Snowflake The White Gorilla



Anything that contains snow counts as a Christmas film for me! SO this came at the perfect time as we are Christmas bound.

Snowflake the white gorilla the about Snowflake, who funnily enough, is a white gorilla.

Snowflake is sent to live with a family before going off the live at the zoo and at her time with the family, she makes friends with the lively Wendy, who gives her the name Snowflake.

When she goes to live at the Zoo, she soon becomes the star attraction, however that does not go down very well with the other gorillas, who are not afraid to share their feelings.

Snowflake decides she has had enough of being different so decides to sneak out of the zoo with the help of her friend Aliur, to find the witch who she heard, can make her ‘normal’

Of course they have some obstacles along the way as someone is trying to capture Snowflake, who belives her white fur will bring him bad luck.

I wont give anything else away as you need to watch the film to find out.

For me personally, I love family films like this and I believe it carries a good message for the little’uns, lets face it, the perception of ‘normal’ is different for everyone and that is okay.

Pops enjoyed watching and even managed the mild peril without shrieking, however Beboo is still a little young, but she will grow into it.

Snowflake was released on 7th October 2013 and retails for around £6.


My First Time #lifeisreborn

Now, this isn’t a birth story, but more about how my life changed in an instant. It’s more about my first time becoming a Mum which I think fits perfectly with Johnson’s baby new advert coming out, remembering when life is reborn, when just one minute can change your life forever.

My #lifeisreborn moment would have to be the first time. Mainly because it was the first time I had held a baby, let alone feed and change her nappy. I was clueless and still in shock from the whole birth part, but still some memories will be with me forever, those are the first few memories when my life changed.

When Pop’s was born, she looked like a porcelain doll, just was just perfect, and I had made her, I made that perfect face:



The birth was a right of passage in itself, but that is a story for another day. The first few moments of her life we were able to get our very first family photo, one I will always remember. Mainly because I look scary.



No wait, that’s not even the worst one…

me 1st


The fact I even had my own pillow makes this photo even more odd! Anyway hours after birth Hubby was still with me. I was unable to move for a while so he took charge. I was safe with the knowledge he was there to hold my hand and show me the ropes. It was so nice watching their bond grow, I watched him become a Dad right in front of me.

hospital together


But, time still rolls on and eventually it was time for him to leave. So I was left with Pops, never having even held a baby, I was left to my own devices on the ward. They were trusting me with this little life. A life that came with no instructions or how to guide, it just was.

Pops had a low temp so I was asked to hold her close for a while. So I did. About 6 hours later the midwife came round and found it highly amusing I was still sat in the same position, frightened to put her down in case she was too cold. I decided to try my hand at feeding, however Pops got the hiccups. So, like any clueless new mother I felt the need to ring my buzzer, not really sure what I thought was happening?!

Anyway, after the horrifically scary hiccups went away, I was barely able to keep my eyes open. It was sleepy time.

liv 1


Oddly enough, I went to sleep and woke up before she did and suddenly knew how to be a Mum. I laid everything out for her, new clothes, nappy, everything. I was sat waiting for her to wake up and when she finally did, I changed her, clean clothes a bottle and some much needed cuddles. Suddenly the whole Mum feeling washed over me, I was no longer scared pick her up, I was her Mum and she was my responsibility.

In a split second we went from being a couple to becoming a family and overnight I slowly became a ‘real’ Mum and all our lives had changed forever 🙂

me and liv


Head over and watch the Johnsons Baby #lifeisreborn advert. What was your life changing moment?