Theres No Place Like Home

Yes, I am one of those weird, odd freaky people that LOVE home. I like going away, for a short time, only to come home and love it, there really is no place like home in my book.

I like the idea of going away but when I actually do, I really miss home from the get go. I know, I’m sad. But at home I know where I am, I am safe and comfy with my girls and dog by my side and the Husband if he’s not working. I really don’t know why I love home so much, I mean there is nothing to do in this town and the shops are closing down by the day, but I have lived around here forever.

I grew up in a village 8 miles away and lived there until I moved out with Hubs a few years ago. From then on we moved twice but finally have our forever home and I really love it.

Sometimes I sit on the sofa and wish I was anywhere else but here, but really I know if I was anywhere else, I would be a miserable cow.


Yup, that would be me!

So, are you a home lover? Or are you happy anywhere?!

Anxiety, Why Didn’t You Tell Me?!

Anxiety, who knew I had this and didn’t tell me about it?!

I mean, this weekend saw me going to a huge conference and having absolutely no confidence whatsoever. Hubby was there to hold my hand, which helped cool it down for me, that and people being so lovely.

No, the problem lay with me and grew very apparent through the constant sweating and fast heartbeat.

The more I think about it, the more I can see it, in all aspects of my life. From being a mother, to this very blog, my anxiety and all the anxieties I have hold me back every day.

Even writing this damn post. 

I never really realised I suffered quite as much, I don’t know why or how but I am guessing a lot of it is to do with my sight, well lack of. I wondered round with it for so many years, not knowing and simply living with it, towards the end of the not knowing and beginning of the whole MS thing, I stopped going out and if I did it was never alone. Partly due to this anxiety and partly due to safety, no-one wants to get run over by a car!

In-fact, no-one wants to be a driver who hit the blind, irresponsible girl and her children.

Its okay with me that I never go out alone anymore, don’t get me wrong, there are times when I would like to just ‘take a walk’ but they are very few and far between.

People get flustered when they can’t put a face to a name, but with me, I can’t always put a face to a face.

But with everything I have been through these past two years, I’m really not surprised this is where I have ended up, it simply just took me by surprise is all, its just yet another complication in my ever complicated life!

One thing I will stop is letting it affect what I write and the way I write things. This is my space and I plan on keeping it that way.

Ergh, I so need to pull my finger out of my ass and get some work done, I seem to be falling further and further behind. I blame life, its the best way.

Maybe I should blame my anxiety? NAH that is too easy 😛

Little Us Doll’s Comp

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Well Done Will.I.Am Way To Make A Girl Feel Special

So last night was the final of The Voice 2013, I have to say I am/was quite a fan of the voiceand I have loved Andrea since her first audition, so when she was crowned last nights winner, I was pleased. However it seems many other people were not and felt it ‘appropriate’ to completely tear her win apart on twitter.

Including the famous judge Will.I.Am who tweeted several unfair and quite frankly disrespectful tweets “You should feel the audiences vibration in the room tonight after the publics vote…its #unexplainable…so sad…#perplexed” and “Andrea is amazing…#dontGETmeWRONG…but we know who has the incredible #voice

Then the British public took to twitter and got #sympathyvote trending. WOW, really?

As a partially sighted disabled woman myself, I didn’t want Andrea to win for this reason, I wanted her to win for her amazing voice, one she worked damn hard to get heard.

If say Leah had won, I am sure as usual there would be people who supported the other contestants who would have something to say, however they simply would not have gone to the extreme level of getting something so hurtful trending on twitter. It would have simply gone over their heads, but no, not with someone who is disabled, that MUST mean its purely sympathy? Right?! 

Why is it, that people this day and age are so very cruel, why do they feel the need to do this to someone?!

I know from my own experiences, how hard it must have been for her to even apply for the show. My betting is she had already been turned away from many other auditions for the way she looked and even her disability itself, but I am guessing she didn’t make a fuss about it. She simply carried on the fight. 

I was disgusted and ashamed by the behaviour and harsh words from the people of twitter and also from people like Will.I.Am who should damn well know better.

By all means, you all have people you were backing, but there was absolutely no need to be so cruel and vindictive.

Long gone are the days when people are simply happy for other people. They always feel the need to take it that extra step too far.

So, Tomorrow It Is

Yup, tomorrow is Britmums Live 2013 and me and Hubby are all packed and ready to go!

So, this is it?

I am going to be in a room full of hundreds of amazing bloggers and all I feel like doing is staying at home and hiding! And not even because I feel crappy, because this morning I woke up feeling so much better, at last.

I really have no idea what the hell I am scared of, wish someone could tell me!

I will be wearing a fluorescent green top, yup. True story.

Maybe that’s it?!

Well whatever it is, I need to pull up my sucky in pants, take a deep breath and just do it!

On the plus side, at least I feel better in time. Got to love just how high steroids can take you, I intend to enjoy every single minute of it, not push, but just smile and have fun.

Its not often me and Hubs get to venture out into the world without two little buggers screaming away beside us, they will be enjoying some quality time with Nanny 🙂

Well, I am off to chill out before tomorrow!

See you on the other side………….