Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom Toy’s Review

When it comes to guilty pleasures it does not come much better than Peppa Pig. Packed full of cringeworthy adult humor that makes your child question why you are giggling like a hyperactive 12 year old.

Then Astley Baker Davies create Ben and Holly’s little kingdom. A world filled with elves, fairies, magic and bags of nonsense and humor.

I am known to look through the Argos catalogue and excitedly point out to my daughter Peppa Pig and Ben & Holly related thing’s, in turn encouraging her to want it, (and like her mother she almost always tends to get what she wants.)

So when we were offered the chance to review some goodies you can imagine my excitement,

I am still in sync with my inner child.

We have received….

bens and holly toys

A Little castle magical playset (age 3+) RRP £24.99:

Ben and holly house


The home of the royal Thistle family.

The set consists of a 6 floor castle and a courtyard, furnishings, 4 figurines, a large version of Hollys wand which is interactive with characters by being able to pick them up and make them fly, and will also interact with some of the castles magic furnishings.

All the contents fit nicely inside the castle making for quick and easy tidy up time.

It really is a lovely set and is an ideal gift for any fans of the series.

Also the fact that the series has Ben and Holly as the main characters and the set has a variety of colours, it makes it suitable for girls and boys.

A flying fairy Fleur (age 3+) RRP £3.99:

Magic mrs plum


This is an additional character that is for the castle set that comes with it’s own large wand to make the figurines fly. There are about 8 figurines available. As far as the girls are concerned, she is magically flying which adds much more fun to the whole thing!

Ben & Holly’s little kingdom wooden dominoes (age 3+) RRP £5.99:

Ben and holly dominos

The dominoes are a 28 piece set and have some nice graphics of characters and insects on them instead of dots. This is more a visual matching game. My daughter enjoys playing dominoes with Nan and Grandad and is just getting into pairs, so this combined is a great idea. This is a good set to keep her young mind occupied and have fun playing with and identifying her favourite characters from the show.

We have had loads of fun playing with all the above toys, they are great for any Ben and Holly fan!

Joovy Orangie Groove

Joovy 1

I am a huge Joovy fan, in-fact we have reviewed a Joovy in the past and they have become my favourite pushchair brand by far. This time round we have reviewed the Joovy orangie groove, a single lightweight stroller, that comes in an amazing choice of colours, check the out on the Joovy website. 

Lets start with the putting together. Basically,it comes almost complete bar putting the swivel wheels on, which simply click in place. After that its complete and ready to use. It also comes with a fitted rain cover and full instructions.

So the bottom on the pushchair, we have four swivel wheels, which I don’t think I have seen before on such a lightweight stroller. It makes pushing incredibly easy, it really does just glide, each front wheel has a break and the back has an easy to use foot break.  Next is the shopping basket on the bottom. The basket is huge and really easy to get to, no faffing or having to move the seat forward. Perfect for being out and about as well as wrangling a small child or two!

joovy basket

Next is the seat itself. With a fully adjustable back recline, it can accommodate both the awake and sleepy kind of children, making it perfect for a day out and about. It has a great, adjustable 5 point harness, and the clip makes sure no little fingers will be caught, which for me is always a bonus. The front of the seat has a fully adjustable foot rest, again great for making the little one comfy and really simple to use, with just two clips underneath, either side. Next and a huge added bonus is the holders it has in each side. For me its a first and something Joovy is great for, adding the little things you never thought about buy know you need! The holders can be used for toys, for or drinks, meaning you can keep everything safe and in reaching distance for your little one. This for me was great as it means I don’t have to stop every five minutes, Beboo can get to everything she needs herself.

joovy inside

Then comes the hood. Now I have to say, I never thought I would have so much to say on the hood. The hood itself has an added length, so it keeps them safe from the sun no matter what the situation and it also means she won’t get wet when mummy forgets the raincover! Also on the top of the hood is a little ‘peep hole’ so you can check on them anything, this also has a flap so you can cover it up in the sun etc. The handles on the Joovy Groove are robust and easy to hole, which just adds to the ease of use.

Joovy hood

Another great thing on the reverse of the stroller is the cup holders and a handy pocket. Meaning I have somewhere to put my drink too (I am always trying to juggle a costa and a stroller and I never win!) The pocket means I can keep my wallet and phone handy and safe at all times. I really loved this about the stroller, and it really does show why Joovy is a unique brand, always coming up with ways to help and solve issues when out and about.

joovy holders

When it comes to putting the Joovy Groove down, its simple. Press the lever on the side the pull up the handle on the back and push forward. Its an umbrella folding stroller, meaning its small and easy to store. It also has a hand clip on the side(indicated in the photo below), so when you fold the stroller you can make sure it will not fall apart or trap any little hands.

