Zombie Land From TalkTalk

zombie 3

Zombieland is part of a rising storm of comedy horrors involving zombies. Since it’s 2010 release there has been plenty springing out the woodwork and being made available for the first time in the UK from different shores.

It has a well known class of actors being Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenburg, Abigail Breslin and Emma Stone.

zombie 1 zombie 2


Jesse Eisenberg is wondering the roads of America surviving and getting by with his list of rules to make it in the post apocalyptic zombie littered world. He gets picked up by Harrelson, who plays a rowdy lunatic who takes great pleasure decapitating zombies in any creative way or weapon he has to hand. With this as his chosen hobby his new companion is quick to join in.

On their road kill pleasure they encounter two young ladies, it appears one has been bitten. They are desperate to get to an amusement park which they hear is clear of infected. They soon become a quartet and start to go on a zombie killing spree trying to out do each other on the amount of kills they get, with the ladies being as ruthless and destructive as the men. At times the team are taking on hordes of zombies and in some cases encouraging the hordes to form. And yes you may have heard there is a cameo of Bill Murray who generously lets the group into his home for a night they will never forget…I they live through it! It is almost laugh a minute material and takes a funny twist on a genre that is usually dark and serious.

Zombie land is available from the TalkTalk box office!!



Happy Halloween!

So, today is Halloween and Pop’s just got back from trick or treating with her friend. They had a good load of sweets, and I stayed behind and gave a good few out.

In fact we have nothing left now. Always a good sign.

Anyway it got me wondering, why more people don’t take part in the whole thing?!

Fair enough if you don’t want to go out or its raining, but I still wonder why so many people poo-poo opening their doors to the zombies and witches?

We have lived in three separate areas of the town over the years and the difference between each area is huge. The year Pop’s was finally old enough, and I was pregnant with Boo, we lived somewhere that was great for trick or treating, most would open their doors and many had houses decorated with lights and cobwebs.

Now its fairly inbetween the two, there are many children running around but not many people opening their doors.

I get why some people don’t do it and each to their own and all that, but still, why don’t more people get in the spirit of Halloween?

We all love Christmas, most of us go far too over the top and that’s great, but why not for this holiday too?

Hocus Pocus is my favourite Halloween film, I think is captures everything the holiday is, the stories and the myths of the town, I think it would be something great to have over here.

Please?! 😛

pops halloween


Also, who gave my child an apple?!!!?!

Planktons Robot Revenge And The Chance To Win A Wii-U!!


I love a good platformer, and I also love a bit of Spongebob. So both being rolled together and released for the PS3 brought a smile to my face. Add a good measure of Plankton out to try to exhaust himself stealing the crabby patty recipe and your good to go.

Brought to us by the game giant Activision, the game has nice graphics and 5 playable characters.

Packed with a small arsenal of upgradable weapons, you shoot and jump your way various levels of the nautical sea floor, fighting Planktons minions and some fun boss battles with Plankton himself.

The controls are very fluid but there is no pannable camera for better views and angles, However as you progress it’s not really needed.



The level backgrounds are very familiar throughout the game and don’t seem to change often, this is somewhere with activision and their pedigree of games could have done better.

There’s funny voice overs from the spongebob cast giving it the charm, appeal and humor we all know and love.


There is a vast amount of minions to destroy that get tougher in larger packs, and plenty of nuts and bolts to spend on weapons and upgrades.

The game also has a great soundtrack, which we have all enjoyed!

You can play with up to four players at a time, providing you have four controllers and friends with a PS3 too.

This would be great for any young Spongebob fan and give them plenty of fun, and a medium challenge trying to beat the game.

This game is suitable for all ages and would also appeal to trophy hunters, as it seems an easy and straightforward platinum game.

Spongebob Planktons Revenge is available on most gaming platform and would make the perfect gift this Christmas!

See the video below for a little glimpse of the game:

Now, I am so pleased and a little jealous to be able to bring you the chance to win a Wii-U and a copy of the game to play on it, so follow the instructions below and good luck!

UK Only.

Win competitions at ThePrizeFinder.com

Life Has No Lint Trap

I was cleaning out the filter of the dryer the other evening and it dawned on, life as no lint trap. 

All the bits off fluff and crud get thrown our way without with nothing there to filter it all out, we just spend forever brushing ourselves off and powering through.

What choice do we have?

Plenty of times my head has been over flowing with fluff, tempted to just sit and ‘be’ I got up and carried on, albeit a little greyer and tearier than before, but still, I carried on.

I wonder what point we have to reach when we just stop, to climb into bed and shut the world out. To get to a place where you just want to feel nothing and just have a good long bath to clean off the fluff. 

Like every single person, I have had my fair share. In-fact I think I get my fair share most days at the moment?

But where does it stop?

When do I get my bit of good luck?

Granted I have had a few letters which have brought good news recently, but with the amount of metaphorical ‘lint’ that has been thrown this families way, you would think the universe could throw a little something extra our way.

Some days I really do wish life came with a lint trap, so every week or so we could throw all the crap in the bin and start again, cleaner and a lot fresher than we started. 


Rapture Palooza Review



Reading up on this film before watching, I have to say I was a little skeptical and confused as to whether it was a comedy or a scary. However when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised.

Without giving too much away, the Apocalypse finally happens in Seattle, millions are welcomed into heaven, however some are left behind to live amongst the pot smoking zombies and constant blood showers, talking locusts, fire bombs and rather rude crows. Left behind are Lindsey and her boyfriend Ben. The rather lovely anti-Christ really does live up to his name and makes it clear you either work for him or against him.

Should you choose the latter, expect to feel the wrath of crow crap and fire bombs.

Anyway he takes an unusual shine to Bens girlfriend Lindsey, whom really is truly repulsed by him. However with the help of her zombie lawn mowing neighbour and her womanly whiles, she sets out to defeat the Anti-Christ.

Only one problem, kill him, and he comes back at the devil?!

It has a very cheesey feel to the film, however that is something I loved about it! It made me laugh from start to finish and sometimes I like a bit of cheese.

Rapture Palooza is out today on the 28th October 2013 and is available to buy from around £10. In my opinion, its a really fab film and a must have for the collection.