Lala-Oopsies – A Sew Magical Tale DVD

So, like most small girls these days, Pop’s loves Lala-Oopsie and to be honest, after seeing how incredible the dolls are, I do too! 

So when we heard about the new Lala-Oopsie A Sew Magical Tale DVD coming out, we knew she would be the perfect girl for the job!







This movie goes beyond Lalaloopsy land, way beyond. We finally get to visit the amazingly colourful world of the Lala-Oopsies who are princess ballerinas, fairies and mermaids who love nothing more than making sweets, having parties and knitting wonderful treats.

However one day when the magical strawberry milk, which  powers Lala-Oopsie land stops flowing, they need to find some way of saving there homes.

I was expecting this movie to be one of those bright CGI things, however it wasn’t, me and Hubby were pleasantly surprised to find it was a great 2D cartoon which made the Lala-Oopsie dolls look and move like how you would expect a doll to do so. 



Pops really loves this movie and it really brings the whole world of Lala-Oopsie alive for her.

Lala-Oopsie A Sew Magical Tale is out on DVD on the 27th of May and retails at around £9.99.

Luckily enough I have been given the opportunity to offer you the chance to win one of three DVD and Doll sets, simply follow the instructions below.

UK only, sorry.
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Today, I Hated Myself

Its true, today I ended up hating myself. Because I had so much housework I need to (and still need to) do, however due to the fact I have unreasonably heavy arms today, it made even the simplest tasks turn into big, unnecessary missions. Granted I got two things I wanted done, done but that is not the point, I wanted to do it all.

Everyone else can do it all.

Its not even like I didn’t want to do it all. I did, I just couldn’t physically do it.

To anyone who doesn’t really understand I must seem like the laziest person alive. Sometimes I guess I even feel it.

But the pain and lack of ability to lift my arms for any length of time or even at all is simply unbearable. Especially when your brain is willing and wanting you to do but but at the same time, its the brain that’s unknowingly letting you down, its so frustrating.

Its days like this that really remind me who I am. People say that the MS does not define you but its does. It limits your daily tasks, it dictates you ability to do things you really want and need to do, so really it does define you and what you are able to do. Anyone with MS will know that pushing on is sometimes possible, but that in itself has consequences that will come back to bite you on the ass the next day.

Making pushing on that do or die thing sometimes. Literally. 

That really makes me depressed. The kind of depressed that makes you ask yourself what the hell it is your still doing here in the first place? Especially when I can’t even do the simplest of tasks.

Even the washing up has me finishing up as a sweaty mess, even folding the washing feels like a workout.

A pillow case isn’t really heavy is it?! 


That is what my body is and this is what makes me so angry sometimes.

Why can’t I just be like everyone else? Even for a day?

Why can’t I do it all myself? That is what mums and wives are meant to do. So the fact that I cannot do it all makes me doubt my existence all the more.

I am staring to loose my patience with this stupid-ass disease. 

Win 3 Months Supply Of Wipes!!!!!!!

I kid you not, I am giving you the chance to win three months supply of wipes your your little ones, from the lovely people at Jackson Reece. I have reviewed them before and we really are big fans of the Jackson Reece Kinder By Nature range in this house.

So what will you get? Well….

Front Nose Nuzzles 8 Packs of these!

5060070052014_T9 10 of these!

5060070053059_T9 And 10 of these!

Lets face it, this could last AGES and the nose nuzzle wipes really are amazing for little snotty bunged up noses!

So follow the instructions below and good luck, UK only!

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As A Parent I…

As a parent I find myself doing and saying things I would never have said or done had I not become a parent. Do you ever find youself saying something then stopping and thinking “when did this become okay?” Because I do. Alot.

So this is my list of ‘as a parent I’ anecdotes and odd things I have done and said so far, note the so far. 

As a parent I never truly understood the term ‘weeing in public’ now, with two children who don’t know the meaning of SHUT THE DOOR, even when out and about, I know it now and I also know the shame it brings.

As a parent I am okay with finding a bit of poop on myself and shrugging it off, however should I find poop on my children, I immediately stop, clean and change them.

As a parent I now understand the meaning of hunger, due to the fact every time I eat, I have to give share my food with two little sets of sticky hands.

As a parent I find myself explaining things I never really knew I would have to explain. Take for example today, Pops asks me what a fossil is and although I know what it is, I find myself telling her its a dead bug that turned into stone. Which in essence is correct however she then goes on to tell me she is keeping this fossil because she wants to see it come back to life?

As a parent I literally wish I had no sense of smell because then my day would go quicker with a lot less worrying about who has made/created/spilt that smell.

As a parent I now know the art of being too worried about the children, I have been ‘that’ parent on more than one occasion and I know for a fact, it will never leave me.

As a parent I know they answer to every why question and I feel it coming every time the eldest is near.

As a parent I know the feeling of endless guilt. For shouting, swearing, saying no, giving in, not wanting to play, blaming the wrong child and not being the fun parent enough. I live with it day in day out and I hear comfort eating helps ease the guilt. For all parties.

As a parent I know that I have a masters in the art of lying. From where santa washes his clothes to what those sheep in the field are really doing, I could lie my way out of a toy shop with a hoard of children. Fact.

What are yours?!

Putting The World To Rights

I have started my quest to put things in my life right, a few weeks/days (I get muddled) ago I wrote about how I had lied to my MS about taking my injections. After getting fairly teary one evening I decided I really had no choice but to tell her.

So I did.

I am really not quite sure what I was expecting, she is the kindest person I have ever met, nothing is ever too much trouble. Needless to say, this was no different. She was kind and made me feel so much less like a fraud than I was already feeling, now I have stopped them altogether as per her instructions and I will be having a meeting with my neuro to discuss it further.

The sting that comes with them is almost a 10 minute long burning contraction, concentrated in one place. Seriously, I have had two of them, I know that feeling. In certain sites on my body it really is a hellish pain, one I simply don’t want or need.

Also recently I have been attending some events, from the baby show to plum play, it has been so much fun and I have really enjoyed meeting so many new people, pulling my finger out of my arse was something I needed to do. Why should I let some insignificant person dictate my life to me?!

That’s another thing, the blogging world is full of so many different people, most of which are insanely nice, however some I have noticed are a little like school children. People have actually blocked me because of someone else?! Really?! I did not realise we were still in school and had nothing better to do than run around doing the he said she said crap.

I refuse to let anyone else hold me back now. I started my blog for me, then it became for others too and now it has become a way I can give back in a tiny way to my family, I have found a love of writing and I intend to run with it. I have met far too many amazing people to stop now and any negativity seems to push me further. 

I might as well do something constructive with the time I have to spend resting, I have been dealt a shitty hand in life as far as the MS goes, so I really have no choice but to make the most of it and make people more aware of this bastard disease.