First Farmyard Puzzle From GALT

I love GALT toys, they are always super bright, attractive and easy for kids to play with, so when I heard about the new toys from DR Mirian @ GALT, I knew we had to give it a try.

There are so many wonderful toys to choose from on the website, however we were sent the First Farmyard Puzzle for 12+ months.

farm 2


Beboo doesn’t really have many puzzles as Pops lost all the pieces when she was little, so this was perfect.

The animals are large enough her to recognise with ease,and the handles on the pieces make it easy for her little hands to grab. She has had much fun investigating, making the sounds and putting the right animal in the right hole.

farm 3 farm 1


Dr Mirian @ GALT toys believe that children should learn through play, so each toy has been designed with that in mind. There are so many toys to choose from and each one has both learning and play at the heart.

This range from GALT is fab, the toys are both affordable and great for the little ones. As Beboo is still putting everything in her mouth, she has also taken great joy in chewing each animal until suitably soggy. This however has not affected them whatsoever, a great bonus for me!

Trying To Conceive? Pregnant? Thinking About It? Read On….

So, I see plenty of new women thinking, talking about or actually being pregnant. Part of me wonders if they really, truly know where this journey may or may not take them, so I am writing this post for you.

To help you out.

Firstly, if you are thinking about whether to start a family, here are a few things you could try or simply stay away from completely.

Never and I repeat never do a trail run with someone else’s children, or use them as an example as to what could be. Other people’s children are completely not the same and never will be. Their sticky faces will never be the cute kind, and their shit will smell just like it states. Shit. When you have your own, then that is the only point when it becomes okay to be covered in someone else’s poo or wee, that is the only time it is socially acceptable. And its the only time you won’t mind.

Next, if you want a ‘likeness’ get a puppy. If you find yourself suffering with the night waking and endless clearing up, then its probably not the right time. Plus you always have the ‘pets for sale in’ pages on facebook or other online selling pages as a get out clause. They don’t have those for children. 

Next is pregnancy, now this will seem like a long jaunt, but it is not. Make the most of the peace and try your utmost to exploit it to the best of your ability, it is the only time your partner will offer to be your footrest for the evening without moaning.

Right, now comes the literature. It will give you some guidance on what you will need after the birth, but no amount of googling, friend asking or ‘how to’ books will help you when it comes to the getting it out part. In- fact the only use it may have in the getting it out part, is being ammunition to throw at said partner, after that its futile.

You will ask the age old question, ‘when will I know?’ Now trust me, you will know when a small person is trying to make a less than brisk exist from your vagina.

Then the actual labour. Well, there is not much I can tell you here. Other than, no-one can make it go away, you can do it and being filmed for any kind of TV programme is probably not the best route.

So, if you are also thinking, how do I prepare myself for kids? Then I will try and give you some tips on how to prepare and the changes in lifestyle to expect…

Food sharing, this one comes in to play quicker than you may think. It might be useful to go out for dinner and offer some food to random strangers OR volunteer at your local playgroup and eat dinner with them. Only then will you know how it might be.

Toileting and showering with an audience. This one is easy, you could either use public toilets with the door open or have someone follow you into the toilet at home whenever you go in. However make sure you ask them to occasionally sit on your lap so you get the full effect.

Another bit of fun might be getting someone to record themselves screaming and setting it to go off a few times a night, for around 30 minutes a time. But do remember to splash some wee or calpol on yourself for a more real feel.

Lastly, speed eating. This one is an art, both at home and out and about. You need to learn to sit down, shut up and eat your food. HOWEVER to begin with, it must be around 40 minutes after it has been made. That way, it will be a much more realistic temperature. However at some point they will feed themselves, better known as ‘eating with there hands and wearing it’. Then you really need to speed eat. No talking and only the occasional chew is allowed. Definatley no enjoying it.

So, those are the few tips, practise exercises I am willing to share right now. The rest you will have to find out yourself, but trust me, you will be fine! 

Step By Step With Dora



Routine, I swear by it. I never ever thought having a routine was very ‘me’ until I had Pops. I became obsessed. Every night I did walk, bath and bed without fail, literally come rain or shine. Needless to say, with all that’s gone on over the years, routines change and we adapt. I know me and the girls thrive off routines, without them we would be a mess, a tired mess.

Recently Nick Jr have launched the step by step programme with Dora, to help us parents reach each milestone with ease. And help us teach the kids the skills they will need as they grow, what could be better?!

Anyway with it they have sent us a lovely height chart, so we can document the girls growth, as well as those big milestones.

dora 1


The set comes with a magnetic height chart, magnets for it and stickers with age and date to be stuck at the right height.

dora 2


Both the girls had much fun putting the magnets on!

kids and dora


Then it went up on the wall ready to use!

dora height chart


The Nick Jr website also has lots of other goodies ad colouring printouts to encourage children to take part in daily routines through encouragement and rewards! A great idea and one I know my girls will love.

Head over to the Nick Jr website to take a look and maybe get some ideas for your own routines?!

Hi-Tec Inspired By Life Apollo Trainer Review.

hi tec trainers

Finding a pair of comfortable trainers is often like searching for a needle in a haystack. However this is not the case with these great Hi-Tec Apollo trainers. Although these trainers are designed for running, I decided to test them round the shops. With two small children, it often feels like a marathon.

I am pleased to say, I was comfortable from the off and didn’t get the usual sweaty, achey feet.


These trainers feature  performance suede mesh upper, which help the feet breath. The also have a ortholite mid sole sock liner, this helps fight odour and keep moisture away, perfect for when you are running or rushing around chasing children. The sole is a vibram sole, this is from heal to toe, this makes it so much more comfortable. Also a rubber toe bumper helps with stability, which for myself is a real bonus.


This Hi-Tec trainer comes in many different colours and has a double lacing system for a tight fit and super light weight wise.

I don’t often wear trainers, however these were comfortable from the get go and the lovely pink colour, well that’s simply an added bonus.

These trainers retail at £49.99, which for the fit and durability is a great price.

My Lunchbox Fears

Yup, its probably the first of many moany school type things, however when Pops came home beside herself today, it seemed we now have a new fear, of the lunchbox kind.

See when I was her age, lunchtime was a whole school thing, considering I came from a tiny village, and the entire school was probably the size of one whole class of 30, it was easier for us to eat together, however I feel our lunchtimes were executed rather well, much better it seems, than now.

See every day since starting school, Pops has come home famished, however her lunchbox was all but full still. I figured she just was not hungry and that maybe the whole starting school thing  had thrown her off?

I was wrong.

Turns out these days, classes go to eat dinner together, however instead of everyone waiting for everyone else from said class to finish, they can all go and play when they are done.

This might be good for some children, however it creates problems for others.

Pops is not the fastest eater, regardless of how hard she tries and I know lunchtime brings the chance for her to socialise, something I know she will take full advantage of.

Through the tears I managed to make out that she didn’t want to be alone, because everyone was faster than her and she was scared of sitting alone then not being to find them once she had finished. So when her friends are done, so is she, even though she maybe only managed her sandwiches.

I cannot tell you how hard it was to hear that from her, I felt so shitty for even asking because you could tell its something she is really unhappy about.

I just cannot for the life of me figure out why they don’t instill the same rules they used to?

Ours used to be checked, it was sandwiches, fruit then whatever else you had. It might seem a tad rash, but it worked and probably still does work in that little school.

Lunchtime and lunchboxes should not be a fear for my four year old, or anyone else’s!

I just don’t know what to do.