Not The Happiest Bunny….

I am really not the happiest bunny right now. In-fact I think only crude fart jokes will cheer me up, the mood I’m in. 

Firstly I really miss home. I love being at my home but I just miss my bed and my shower and my toilet roll. Yes the last one was meant to be in that list. Mother has the kind of toilet roll that your fingers go through, but that’s a  post for another day!

Then I miss Skye, she has gone to Nanny Stratfords as Mum and Dad have cats and Skye loves cat, in the eating kind of sense. So I am missing her big doggy cuddles right now.

Another is seeing my house in a state. Plaster dust, like I haven’t had enough of that recently when we had the mould work done. It gets everywhere and is simply impossible to get out.


Lastly and probably the biggest reason I am a moody, disinterested cow is the fact that I have a cold sore. I only ever get them when I am tired out and down, which I am. Only because I am ready for my next infusion of Tysabri, which was Monday. But due to the lovely uninvited guest that is crusting over on my lip, this cannot happen. 

This is more than sucky. This is fucked up. 

I have one because I need the damn drugs, but I cannot have the damn drugs because I have one? How?

I know why, but my stupid brain just cannot comprehend it.

They will put it back a week but if it has not gone or I have a stupid cold or such like, I will have to wait a month. A whole month. This scares me because I know my poor body needs this right now. Also because I am so tired, I need the boost. I enjoyed feeling slightly more human, and I really don’t think I am asking too much for wanting this again.

So, here goes me trying to live a week (I pray that is all) without the lovely, lovely drugs.

Watch this space but don’t stare at my face, the cold sore is rank.


Day One Away From Home!

So this week sees the start of kitchen gate, I sat on twitter watched as the man ripped apart the kitchen. We have come home to my mums as there really is no room in the house right now, the ‘white goods’ have all wondered there way into my front room. I ask you?! 

So this week I have decided to follow my week in photos, partly because I need to catch up on other blog stuff and to finish the first two chapters of my book and get them off to the appropriate people, I doubt I will get either of these things done, I can but hope!

So here goes…..

daddy driving pops and pop road to pebworth nannys house freedom at nannys off down the nursery pops and leafs leaf sniffing bunch of flowers eating the cone ice cream face mush face here comes chocolate beboo cone choc sauce


Well, that was the first day 🙂

Fisherprice Laugh and Learn Review

Fisherprice, what can I say? I grew up with this brand and now my children do too. The toys are long lasting and really engaging for everyone, even me!

So Beboo was sent some Fisherprice toys from the Laugh and Learn range, designed for the smallest of children and they really were a hit!

fisherprice teapot

teapo box


Now this is not just any tea set, this is a tea set with a difference. As well as having very stylish cups, it also has cakes and a cake tray that doubles as a shape sorter. For me this was a great touch, because not only are they learning to play they are also learning shapes at the same time.

By far the best thing about this product is the teapot. The talking, noise making and singing teapot, its reactive to being used, so if you are pouring a cup or tea, it makes a pouring sound. Same goes for the opening and closing of the lid. The song was my favourite bit, it really does get stuck in you head but also teaches the little ones about please and thank you at the same time plus it works by pressing the teabag inside, meaning little hands have to explore to to make it sing.

I can see this lasting us some time, so far it is indestructible and Beboo and been putting it through its longevity paces.

Next we have the my pretty learning purse.

fisher price learning purse. back of purse

This set come with an interactive purse ( I love it!) card, keys, mirror, bracelet and phone, all you need when you are small and out and about.

Beboo gets a whole lot of satisfaction when she opens and closes the purse, she loves the music and the fact something is talking to her, she has recently worked out that if you press the heart it also makes a sound. The great thing about the Purse is the words, she is already trying to copy them, which is a relief as I assumed she would be a mute!

She loves taking the bag on our many adventures, I think being like mummy and her bigger sister is nice for her. All girls together, much to daddies dismay!

Both these laugh and learn products have been big hits with both the girls, the hours of music and please and thank you’s we have had is unreal, normally they loose interest in toys so quickly, however with both of these, the just keep going back for more.


Fisherprice have done themselves proud with the laugh and learn range, we own a few of the other toys also and they have been great for both Pops and Beboo and are still going strong even four years on.


The My pretty learning purse retails at around £23  and the  Laugh and Learn say please tea set retails at around £15.

This will be both long lasting and hours of fun, even for the adults!

Home, Here We Come……

So next week, we are having a new kitchen fitted. The man who lived here before us refused the upgrade, so when we moved in we were quick to ask about it. Now come Monday, it’s happening and we are moving out for a couple of days, back home to my Mums.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love my family, my Sister will be there also and we have become closer since she started helping me three days a week, however moving home, even for a few nights, scares me.

I lived there all my life so really it shouldn’t matter, but I am so used to having my own space and living as a family, it will be beyond odd for us.

And then comes my MS. Yes my amazing Sister looks after me and my parents are always there for me, but part of me worries about bringing this disease into there house. By that I mean the way we live. The way us as a family and my MS lives is different to any normal household.

Also every part of me likes to be comfortable, especially since my diagnosis. Familiarity is important to me and the crazy-ass monster in my mind.

I am very aware that I am bringing this into somewhere that isn’t used to it. We are a very close family, however unless you have lived through the good and the horrific of this damn disease, you don’t really understand it.

Getting up and pushing on it not always going to help, some people might think I need to ‘get on with it’ but that is so much easier said than done on a bad day. Bad days can sneak up and Hubby is getting used to noticing this and helping me through it.

Also, now my next treatment is just over a week away, I am really starting to feel it again. Literally counting down the days.

So, I am really hoping this next week goes smoothly and I have a nice kitchen at the end of it. I hope they still love me after four days!

Blogging, It Is What You Make It.

Its true, for most things in life really, you only get out what you put in and blogging is no different. it is what you make it. These last few months I have taken many a train trip to London and I have attended many events. I have met so many lovely people and companies and I have pushed myself and my blog into so many different opportunities.

Sometimes going out of your comfort can be good.

I could sit around and wait for people to find me, however I figure, why wait for them to find me when I could just as easily find them?!

As a blogger who is part of many different communities, you hear the word ‘blagger’ thrown around far too much. I hate that word, its so unflattering. However,I don’t see anyone asking of looking for reviewing, competition or collaboration opportunities as a ‘blagger’ I see them making the most of what they have and pushing there ‘brand’ further.

For me, people who use that incredibly unflattering word, are people who simply hate the fact that other people are going and getting these exciting opportunities. Its jealousy. 

A really vile emotion.

The fact I can stay at home with my children and give something back to them and my husband, means so much to me. As well as raise awareness of MS and make some amazing friends along the way.

So for anyone who is wondering how to get going in this blogging world, I say, join in and go and find the things you want to do. Don’t be afraid to speak up or to send that first email.

Last weekend I went to a really fantastic blogging conference in Manchester, one which I will be writing about over the weekend. The conference taught me that blogging really is what you make it, you only get out what you put in, it may take time but it is totally worth it!

And also, please remember, never let anyone put you down, most people in the blogging community are amazing, however there are a select few who simply ruin it for themselves. Ignore it and carry on 🙂