Its GooseBumps Time!



I can still hear the theme tune now. In-fact…

Yeh, you know the one. Oh the memories that come back every time I hear that little tune.  Of course it started with the books, the extremely terrifying books.

My personal fav
My personal fav

The lovely people at Oxford Open Learning have complied a list of some of the great ‘fads’ from back in the day. You should check it out, there are hours of memories right there! 

Goosebumps was such a must read back in the day, which in true style, soon become a must see programme. One that was one after school. I have so many memories of myself sat watching the books come to life and those programmes were truly terrifying, so Im not surprised we don’t see them on our screens these days.

I don’t think Pops would ever sleep again after watching a goosebumps episode.

I guess we were far more open to swamp men and giant people eating blobs back in the day?

Anyway the Goosebumps books were written by the infamous RL Stine, some books were based on movies and others straight from the imagination of this amazing man. Books are still being sold today and when Pops is a little older, I think we may introduce her to some of his best work…

I think the Goosebumps books and TV series are one of the biggest crazes to stick in my mind from my childhood, not sure whether thats a good or a bad thing, but still, they are legendary in this house. And, its been rumoured even the Husband was scared by these bad boys back in the day, and that is no mean feat I can tell you.

So head over and take a look the amazing crazes from the last 50 years, they will spark some memories I can tell you. Now, where did I put my pogs?! 

Wish I was There Photo Comp – Giddy Up!

Now it may not be the place sunshine was born, or be the top of everyone’s list, but to us, it’s a place where we have made memories a plenty. I am of corse, talking about Brean.

We have had fun come rain or shine and made the most of each day we had together, to be a family and enjoy the here and now.

As Beboo is only young, it has been important to me to stay close to home. Should we have any problems or illness, we are close enough to head home and make things all better. Yet still being far enough away for a holiday.

One thing we all shared on our most recent holiday was Pops’ first fair ground ride. I am a total wimp, so kind of expected her to follow suit. But she was so confident and completely put me to shame. I couldn’t have been more proud…


Yes it was cold and rather damp, but she didn’t care. She went on every ride and this particular one more than once. I was so proud watching her go round and i have to say, it was very amusing watching her bouncing along!

Our holidays are far from exotic, but we always make the most of what we have. Often spending less means we can spend more time doing things we wouldn’t normally be able to afford. Like endless goes on the fair and the Husband spending far too much time at the amusements.

But such is, well, holidays?! 

This is my entry into the Wish I was There Photo Competition.

In The Arms Of My Mother.

This week started with my usual 28 day infusion. I went in happy, albeit cold, but happy nonetheless.

But I left reeling. I sat for hours with tears in my eyes, silent.

I left feeling like all my hard work was for nothing. I left my confidence behind, because I was so, so damn confident that I was fine. Because I had done everything that had been asked of me. 

I had been positive, living and loving every minute of life. But now I am finding it so hard to get that positivity back. To push myself to ignore it.

Later I went to my Mums. Where I ran straight into her arms and sobbed. She held me fo ages. Because being in the arms of my Mother, is all I wanted.

I spent the rest of the week escaping in London with Steph. I was away from reality, free to be someone else. But by the end it, the tears and fear had once again caught up with me. They found me. 

And I cried.

I cried down the phone to Hubby and I cried on poor Steph.

So in the end, I spent far too much of this week crying. 

I spent even more time asking myself why. Why me? Why now? Why that?

Granted I had been forgetting. Silly things like conversations, questions and often mid sentence. 

But I didn’t expect to be told I have inflamation in the part of my brain that is my memory.

I don’t want to forget. Anything. I want to see, feel, hear and remeber every one of those things, because everyone else can.

Now I have to take a million more photos, write everything down and take in that extra second of everything. As to try and remember. Try and hold on to every memory I have or will have.

Now I await to hear from my referal for more tests.

More scans.

So I will use my blog for my memories, of past and present. Then they will be there forever, I might not be able to imprint it on my mind forever, but I will leave the imprint on the internet.

Where I can find it.

I WILL Loose Weight This Year

Okay, so I wrote about my plans to win Christmas for this coming year, and this is another of my new year choices (I don’t do resolutions) Anyway so, this year I will aim to loose weight from the comfort of my own home!

From eating better and drinking less pop to pushing on with our Wii Fit U, I will make every effort to improve and loose weight, for my sanity and the whole families wellbeing.

Now with all the usual problems I face with MS, it makes the whole exercise thing a little tricky. See when I get hot, I loose my ‘good eye’ so I have to make sure I take it at my own pace and not put other people in the way of my flailing danger. Its only fair. So, I will be loosing weight with the help of my Wii fit U. It is the only entity that I am willing to subject to the challenge, mainly because I know it can take the flack. 

I can do those fun games as well as the usual exercises at my own pace and on the big TV, so I can see what I’m doing. That coupled with the sound on high, I am good to go.

It also won’t judge my power house onesie I intend to work out in. Lovely.

So, I will keep you updated on this little weight loss journey and hey, maybe you can join in?

Seriously, even famous people are working out in the comfort of their own homes, I even have a couple of videos of the lovely Andrea McLean for inspiration!

So, bottoms up and SQUEEZE as they say 😛

I Am Going To Win Christmas 2014!

I know, a bold statement if I have ever heard one, but this is my goal. I AM going to win Christmas for 2014. 

Just before the Christmas just gone, I was introduced to comping. I have even won a few things, so I have made the choice that as well as my three blogs, I am also going to try my hand at winning gifts for family and the girls, and maybe even food closer to the time.

Granted I will get a few bargains when I see them, but I am hoping that the majority will be wins.

I will admit, I am a little obsessed with saving money at the moment, and people always go on about how December is such a hard month and even though ours was not, I want it to be even easier on my wallet. Hey, maybe I will even get the chance to give gifts I couldn’t ever dream of affording?

Who knows. 

So, here goes my little quest into the unknown.

All this as well as real life, is going to be a mission. So keep the cokes coming and maybe even a little burger or two? Hell, get me Frankie and Bennys On speed dial 😛

And by that I mean salad, lots of salad…