reached the bottom without waking either sofa sleeper, all I could hear was snoring which was, for once, good.

I creep real slowly through the front room and try hard to not go flying into the stair-gate and the table, all of which I am doing in the dark.

I reach the toilet unscathed, sit down and tinkle REAL LOUD. For crying out loud! 

Nevertheless, they stayed asleep. I managed to quietly wash my hands without any weird whirring sound and make my way back up the maze that is the creaky stairs. 

If it wasn’t for the stealth skills I had learnt from being a Mother so far, I would have woken Beboo and Daddy up, therefore keeping me and Pops awake also.

Thank god for stealth!


WOW Toys RSPCA My Pocket Pets + Comp

We love WOW toys in this house, they are battery free and will last our children and even further, so when the chance came to review the new RSPCA My Pocket Pet, we were more than pleased.


Each pack comes with one of the above animals, as well as a little activity booklet, which contains some fun activities, a picture map with the full range of WOW toys for mummy to drool over and a little cartoon that teaches the children about animal welfare which both me and Pops think is great.

wow 1 wow 2 wow 3 wow 4 wow 5 wow 6

There are 6 figures to collect, we have  Socks the cat and Jenny the horse, each RSPCA pack costs £1.99 and are available in a wide range of shops.

The little stories inside really are great for teaching the children about the importance of looking after animals properly.

So I am very pleased to be able to offer you the chance to win one of six RSPCA My Pocket Pet pack, simply follow instructions below!

Worldwide 🙂
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