Lego Fire Inferno!

So this is our entry into the Lego competition from Carcraft. We had a set of Lego to create the ultimate action scene, so thats just what we did, i’ll let the pictures tell the story…

lego one fire lego 2 lego 3 lego  4


Well I think you will agree, that was quite the evening for the lovely lady Lego. Thank goodness the firemen were on hand to help out. The Lego city fire engine set we had to put this together was fab, looked so real and even Pops enjoyed nagging Daddy all the way through building it.

This is a competition entry.

Every Vote Counts!

I am not going to beg, I swear. But I would, like really love a few votes for the MAD blog awards. You can click on the lovely badge over there in my sidebar <<<< Only if you want too though…

You could even click on the badge below…

I am not one for awards. I usually just quietly sit there and cheer on everyone else from the sidelines. I am not amazing, I may not even be that interesting, but I do love what I do and I work hard to keep my blog alive.

I have tried to write as openly and honestly as I can without making you throw up a little. I want to bring to light just what it feels like to have a degenerative chronic illness like MS. And although you can’t feel it, like in real terms, you can have a glimpse of what its like for us,even just for a second. 

Personally, more recently especially it has been so hard for me to even write up a sentence. With the MS drumming on as usual, it got on top of me. The realisation of the rest of my life, and what it has in store for me, hit. It hit me hard. 

But now I am coming through the other side and this would just be a fantastic thing to have to look forward to, a goal. I like goals, it gives you something to focus on. Whats life without a teeny bit of focus, right?

Can’t hurt to add a touch of cute/guilt into this, right?! 😛


 Now if you can ignore that face and her amazing ability to write that sign, your dead inside. 

Good luck everyone 🙂

TalkTalk Homesafe Review

Some readers may know, but we are working with TalkTalk this year. Trying out all they have to offer and this time we have been looking at TalkTalks Homesafe, their very own all round internet security.


Now with the girls growing up and devices being so readily available and easy to use, internet safety is important to us. Especially they amount of time the kids are online playing games etc.

Homesafe is great, its built in so it protects all the devices that use the internet in the home. So even whilst surfing a my mobile, I am still safe. Its free for all TalkTalk customers, so no expensive licensing fees or renewal. With it being built in it also means there’s no complicated programmes to set up, it just takes a couple of clicks on your online account and away you go.

The dashboard is really user friendly, with simple easy to understand options and many thing like virus notifications, homework time and kids safe having simple yes or no options. Meaning its easy to turn off and on when the kids aren’t around.

Always handy.

From spyware protection to email do’s and don’ts, this simple built in programme can protect the entire home via just one quick click online.

The Hubby recently obsessed about having protection for his phone, being a big gamer he downloads many roms to play and was often worried about what could happen to his beloved phone. Needless to say, he got some antivirus for his phone, one that took up loads of memory and slowed the thing right down. But now thats not an issue with HomeSafe, because its built in, it means it can protect anything that logs onto the wireless.

I know with the girls getting older so quickly, the other features like homework time and kids safe will come in handy, ha, I am one step ahead for a change!


Tommee Tippee Has A New Soother!



As a Mum, I think choosing a ‘brand’ when it comes to soothers, bottles and everything else is one of the hardest choices. Personally, I made the choice to go with tommee tippee for both the girls. The brand has been around since I was tiny and they work tirelessly to come up with fantastic products to make our lives easier.

Anyway last week tommee tippee had a silent launch of their new soothers range. The range was created to make shopping for soothers quick and hassle free. Did you know 1 in 3 mums buy soothers on impulse whilst out shopping?!

I blame the lack of sleep personally 😛

Tommee tippee has taken away those silly impulse buys, they understand that when it comes to soothers, its trail and error. This is why the new range comes in four different types; fun, anytime, nighttime and air. Perfect.


The new large long flat teat is very much like the bottles and its super easy for young babies to hold in their mouths, making the acceptance of said soother, much easier.

The range starts at birth and goes all the way up to 18 months. Or if you are my children, until you decide.

With some gorgeous designs and selling at a fab £4.79 for a twin pack, I can see these being a huge hit with the littlees!


Would I Let My 16 Year Old Marry A 21 Year Old?

So I read an article at the weekend in the daily fail, as you do. It was about a 16 year old who had met and fallen for a 21 year old man whilst on holiday in Turkey with her family. She is now heading back to Turkey to marry said man, and obviously the trolls are out in force.

The headline was: So, would you let YOUR 16-year-old marry the barman she met on holiday? These parents did… and it’s tearing their family apart’

So naturally, loads of parents were saying how awful it is and how they would never let their daughter anywhere near the bloke in the first place, let alone marry him. Fair enough.

This would be great if teenage girls actually did as they were told. But lets face it, some just don’t. I was once 16, I did good things and I also did things I was told not to do, I think its just something young girls need to do.

I think when you ask someone of that age, boy or girl, not to do something, they then go above and beyond to try and do that very thing.

So for me, I think in this case, I would stand by my daughter. I would support her choices, however stupid. Because the more parents push them one way, the more they lean towards another.

Especially with matters of the heart.

So the more you dig your heels in, the further they run. And I for one wouldn’t want to see my child running away and getting married without me being their to catch her when she inevitably falls. Because chances are, she will.

That way I can still be there for her when she needs me. Instead of having chased her away with my views and opinions.

Granted being married at 16 is not what I want for either of my children, especially to such an older man. It is a young age to be married and they do still have their whole lives ahead of them.

But you do only live once. And marriage CAN be undone. Divorced by 17 may not be the best thing in the world, but there are far worse things to have to your name. 

Sometimes all we can do is watch them make mistakes, supporting a choice like this may not be ideal, but it will keep them close.

Parenting is not cut and dry. Mainly because children are not either.

So I ask you, what would you do?