Raspberry Picking Time!

Today we went to Nannies, I needed my dress taking up and we had not been for some time all together, so we descended on poor Nanny!

Turned out when we arrived the sun had decided to put in an appearance, which was more than welcome as that meant the girls could make a big mess outside instead.

Always a bonus.

Pops soon appeared with a raspberry from the garden and was soon calling me into the garden to show me where the raspberries grew, after treading on a thistle (owch by the way) I soon discovered Beboo had also come to find some raspberries, so I thought it to be the perfect time to take some snaps and capture all the things I would have otherwise missed.

IMGP0199 IMGP0179 IMGP0180 IMGP0184 IMGP0187 IMGP0190

IMGP0191 IMGP0192 IMGP0196 IMGP0197 IMGP0198


They had a lovely time running around in the outdoors and we all had a lovely time eating our raspberries after lunch!!

Doc Mcstuffins Magic Talking Check Up Set


Doc McStuffins is the doctor from Disney who helps the toys get back to health. This set is the talking check up set, which contains a Doc McStuffins doll, Lambie and Stuffy as well as Doc McStuffins sparkly bag which contains all here equipment for making her friends better and even a check up table.

IMG_0034 IMG_0033 IMG_0032

Pops and Beboo both love watching Doc McStuffins at Nannies, so this is where the set was put through its paces.

Pops got straight to work on helping Doc McStufins on fixing her friends, you can place Lambie or Stuffy on the check up table to hear them say different phrases and use the stethoscope to hear the heartbeats.

For me this set was great, not only is it fully interactive with the voices, sounds etc but it also teaches children about looking after animals and caring for other creatures, be it a teddy lamb or even a real life one.

Although the set is not massive, I think that is what the girls love, its easy to play with and even easier to carry about with them. Beboo especially likes hearing lambie and stuffy talking when they are on the magic check up table.

The Doc McStuffins magic talking check up set retails for around £16 and is the perfect toy for any Doc McStuffins fan, or any little one interested in fixing toys 🙂



Today I Had A Wee.

Okay, so I have been thinking whether or not to write this post all day, but if I don’t, you won’t really know what it feels like to be me right now. So I have decided to stuff what everyone will think and simply be honest.

People with a nervous disposition may want to turn away.

So today was stressful, we decided to go shopping in Worcester. From the get go, it was the most unsuccessful trip ever. We gave Beboo a drink, as usual, however she decided to pour it all over herself and me being the biggest turd, did not have a change of clothes.

So Primark was our first port of call.

Apart from people standing in the middle of the walkways, which I totally do not get and do not appreciate being evil eyed when I try and get by, its a WALKWAY. We found the appropriate garments for a total of £2 (Yey me) and proceeded to pay.

Whilst paying Pops decided she needed a wee now. Great. I  now needed the lady to hurry the hell up and try to find a toilet in town. Hubby spotted M&S had a toilet, so off we went.

As Beboo needed changing due to the big spill, we all needed to go.

We walked all the way to the back of the store to the lift, which was out of order. We had to make a dash to the second lift, so we dodged all the grannies and made it to the lift. Only to join a cue. 

Yup, it seemed the whole of Worcester needed to get in the lift the same time Pops “NEEDED A WEE”

We stood and waited for our turn in the lift, the really slow lift. Then once on the right floor, we needed to locate the toilets. Alas, another cue. 

Hubby whipped Pops into the mens and I dashed to the disabled toilet. Yes, I do have the right to use one, despite all the lovely comments the older generation deemed necessary.

I changed Beboo and decided to go to the toilet as I was there.

So I did.

Then we regrouped after the toilet’tastrophie, I felt very a little stressed but carried on regardless.

I was wondering around and suddenly discovered I needed a wee again, however my bladder gave me no forewarning and decided that now meant now.

Yup, I weed myself.

Now, it has to be said it didn’t feel like I had at the time, but low and behold, I had.

On returning home, as well as changing the beds, I sorted myself out, and I cannot tell you how nice dry pants felt.

However I sat on the toilet, wrestling my icky pants off Narla, it hit me again, just what this disease means.

I am guessing your day was better than mine?!

I LOVE Making You Feel Uncomfortable

It’s true, I do. It makes me day when I get to make you feel uncomfortable about my condition, it is my guilty pleasure.

To be fair, I don’t have much else?!

When someone sees me with my crutch or stick, they may ask me what I did to my leg, I take great pleasure in informing them that actually, I have multiple sclerosis. Then taking a nice long pause whilst they try and decide what to say.

All the time stood there loving the uncomfortable silence. 

I know, I am terrible but some days it could be the only form of entertainment I get.

Many of the people I know with MS take the same approach as myself, we tend to use the humour side of things to take back a little joy. If only for a few, silent seconds.

Some responses are the sympathetic kind, which I am not the biggest fan of. I know people mean well but I would rather have some kind of humour thrown back at me, its only fair 🙂

Some I choose not to say anything to, mainly because I hate it when people treat me differently, I am still the person I just have a few more limits and tend to need a good nap around midday.

Only a few friends have stayed ‘friends’, they don’t treat me differently or pretend to understand, they listen and simply treat me the same as they did before. I guess I don’t really mind so much as I have such a huge support online and with my family. It has made it a whole lot easier for me.

I know many MSers see the same thing in the whole loss of friends thing. Its not something people do on purpose, some are scared to ask, most don’t understand and many have such busy lives, they don’t have the time anymore. All are fine with me to be honest.

I kind of like the quiet life these days, after all I do like a good sleep.



Something Special Twitter Party!

Time to have some fun and celebrate Mr Tumble, the star of the fab kids TV show Something Special, where children laugh, interact and even learn sign language in this fun filled show. Both of the Girls have grown up with Justin and Mr Tumble so when we heard about the twitter party, even they were excited!

Yes, we will be one of the hosts to the fab Something Special Twitter party on the 12th of September 4pm-6pm. Where we will play games, have on the spot competitions and have loads of Something Special fun with fans from all round!

SS MPU blogger button-01-01


So pop the date on the calendar or in the diary and get inviting some friends round for some real fun, even for the adults too! Remember to use the #SomethingSpecialParty hashtag on the day, so you can keep up with the fun!

I know we have got lots of Beboo and Pop’s friends coming round, to make a mess and eat cake, whilst mummy takes care of all the computer stuff.

So, we will see you on the 12th of Septemeber 4-6pm for all the Something Special fun 🙂