Badge IT!


Pops loves anything she can make stuff with. So the Badge is has been a hit in this house.

You can literally choose any image, whether it be a photo, drawing, phrase or even a random scribble. Simply place it in the appropriate place on the machine, place the backing in the right right place, do some ‘big pressing’ as Pops call it and hey presto! Out comes the badge.

We have had a few incidents where the badge didnt quite come out as we had planned, but I think there is a knack it to. Something with Daddy naturally has. Obviously!

The machine comes with everything you need to get started, badges and even a few images, great for practising. but you can purchase refills for around 拢8.

The machine itself retails for around 拢19.99 and is for ages 6 and up. Pops is 5 and she very nearly has it down!

A great crafty toy, which I think Daddy may love more than the girls. Who doesn’t love a badge 馃檪

The In The Night Garden Story Case

In The Night Garden have become huge in our house. Boo LOVES it. I mean LOVES it. For Christmas we got her everything we could find from the range, so when they arrived one day, I knew I would have one very happy toddler.

I am a little skeptical about toys like this, in the sense of ‘are they worth it’ So I was pleased we were able to put it through its paces.

On opening the story case, the first thing I noticed was the fact there was loads to do. And like any other Mum, I decided it made perfect sense if I took charge and played with it for an hour a few minutes.

I had do much fun. Each page and setting offers a new activity. From telling the story to using the coloured buttons to answer the questions about each story page. Both Boo and I were engrossed. At the side there are four different settings. Choosing from igglepiggle, upsy daisy and the tombliboos and makka pakka. Then each scene or page has something different to do, whether it be listen to the story or count how many flowers there are.

Boo was well away, after stealing it off me of course.


The sounds, the colourful pictures and familiar noises all make for a great toy for any In the night garden fan. Also being a case means it can be easily carried on trips out and about, so we never have bored children in the car.聽

Overall I was so impressed with the story case. It retails for around 拢18.99 but it really is worth every penny. Its even helped Boo with her colours, which is fabulous.

Its one of those toys I will definitely recommend to others.

Meet Joyce, A True Inspiration #LastingChange

This is my digital postcard from the amazing ladies from Team Honk.聽Team Honk is about bloggers raising money and awareness for Comic Relief. To celebrate International Women’s Day #iwd2014, Tanya, Annie and Penny are in Tanzania finding out how donations to Sport Relief last year have created female entrepreneurs and #lastingchange for women, their families and communities and beyond聽– rippling聽out #lastingchange in Africa.

Meet Joyce,


Through mentoring and training the Gatsby Trust have helped Joyce expand her poultry business from just a few chicks to now having 300. 聽She has also now built an extension to house another 400 which should be arriving next week.聽聽 The training that Joyce has received has enabled her to make her own feed, thereby saving her money, and also to ensure the feed is healthy.聽聽 It has also taught her to recognise signs of disease in her chicks to such an extend that she now has a completely healthy clutch.聽聽 Other poultry keepers in her area now phone her for advice and training.聽聽 The network of women is now in a much more powerful position to broker deals to sell to supermarkets as they can promise supply, which Joyce couldn’t do on her own.聽聽 Joyce is supporting her family and is able to pay for her son to attend a boarding school.

The work the amazing people at Comic Relief and The Gatsby Trust do is really amazing, it provides lasting change for people all over the world, and heres how you can help…

5 MINS 聽Please RT, share and support any updates you see with the #lastingchange hashtag.

DONATE You can help create #lastingchange by聽sponsoring #teamhonkrelay聽for Sport Relief

GET INVOLVED Join up for your local Sport Relief event聽here.

Thanks for helping to create #lastingchange

Feeling Bare

For the first time in around 7 months I am feeling bare. Blank, achey and full of the symptoms I worked so hard to get rid of.

A relapse.

A word you associate with alcoholics or drugs users, but one that is used to widely in the medical world.


1.聽To fall or slide back into a former state.
2.聽To regress after partial recovery from illness.
3.聽To slip back into bad ways; backslide.
A falling back into a former state, especially after apparent improvement.

The perfect term to describe the pain.聽

Today I visited my neurologist, I needed his okay for steroids to speed up the recovery cycle for this relapse. My Neuro is one of the nicest medical professionals I know, bar my MS nurse and Hannah from the hospital. He always knows what to say and completely understands this illness. He knows my request for “sleep” means “please medicate me so I can sleep”聽

A harsh reality of MS is that we cannot be cured, but we can have access to some amazing substances to help us manage. I don’t believe humming a lot and eating organically will ‘cure’ me or anyone with MS. I believe in managing my symptoms and taking the necessary drugs to ease the pain, the lack of sleep and relentless depression.

People often forget, its going on below the surface. You might think you are ‘cured’ but in reality, an MRI scan could reveal an entirely different story.

Anyhow, Monday sees the IV team coming to the house so I can have my three day IV steroids.

Monday I treat my first relapse in 7 months. I am gutted it happened as I was doing so well. But at the same time, I know Tysabri only stops the frequency of the attacks. It doesn’t stop them all together.

So I did well to get this far. Right?


A Little Love From Debenhams

Sharing the love is a must in the blogging community, there are so many different people sat behind computer screens that you suddenly open up to, start sharing your life story with and then eventually they become something more. They become friends. Friends you turn to in your hour of need, to rant to or to just have a giggle with on the days when聽a giggle is needed.聽

Well for me, I was stunned when I received something in the mail the other day. It was a stunning Guess聽bracelet from Debenhams聽sent to me by the stunning聽Ruth from Rock ‘n’ Roller Baby. Turns out this amazing lady had picked me and the beautiful Emily from聽Family Four Fun聽to receive a bracelet, from Debenhams up to price of 拢60.

How amazing is that? To have someone think of me, to cheer me up when she knows I have needed it recently. See these people are not just faces behind a screen. They are real people, people I have met and had a giggle with. They are friends.

So, I would like to say a MASSIVE Thank you to Ruth,聽you and your sparkle never fail to make me smile!聽

So, now its my turn to pay it forward, to share the love within the community. After thinking long and hard I chose two people I hold very dear. Firstly Stephanie Mamo from聽Miss Mamos World. She is my best friend and my rock and she deserves a treat. Also the wonderful Erika from聽Eclectic Enchantments.聽She recently made me a stunning new wedding ring and in turn has opened her own business. She has a huge heart and is always there to listen.

So there you have it girls. I hope you love what I picked out 馃檪