Petite Star Zia_X 3 Wheeled Stroller.

Petite star 1


The Petite Star Zia_X really is the perfect stroller for anyone looking to buy a lightweight, small folding stroller. The Zia_X is suitable from birth onwards and comes complete with a raincover.

petite star 2

The Zia_X is a 3 wheeled stroller, making it easy to maneuver and well as to get through small spaces. One of the really great things about this stroller was the suspension. Admittedly it did take some getting used to, we weren’t sure whether it was just flimsy and wouldn’t take the strain? However are worries were quickly put to rest, my sister took the girls to a local domestic fowl trust, which comes complete with rough terrain, the Zia_X took it with ease and Beboo was happily sat down bouncing away. The light suspension also makes really light to push.

The handles are soft grip and adjustable, so as well as being easy to push, its nice to hold and no sweaty hands!

As you can see, the stroller has a 5 point harness, which is easy to clip together, but not for Beboo to unclip and escape! The seat fully reclines, which makes it suitable from birth, as well as brilliant for nap time.

The shopping basket underneath is rather small, but as you can tell from the design, the Zia_X is designed for whizzing around, making it really the last thing you need.

petite star 3

The frame is made from aluminium, making it a really lightweight, durable stroller.

As far as strollers go, the folding mechanism on the Zia_X is really simple. Simply Push the middle bar down, push the button on the right handle and pull backwards then push forward for it to collapse into itself. Its super quick and does not result in myself kicking and bashing trying to get it to fold down. The fact its quick also makes it great when you just want to throw the kids in the car and get home.

petite star 4

As you can see from the above photos, the Zia_X fits quickly and nicely into the boot of the car, leaving space for shopping and my sticks. This also means it can stay in the car, meaning I don’t have to keep lugging it in and out.

The Footmuff and Travel bag can be purchased separately, in a variety of colours.

The Petite Star Zia_X retails at £118 and comes in a variety of colours.

My Boobs Are Not For Sale!

Ahhh, the great breastfeeding debate. Yes, we were given boobs for a reason, that reason being to feed our children, however for some of us, this is not possible.

And now, they are trying out a new initiative, to pay people, in vouchers, for breastfeeding for certain amounts of time.

Well I am sorry but my boobs are not for sale!

They say they will only ‘role it out’ if it works, which of course it will. I am sure that plenty of mothers who live in deprived areas will be happy to breastfeed for the extra money, god knows we all need to try and get extra money where we can and seeing as you get the first payment after six weeks, I can see some women being only too happy to do so.

But personally, I think this new ‘initiative’ discriminates massively. 

Not only to the people who find it near on impossible to breastfeed, but for women like myself, who have no choice but to formula feed. Should I have another child, I would need to stop my Tysabri for 9 months. This will induce all kinds of crazy madness in my little brain, so when the time comes, I would have no choice but to go straight back on it.

At the same time as receiving steroids for the relapses I would have had during pregnancy.

I would need these things to function, to give me back what I may have lost for those 9 months. To give me the ability to get up in the morning. Basically these things keep me up right and I would rather be a walking talking mother who has to formula feed than a bed ridden mess who would try breastfeeding, but would probably, eventually be hospitalised. 

How unfair is that?

I don’t get that ‘choice’ other mothers have. I already rely heavily on drugs to survive and spend one day a month having my IV, so that fact I am already different to most is very apparent in my life, now I have the fact I am medically unable to breastfeed therefore cannot bring in these much needed extra vouchers.

So I won’t get these lovely ‘rewards’ Which to me feel a little bit like bribery. Like they are trying to turn my Boobs into a commodity. 

People should have the choice to breastfeed like always. If they know the facts and still make the choice not to, then that is their own personal choice, they should not be bribed into doing something so many of us cannot do. 

Not for sale

I Don’t Like Those Odds

Statistics, odds and what ifs, all part of the fun as far as drugs are concerned.

I recently had my annual Neuro appointment, only the usual are you happy and such like, but one thing he did mention was the fact that  some people can develop and intolerance to Tysabri, 1 in 20 people in-fact. I just don’t like those odds.

I am almost always in the minority, but this is one thing where I need to be in with the masses.

I do not want the day to come where my body decides that enough is enough, where the games begin again.

I am settled.

I am happy and comfortable with everything right now, I am far from perfect or normal, but that’s okay, I am getting by just fine and I want things to stay that way. 

I know its a ‘what if’ and a ‘maybe’ kind of thing and people can tell me I will be fine until they are blue in the face, but 1 in 20 gives me a higher change of it happening.

I expected some high triple digit number, not a measly 20.

That means I would have to start again, after having the inevitable crash stopping the nice drugs would bring. I don’t want that, I don’t think I am strong enough to do that again this year.

Why does life have to be so damn complicated?

Why can’t it just be easy, nothing is ever easy for this family.

How did I get here?

I refuse to be in the minority again. I think its my turn to sit and chill with the masses for a change!


To My Terrible Two…

To my terrible two,

I guess with age comes questions, an understanding of the world around you, learning even the smallest of things everyday.

Explaining to you whats going on with me now, is so much harder than it seems. Pops last night you were full of questions, all the whys and hows under the sun, but in all my trying, there really isn’t any answer that I can give to you that makes sense to either of us, but that’s okay. 

All that matters is the here and now, we will deal with tomorrow when it comes. 

One thing you have had to watch is the sadness that came with my online troubles. You watched as I cried and told Dad I just couldn’t take any more. 

You heard me say I wanted to give up.

That it just hurts too much. 

You adopted the Mother role and came to give me a cuddle, to tell me it will be okay. You shouldn’t have had to be the one that took that role, your four but still wiser than some adults I know.

For me that was the final straw, hearing my child tell me she won’t let “nasty betty” hurt me any more.

I should be the one standing strong for you. 

It was the day I took the silent approach. I felt it was better to stop feeding the troll, ignorance is bliss after all.

But that brings me a new worry. As I choose to ignore it, I worry that teaches you not to speak out about bullies, to sit quietly and take it.

But that’s not what I want for either of you, I want you to stand tall and speak out. To name and shame and do all you can to stop the abuse. All the time I will hold your hand and be strong when you need me the most.

It is one thing I do not want you to follow.

Never suffer in silence, never be afraid to stand up for who you are and what is true.

I just didn’t know what else to do.

Love you, Mum xx


This post was inspired by one of the sessions at #blogfest