Joovy down

For me, the Groove has been a god send. We still use the purpleness caboose we review a few months back, however on the days we just have Beboo or Pops wants to walk, its perfect. As well as being so ‘Orangie’ which really suits our personality and does not look the same as every other stroller, it also means I can pick hubby out when we are out. It has been both easy to use and supportive for me having mobility issues, the frame is strong and perfect for the days I need that extra help.

The Joovy Orangie Groove retails at £133 which is a fab price for what you get. Plus, it will more than last your child. As well as this review I am also lucky enough to be able to offer you the chance to win one, in your choice of colour (again, check out the Joovy site)

The competition is open to the UK and Continental Europe only. Thank you.

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Anyone Want A Kidney?!

What is it with all these organ donation stories in the press these days? I understand there are so many people on the waiting lists for transplants, but I am not sure why a family would refuse to donate in the event of another family members death. Especially if they had a donor card?!

organ donation card


I am all for organ donation, I even have a donor card which I have had for some years. My brain may not be amazing, but I am pretty sure other parts of me are A-okay.

I would even consider donating a kidney if someone close needed one. After all, I do have two perfectly good ones, so for someone who has two dud ones, its only fair.

As far as my views go on organ donation, should anything happen to my two babies, well, I think if I could save another life, after having such a tragic loss, I would. The human body is such a delicate thing, I know this first hand, so being able to give someone else something so unique would be, well unique. 

To think there was still a piece of whoever I had lost, living a full life somewhere would be enough to bring a smile through all the sadness, even for a second.

As for the people who have a donor card and their other family members overturn their right to donate the organs, I think this is wrong. If this was my child’s, husband’s, sister or any other relative, I would want to respect their wishes. After all, that was their choice and I believe no-one should take that away.

I don’t for one second think that anyone who has gone against there loved ones wish to donate is wrong or mean, everyone is entitled to there own views and choices. I just think, for me, it would be the right choice. 


Mega Blocks First Builders Range

The lovely people from The Entertainer sent Beboo some amazing Mega Block, first builders range toys to review. My first thought was, they are pink and amazing, like any normal mum, and we were not disappointed.


The three products we review were, the first mega blocks princes dewdrop, which was a princess on a blue unicorn which you can use along with the mega blocks themselves. Next was the mega blocks first builders mega block bag in pink and Susie school bus again from the first builders collection. All were in very girly colours, ie pink and purples.


The Susie school bus is brightly coloured and has the lovely Susie with the smiley face driving along. It comes with 6 blocks, the roof open to place more figures and or blocks inside and on the roof. Also,Susie herself is removable and fits on other Mega blocks. Aged 1-4.

Next is Lil’ Princess Dewdrop and her pony mist. Princess Dewdrop can ride her trusty pony mist on all her adventures. Mist comes with removable sparkly wings to make her into a magical flying pony!! The set contains two sparkling blocks, this is aged 1-5.

Last is the Mega blocks big building bag. There are 60 pieces all in lovely girly colours to make and build whenever they feel. Beboo has had great fun destroying all her sister has built!! The blocks also come in a handy bag making storage bag. Age 1-5

Beboo has had hours of fun with the sets and the best thing is, they all fit together!

DSCN0246 DSCN0243 DSCN0241 DSCN0239

We have had loads of fun playing with the Mega Blocks range, the blocks come out everyday without fail and are always a hit with both girls!

The Entertainer have a big range of Mega Blocks toys and both boys and girls!

So Here Starts Six Weeks Of Something?

Pops finished playgroup on Friday, so here is the start of the six weeks holidays. Once upon a time, I would have been filled with excitement, however now its fear and a strange need for ear plugs. 

Add to that he fact she starts school soon, which means she needs to start grasping the whole idea of school and still has a couple of life lessons to learn before, in my eyes, she will be ready. Both of these things are giving me a headache.

It might be the heat I suppose.

Hey, maybe the heat is the reason why they keep attacking each other on the sly?! No?! Oh……..

Throw into this messy mixing bowl, some extremely inconsiderate boy, who owns a moped and has added something to make it SO LOUD it keeps me awake whilst he drives up and down our street revving every single bloody night, means I am one tired, sweaty, fractious mother.

A mother who has to find a way to explain how to wipe your own bum after a poop. There is no easy to understand way to this, I have tried, hell, even my Sister has tried and it always ends with there being more on her hands than the paper.

Then its how to get a top off without getting lost whilst doing so. And remembering to keep the ticket at the back when putting on pants, trousers, tops, t-shirts etc. It might be okay to make the turn whooopsy at home, but people will notice at school. Its a public place. 

Then there is six whole weeks of fighting, screaming, paddy having and me hiding in the corner. Not to mention we are having a whole new kitchen fitted next week. Oh the mess.

If I go missing, check under the bed. Its dark there.