Our April With NetFlix!

We are lucky enough to be a part of the Netflix stream team, so every month I will be bringing you some of our favourite titles for the month. From family nights into scary evenings on the couch, if its on Netflix, you can be sure to find it  here 🙂


So with the Easter holiday this month we had two small children to keep entertained. Netflix was the perfect way to have something different to watch. Not sure I would be alive had it just been CBeebies! So this month the girls have enjoyed Tangles, Peter pan, Winnie the poo and Carebears! Perfect!

















Both of the girls had a fabulous time movie wise, we had popcorn and duvet days a plenty! There really is so much on offer to children of all ages on Netflix at the moment, perfect for keeping them entertained on a rainy day!

I have had a rough month this month, So I have taken to the bed on more than one occasion. Usually I would watch several DVDs on repeat, however now I have NetFlix which has kept me entertained for hours. One film that was particularly good this month was The Big Wedding, I was a little dubious to start with but it was full of everything a true rom com needs, a real must see!


I also dared myself a little and watched a few scaires alone, Solstice, The Lazarus effect and Dark Skies! All amazing films which were just enough scary for little old me. I may have also watched the entire seasons of Modern Family. My new favourite TV series and a real must watch in my eyes. Cannot wait for more seasons to be added.

So that was our Easter with Netflix, roll on May for late nights and help with the early mornings!

Remember you can sign up to Netflix at any time by following this link. For as little as £5.99 a month.

Our Tamagotchi Easter Party!

So this year, we have been lucky enough to host our own Tamagotchi party. Complete with sweets, chocolate eggs and more crafts than you could shake a stick at. We ended up holding the party on Easter Sunday. It seemed pretty perfect and as Pop’s had a tummy bug the previous week, it was the perfect Easter treat.

I remember tamagotchis from way back when and the magic is still there. Both adults and children were immediately taken and engrossed in raising their own little digital friend. Even Boo!

After some straw picking and games, the Tamagotchis were soon with their new owners and the fun began…

tamagotchi 1


The new Tamagotchis are fab. As well as being like they used to be they also have these great new features. Like the characters themselves there are so many different characters you can grow, they can now even send texts or ‘bumps’ and gifts to other Tamagotchi friends. Perfect for a room full of tech mad children. Even Hubby was engrossed with getting everyone set up and running. With five games to play and all the feeding, I can safely say everyone loves their new friend!

One thing I remember was worrying about my Tamagotchi dying, these days they tend to run away if you don’t look after them, I think it still has the same affect and all the children were forever checking that their new friend had everything it needed. It took me an age to get their attention again. Thank goodness their Tamagotchis went to sleep so we could get to playing games and colouring…

tamagotchi 2

Everyone had a great day. Even the adults coloured in a picture or two!

The new Tamagotchi Friends retail at around £20, I was a little unsure on the price, but they really do so much more than they used too, so its well worth it. There is so much to do and s many different characters it would be pretty hard to get bored. The kids also loved all the Tamagotchi notepads etc, even little Boo recognises her ‘gotchi’ friends and I can already see a house full of tamagotchi soft toys and sweets!

colouring picture

We hope you all had a fantastic Easter!!!

The Yvolution Scooter

We had the Y-Fliker Air-1 scooter to play with, for age 5 upwards. This scooter is a great way to get the kids outside in the good weather and away from the TV, it’s fun for all the family and kept us outside for most of the afternoon.



Ours was a pink and black one, this is a 3 wheeled scooter. To make it move all you have to do is move your hips and legs from side to side. Once you have got the hang of it, away you go. It is great exercise too, bonus.

The scooter is very sturdy and lightweight and folds down quickly for easy storage

For the more experienced rider this is a free-style scooter so you are able to perform smooth carving and drifting actions. The hand break is very good and works well at stopping the scooter. The hand grips are also very comfy and give you good grip.

This scooter does retail at £69.99 but it is well worth it great fun and very well made

As you can see it was very good for all ages in our household!!!


Dear Mr Cameron.

Dear Mr Cameron,

It’s been a long time coming, this letter to you.

The voting slips came in the post and I didn’t really know what to do.

Which box should I tick?

Do I close my eyes and just do it quick?

Or do I talk it through and deliberate for a time?

See Mr Cameron the decision is important to me,

My vote counts and I feel its about time you stand up and listen to the people who you just don’t see.

I understand there is no quick fix,

But did you have to pull the most vulnerable into this mix?

See it’s people like me Mr Cameron who are suffering the most.

Because its people like us who are least likely to boast.

A free car, a blue badge and undeserved money?

When in reality that is simply just not funny.

Mr Cameron Sir, have you ever been unable to work?

Have you sobbed so hard at something that does nothing but lurk?

Have you been told there is no cure and slowly your body will break down and fail?

That no matter how hard you try or scream or cry or shout you just can’t cope with something of such a massive scale.

Have you ever been told, Mr Cameron, that they just don’t know why?

Why you are where you are and how you can do nothing but cry.

Cry at the unknown life you and your family will face.

Cry that one day you will be a shell of who you are with your inevitable fall from grace.

Of course Mr Cameron I am talking about the changes to the benefits for the disabled.

The people who are just not physically abled,

To fill in your forms and attend the interviews to prove I am what I say I am.

Are you surprised in the lack of reapplications from the people of whom you don’t give a damn.

The people who struggle to get out of bed,

The people with that monster lurking in their head,

We already struggle to function each and every day

So why Mr Cameron do you make this the way?

Where we exhaust ourselves worrying about that money,

When our lives will forever be far from sunny.

Can’t you help us try and be all we can?

And do it from the moment this all began.

Because Mr Cameron we can’t take anymore.

We need help to survive, to get through the damn door.

So Mr Cameron If you want my vote,

Help the disabled, believe what I wrote.

Put yourself in my shoes and try and understand,

This is not at all what we all had planned.

Make the services and benefits fully accessible,

Because any more of this fight would be reprehensible.