To Pee Or Not To Pee?!

Yeh, this is a post all about piss, pee, wee, whatever you want to call it and whatever makes you more comfortable. So since my last relapse a few weeks back my whole peeing mechanism has not been the same, no I never knew we even had a peeing mechanism either, well, you know what I mean!

Whilst on my steroids and over the recovery period, all my muscles ache so bad, even the slightest touch hurt so bad but the worst thing was my bladder, every single bloody time I went to pee, my bladder refused to listen to my head and it was mega owchy the more I waited, I’m guessing that’s because I was pushing the old bladder against its will.

Who knew going for a simple piss could be so very complicated?

Its the same with the old bowel when on the roids, having a poo is literally like running a marathon, you would think I would shut the door at times like this.

Anyway, more recently things have got better, but in true MS fashion my bladder still likes to bend the rules and ignore the old brain from time to time, not emptying fully and then sneaking out the last little bit when you least expect it, thanks for that bladder, which makes going to the toilet an incredibly surprising experience.

Surprising in the way that I am 23 AND surprising in the ‘oh shit didn’t expect that kind of way‘.

Giving my daily life that extra, well, edge?!

Well, I guess I need to give the old pelvic floors a bash and see if that helps, really do not need my bladder emptying after pulling my trousers back up, now that would be an interesting story. Maybe I will still to the maxi dresses for now?

The School Trip That Was…

So yesterday Pops went on her first ever school trip with playgroup, they went on the train to the local domestic fowl trust, she had a wonderful day and has not stopped talking about ‘cockaroaches’ since she got back.

Due to some misunderstandings and early trains, the group missed the train home. The ladies that run the playgroup did their best to inform people and make alternative arrangements to get the kids home safely, however some of the parents it seems, took it upon themselves to make an incredible amount of fuss.

For me it seems for no reason at all.

I think in this situation the staff did the very best they could, I knew my daughter would be safe and happy, which she was. I knew they would be trying there hardest to do the best by us all, with very limited resources. 

I also think they were incredible for taking a group of children, on a train, for a day out. They didn’t have to.

Now this morning I received a letter from playgroup apologising for what happened and offering me my money back for the fantastic day Pops had?!

Lost for words I was, which is rare!

The fact this letter had to be written really does fathom me, it shows that people made such a fuss over something that was a genuine mistake. Human error maybe, on several parts.

Do people not make mistakes these days?!

I for one won’t be having my money back, instead I made a cake and gave flowers to the staff who waited with my daughter and looked after her through it all. In-fact she didn’t even realise anything had happened, it seems all the children were happy and 100% safe, just like they are everytime they attend playgroup.

Outside playgroup I hear parents complaining and I genuinely cannot for one second think why.

See the staff at our playgroup are amazing, nothing is too much trouble and the relationship they have with the children is fab, you hear stories all over the news about ‘goings on’ in nurseries and I have to say, it made me think twice about even putting Pops into playgroup when we moved, however I have complete and utter trust in the staff and I know they always do there best by each child.

Unlike most playgroups/nurseries, should you be late dropping off or picking up your child, you can incur fines and they can turn you away should you be ‘unreasonably’ late, however here, that is not the case. They never bat an eye lid or complain when we as parents make the mistake of sleeping in or not noticing the time.

Neither do they mind if we were held up when picking them up. They simply wait until you arrive.

They don’t make an issue out of it. They could

I know for me they have been amazing, they understand that sometimes I want Pop’s at home when I am having a rough time and they are always careful not to ask about ‘mummy’ as playgroup is her time, a time when she doesn’t need to worry about me.

I think some people need to realise that a playgroup like this is rare and we are so lucky to have it.

So, I wanted to say thank you again to each person who went that day and gave my daughter a brilliant day out, cockaroaches and all and to the parents who made a fuss. Shame on you.


This Is What Happens When……

So, I have decided to show you a photo of what happens when you let a four year old dress herself. Now please keep in mind she is four and has full access to her own (and my) wardrobe. She loves to wear make-up (I don’t) and wear my perfume (no matter how expensive) 

So one day me and the sister decided it would be interesting to see what would happen if we let her dress herself, so here goes……

dressed herself


Yup, this had nothing to do with me and neither does the biscuit crumbs on the poof, that was the other little creature!!!!

So, what happens when your dress themself?!

Ewan Sheep

So recently, I attended the baby show, where I met so many amazing brands, one of which was Sweet Dreamers, who have an amazing new product called Ewan Sheep.


Ewan The Sheep is a great cuddly sheep, who has a function to make womb sounds and music along with a lovely red glowing light, to soothe baby to sleep.

I can only wish I had Ewan when the girls were born, they both used nightlights and sound to drift off to sleep and I think with the womb sounds, its the perfect product for soothing a newborn baby back to sleep in no time. Now Beboo still uses music to go to sleep, to she was well up for the trying of giving Ewan sheep a run for its money.

DSCN0222 DSCN0229 DSCN0230

She loved having him to cuddle, although she did prefer the music to the womb sounds, but then she is a little older. Ewan even comes with a velcro loop so it can be attached to the bars of the cot, making it always there when they need a cuddle, especially good to prevent throwing!



For me, as a Mum Ewan is a great product and should I have anymore, I think it would be one of those products that I wouldn’t be able to live without. I think having more than one setting with the lights, music and womb sounds gives it a little more diversity age wise. Which for me is an added bonus. Ewan retails for around £29.99 and would make the perfect gift for any expectant parents.

A Real Shake Down

So here I am, finally coming through my steroids and slowly getting over my relapse and my shaking gets worse. I have been a little ‘shakey’ for a few months now, but now its really starting to affect me daily.

I came in from actually doing some gardening yesterday (I know, I surprised even me!) went for a drink, put the drink into my right hand and went to take a sip. Well, I ended up throwing the damn ribena all down myself because I simply could not steady my hand. I felt like a right fool.

I put it in my left hand, which still doesn’t have its normal strength which gave my right the chance to calm down. So I gave it another go. Once again it started shaking, so I just did the best I could, what else can I do?

I have to say, its not easy to cope with something small like this. The new symptoms never seem to get any easier. I just wish July the 8th would hurry up so I can start my Tysabri again.

Right now that’s all I have and it really can’t come soon enough.

Rather than sit and cry, which I have done way too much of over the year, I have decided I have no choice but to make a joke out of it, lets face it, it’s not going away so I may as well just get on with it.

Humour is by far the best medicine, always makes me feel better anyway!

Lets hope people don’t think I am a random drunk who has simply drunk far too much.

So right now I am not letting this bastard disease get to me, I have way too much on my mind to let it bother me right now, I mean look outside, the sun is out?! Maybe summer is really here this time?…….