Woolly And Tig App

So the Woolly and Tig app is out for all iOS devices and we have been lucky enough to be having a play.

wool and tig


The Woolly and Tig app is designed for all those big fans out there who would benefit from a visual and interactive routine for those boring daily tasks. From getting dressed to brushing your teeth, you can set day and the time for doing all these things with Woolly and even giving him a helping hand along the way.

The interactive games make doing even the most boring things fun and even include him helpful little reminders, like not making a fuss when we get dressed, this is one both the girls need to remember and now we have Woolly to give them a gentle little reminder.

The App itself costs around £2.99, which I did think was a little steep at first, however after playing with the app and seeing just how interactive and lively it is, its well worth the money. 

It also has added little games on the main screen where Woolly talks to you, he asks you to make him bounce 10 times by pressing 10 times, this is great for developing counting skills etc, especially as its so interactive as your doing it.

I have been really taken with this app and may have played on it a little longer than I should, but hey, I am also a massive Woolly and Tig fan. So its only natural I finding brushing his teeth and choosing his socks as exciting as the girls, right?! 

So, if you are looking for an interactive and really fun app to make those daily routines go that much smoother, then this app is perfect for you and even comes highly recommend by the adults of the house!

At the end of last year we tested the new Woolly & Tig App  – featuring the furry blue spider from Woolly and Tig. We loved it and now you can buy it for half the price  –  just £1.49 – It’s a January bargain that you should not miss out on if you have pre-school children.

Don’t Forget Your Ipad This Christmas

Yep, the humble Ipad, they organise our lives and keep us entertained on long journeys and keep the children at bay in times of need, so please don’t forget your Ipad this Christmas.

I have a lovely selection of cases for any mood…

Here is a lovely case from Logitech.


This case is great. Some full cases like these can feel bulky, I had one previous and hated it, but this great case from logitech looks great, offers great protection when out and about and is not bulky and annoying with it.

It also has the ability to stand the Ipad up in a great position for using the Ipad with ease…

IMGP0989 IMGP0990

All buttons are accessible as are the cameras on both front and back. This case retails at around £39.99 and is worth it, I really love everything about it and it has been a god send for travelling with.

Next is the hard wearing case from Lifeproof. 


This case is amazing. As you can see from the above photo its waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof. With two small sticky, prone to accidents type children, its perfect. They always want to play on it, and my biggest fear is always them breaking it, sucking it, throwing it or even flushing it, but hey, its happens!

IMGP0995 IMGP0997

Its both easy to fit with a front and back attachment and it still feels like the sleep Ipad even with the case on.  It also enables you to use to touch screen as normal as well as accessing all the usual features. This case retails at around £60 and is perfect for anyone who is protective over their Ipad.

Lastly I have this great personalised case from Ideal Cases. 

IMGP0992 IMGP0991

This is a simple clip on hard case, with a difference. As you can see from above, you can personalise it with anything you wish! I wanted something for the blog, however also liked the spots so just had them both. The ideal cases website was so easy to use and you can and add little bits to adjust to just how you want it. The case itself is pretty tough and still lets you access all the usual functions.

The pictures quality is fantastic, bright and even with Pops playing has yet to scratch. This hard case retails for around £19.99 and the service from ideal cases is great, the turn around was super fast.

So, there you have it. A few different ways you could brighten up your Ipad this Christmas. All of the above do cases for most versions of the Ipad, in this case it was the Mini.

Chocolate Picture Maker

We have been given the opportunity to try out these amazing new sets. The Chocolate Picture making sets from The In Thing and they did not disappoint.

I had a chocolate making kit when I was younger, however it was far more complicated and didn’t do the amazing pictures possible with these amazing sets. All you need is the lovely Belgian chocolate which is provided, some warm tap water and a good squeezing hand!

.chocolate 1

I have a few photos below to show how this works…

doing a choclate picture

After choosing a photo and following all the lines, you can then fill in the spaces with white chocolate, then cover  with milk chocolate, pop in the fridge and your done! Its amazing, even Pop’s was able to do it and there are so many different pictures to choose from.

After doing the above you can then pop it out and do the best bit, the eating.

chocolate finsihed

So if you are looking for a unique gift, or even just a way to make some unique gifts, then the chocolate picture maker is the perfect way to do so. With several different sets to choose from, there is something to suit every budget and tummy, what more could you need?!

Neil The Seal

Neil the Seal by TOMY is a really unique push along toy, how many toys can you say can balance a ball on the end of it  nose? Well, Neil can!

So to stat with, Neil is super easy to put together, its just a case of attaching the handle, finding the ball and your away. This is great when you have two small children desperate to play with him.

Once constructed, place the ball on the floor then its time to push Neil along so he can pick up the ball in his fins and pop it on his nose, where it spins. Now when your 18+ months old, this never gets old. Even I have a little obsession with getting Neil to perform.

You do have to make sure you get Neil and the ball on a straight to be able to get him to put it on his nose, but this is great for coordination in little ones, and really does have them concentrating on the job at hand, Here are some Photos of Pop’s at Nannies giving Neil the seal a run for his money!

IMG_0117 IMG_0121 IMG_0119 IMG_0118

She has great fun, even the brother in law did!

Neil the Seal is aimed at 18+ months, which may be a slight bit young in my eyes, but with help and guidance all was good. Neil retails for around £14.99 which is fab for such and entertaining toy, plus its from TOMY so you know its going to last. Over-all Neil was a hit all round and a toy I would highly recommend.

Christmas With Scotch Tape

Tape, my Christmas nightmare. I cannot be the only one who has covered every table corner/edge in tape spending hours trying to cut as many pieces as possible? Can I?

Well no more, Scotch has some amazing ways to make your wrapping more painless than usual:

Firstly its the rather glam shoe dispenser


This is a great little take on the boring old tape dispenser, and it also looks great sat out on the side, for those times you just need a little bit of tape. The tape sits in the toe area and goes up to the heal where it has the cut off point. It comes with one roll of scotch tape.

Next we have the dog dispenser, this one is a personal favourite as I am all about the novelty.


This dispenser also comes with one roll of tape which comes out of the dogs mouth and has the cut off on the bowl. Now, I won’t lie. I was kind of hoping it would be the bottom. I know, crude. But still it has a lovely novelty feel and the kids really love it. Pops is forever drawing on and putting up the photos with tape so this is perfect for her.

Now we have the extremely useful hand dispensers which made our wrapping so easy!


Hubby and I had one each so we were well equipt. They come with a refill pack to get you started which lasts much longer than you think. The instructions are clearly printed on the back (not that Hubby bothered to read them)


You simply slide the front panel down on the front on the hand dispenser gently lift the green flap, push the longer end of the tape in all the way and push the front back into place. Then you can pull to release the first bit of tape and away you go!


This dispenser was so easy to use. You just wrap as normal with free hands then pull on the bit sticking out then stick! Amazing and no faffing. It really did make the whole wrapping fiasco so much easier to bear. I cannot recommend these little beauties enough. The refills are also great and come three a pack. We have tonnes to wrap and still have not used a whole pack of refills.


Scotch have some fab products designed to look good and make wrapping quicker and easier, never again will we use the ‘old fashioned tape’ again!