Just Beans

So the other night on twitter, it seemed I got myself into a pickle, a true beany situation.

The lovely Hannah from Cupcake Mumma was asking what she should blog about, I felt that beans would be a fitting subject, you know, because there is not much you cannot say about a bean? Right?

Anyway, she replied with “Ever so helpful lol you blog about beans and show me how it’s done ;)” So Hannah, you lovely lady you, I accepted your challenge, this is my blog for beans!

Personally, I am not a fan of beans. Now I know there is a fast selection, broad, baked, kidney, jelly and runner beans to name but a few. The only type of beans I will let past my lips are runner beans, they are by far the least beany’ type of beans going.

They are more of a carrot/asparagus type of vegetable if you ask me.

Even jelly beans make my stomach turn, who really wants a sweet that looks like a bean anyway?!

By far the worst type of bean is the baked bean, even the thought of the damn thing makes me shudder. In-fact my brother in law has a genuine fear of baked beans, a glass full of them to be exact. As crazy as it might sound, I can see where he is coming from!


So, aside from the more athletic runner bean, I personally think beans should be banned. And I am not even sorry.



Beanies Coffee Review

So we are big coffee drinkers in this house, Husband has to have his morning coffee and I am not really in any kind of mood until I have also had one. So when I found out about these new flavoured coffees from Beanies Coffee, we had to try them.

beanies coffee

I assumed they would be much smaller, however these neat little pots were great and very cute. We chose the vanilla, caramel and double chocolate, something for everyone!

Firstly, they smelt amazing and on making my first cup, I realised you do have to put a little extra spoonful in to get the best flavour out of the coffee, however that’s not an issue. I am a sucker for the double chocolate, I have mochas wherever I go, so this was perfect for me and it was nice to be able to make the same drink in my own home.

These beanies coffees would make amazing little gifts for someone, in-fact we do intend on ordering a few for the family, what could be better?!

Also, as I am a coffee cake lover, and took the opportunity to make a double chocolate coffee cake and this is where the coffee performed best! It was yummy, even the kids loved it!

Beanies as a company is also great, the customer service is some on the best I have received, they were delivered quickly and follow up emails gave it a lovely personal touch.

These jars start from £2.50, which is a great price.

The APPen Review

app pen 2 app pen

We have been lucky enough to put the new Appen through its paces.

The appen is a plug and play device for tablets and smartphones. There is a free downloadable app available from the Google Play store and the Apple Store, meaning it can be used on iphones and ipads and selected android based tablets.

The appen was really easy to set up, you literally download the app then plug it into the headphone socket on your device and follow the on screen instructions.



The first plus for me was the fact it doesn’t need batteries, meaning you can take it anywhere without having to worry about the batteries running out.  A massive plus for any parent.

There are two separate sections on the app, one for 0-5 years and the other for 5 years plus. Each had games and activites aimed for these age groups.

Pops loved the fact she could sit and colour, which I must admit, I do too. It meant no mess. Also she loved being able to practise her letters and numbers, as she is currently learning them at school, so that was another added bonus.

IMGP0394 IMGP0387 IMGP0385


There is even a bit where you can press animals and they make the noise. This is perfect for Beboo. The painting game has many different brushes, pens, pencils and colours to use. You can also choose pictures to colour in, like animals etc. We have had many a different colour giraffe.

We are yet to trail the games as the girls have been really taken with the learning apps, which is great. But it does comes with many games when the Appen can be used as a joystick and can have up to two players.

As we tend to take our smartphones and ipad everywhere, this will be a perfect addition for keeping the girls entertained when we are out and about. The fact that you can share your child’s drawing on social media was lovely, as even Nanny can see what she has been up to.

The Appen retails for around £14.99 which I think is a great price. It has kept the girls entertained for hours and I know it will for many more.

The Innocence Of My Girls

They drive me mad, some days I just want to hide in the corner, away from the sticky hands and shrieking. 

But mostly, I just love them. For every bad day, there are many good, and the best thing is there innocence. Its something I will do my best to help them keep, so they can be carefree children for as long as they want to be…

It the bathtime fun:

innocence 1


The seemingly edible sand?!

innocence 6

The endless bouncing:


innocene 5

The cheeky tongue poking:

innocence 3

The static hair:

innocence 4

And the endless swinging:

innocence 2

That remind me of the innocence that both girls have and there love for everything and anything going. What reminds you of your kids innocence and love for life?! 

It’s Still There

I have been a little quiet about my MS recently. There are a few reasons why, I guess?

I know for a fact it’s still there, lets face it, its never going away, right?

Since starting my Tysabri, I have been feeling ‘better’ as better as someone like me can feel anyway. I still tire and have all the other usual symptoms, however I have felt a little more rounded.

Not in the shape sense, well that could be a lie but its nothing a pair of big girl pants can’t fix.

I guess for me its the fact I am different, that is what is holding me back at the moment. Pop’s now goes to school and is starting to ask more questions about why I am poorly, she will start to notice I am not like the other Mums.

Other Mums will also notice I am not like they are. Hubby usually takes Pops to school and picks her up, for various reasons, however I do try and go when I can and when I do go, I make sure I am right at the front, but I am sure other Mums will notice.

Next is the burden that is me. People can tell me I am not a burden, but that will not stop me from feeling like one. To go out whether it be to appointments or just the park, I can’t do it alone. I could give it a damn good go, but that would not be fair on the girls, using my ears alone to tell if there is a car coming is so not reliable enough. 

This means I need someone, people have to sometimes change plans and drop things for me. It’s not a nice feeling I can assure you.

Also, my left eye is basically completely blind now. I only told Hubby this last week because he hadn’t asked previous. I think he was shocked, however I am not fussed, I would rather have a blind eye than a useless, still works a bit kind of eye.

I have come to terms with it and so has my body, its no big deal.  

Depression, this one sneaks up on me all the time, I don’t know why and I cannot explain it, but its happening again. I don’t want to get lost in it again, but sometimes the only way to face it, is embrace it. So who knows what I will need to do this time. 

And right now, I have a cold coming and anyone with MS knows a tiny cold, can become and feel like so much more. Most don’t bat an eye lid but for me, its a bitch. 

I have been trying to carry on and block out the lovely disease that has graced me its presence, but sometimes after a fight, I need a break for a bit, I need to let the pissy days happen and feel sorry for myself for a while.

Watch this space, or not, depending on your preference.