So, We Meet Again?

These past few months have given me so much relief. Although still far from normal, I can function for that much longer and smile when I decide to.

But these last few weeks have seen the pain, and unforgiving tiredness creep back in. I felt like I was facing it for the first time all over again.

It’s amazing how something I have been through so many times can feel so unfamiliar. Thw worry comes back, and I found myself in pieces all over again. I was a vomiting mess in the bathroom crying into my husband asking him, why this has happened to me? Why was I the one living through this and what was, is the whole point in carrying on?

I have been here before, but this time the pain is so much stronger, the tears come far quicker and I just cannot grasp why anyone has to live like this.

I don’t feel brave.

I don’t feel inspirational. 

I don’t feel anything that’s fair?

I am so used to painting on a smile and just doing, that the days I cannot ‘do’ just hurt so much more.

It might not be the time of year people want to read, see or hear about all this, but that doesn’t matter to my disease. Because I don’t get time off from it just because it’s Christmas. 

It doesn’t care that I have a life to lead and children to give the magic of December to. 

It still is the relentless bastard it has always been, merry or not.

Today my head feels a little bit lighter, I am out of bed and aiming to carry on as normal. Because that is all I can do. That is all anyone like me can do. Try. 

The Hive Review



So, its here, volume one from the hit Disney JR series, the hive. This series follow Buzzbee, his family and friends on all sorts of adventures. Pops love the CGI programmes, she has done since she was tiny, I think its the bright colors and fun story lines. Anyway her and Nanny would always sit and watch together when she went for a sleepover, so when she heard the Hive had come to DVD, there were happy faces all round. I think even Nanny was excited, she spends far too much time watching the Disney channel 😛

The Hive as a series is great. The characters all have british accents and I think even some Geordie thrown in there too. This is probably my favourite thing about the whole DVD, you don’t see many talking british bees! We watch the very cute life of buzzbee and his family, Papa bee Mama bee and co, as they live day to day, kind of like you me and me but they are bees and can fly!

Volume one is taken from Disney jr, without the breaks and everything inbetween. A massive bonus for the little ones. The adventures and music keep both the girls entertained the whole way through.

The DVD retails for around £6 which is a great price for such a fun and entertaining series!


If there is one thing we need to do more of, its to print the photos we take. In this techy world we get to capture so many beautiful moments and share them instantly, but rarely remember to print them out. So when the chance came to review a Snapbox print, we took it.

snapbox print

See a few months ago we had a photo shoot in a local park on a cold winters morning. It was beautiful, and the photos are stunning, something we will treasure forever. So I decided I would have one of these printed with Snapbox. Snapbox use stretched canvas to print on, which really makes a photo look special. Each picture comes in a black wooden, box like frame, which makes the photo ‘pop’


I was so pleased with the way the print came out, and the time delivery took, it was ultra fast! The website is really easy to use, you just upload the photo and have the choice to add different photo effects like black and white etc. I liked that, meant you could easily make any last minute changes in seconds.

You can also email your prints over, which is a great service to have.

Our print is perfect for the mantle piece or in the window, without the fiddly bit at back to prop it up, as the wood means its free standing, it would also look perfect on the wall.

We will definitely be using snapbox again, for both ourselves and gifts for other people. Perfectly Unique Gifts!

AskHerFriends is a fantastic website when its comes to choosing the perfect gift for her. 

For starters, you can search using some really specific options, from moth-in-laws to sisters, as well as that, you can also choose a price range and there really is something to suit each and every budget.

Now I don’t know about you but there is always someone who is really hard to buy for, they either have everything or like nothing, which is neither useful or easy when it comes to shopping for said person. This is made even harder when you have a certain budget to stick to. Usually you would spend countless hours trawling through the internet looking for the right gift.

Well, trawl no more!

AskHerFriends has everything you could need, trust me, if you need unique and amazing this really is the place to go. I should know, as soon as I saw this certain gift, I knew I had to have it.

It was as unique as how it came about, but this made it even more special.

What was that gift I hear you ask? Well it was a pigs bum cup.

I know right, but this is a big family joke and as soon as I saw it, I knew my Sister would love it, which she did. 

You can even buy the same cup with the pigs head, a little him and her thing maybe? Perfect.

I have really loved exploring askherfriends, it has given so many ideas for other people (as well as myself) and I now know where to go for that picky person in my life.

So, head on over and get searching for that perfect, unique gift this Christmas, you really won’t be disappointed.

We Went To See Santa!

So, its Christmas in two sleeps and like most families, we took the girl’s to see Santa. 

Now, I intend to do the whole Santa thing for as long as humanly possible. Even if they means taking my teenagers to see the big man in red, they will go, and they will like it. 

Round here there are so many Santas to choose from, plus she sees one at school, and one comes round where we live on a big sleigh (trailer with a chair and lights) so I only tend to take them to one. It saves the multiple questions I would rather they didn’t ask. One of which being “why do you keep taking us to see the big fat man?” 

Anyway we love going to Webbs. We have been the last few years, and I grew up coming here as a child. Plus its really good value for money and the Santa is always very ‘real’ So it makes sense really!

IMGP0855 IMGP0857 IMGP0858 IMGP0860 IMGP0861 IMGP0867 IMGP0868 IMGP0869 IMGP0871 IMGP0873 IMGP0874 IMGP0875

Yes, that is Santas workshop where we picked our toys! its amazing and they have loads to choose from, I am secretly hoping Boo won’t choose something she already has next year, but hey ho!

Hope everyone else had a lovely time seeing Santa!!