The Big Baking Book From Ellas Kitchen

We were lucky enough to get the second cookbook from Ella’s Kitchen, The Big Baking Book, The Yellow one which retails for £14.99! There is also a book one The Red one!! Which we are off to buy next


In here are 100 of recipes that are healthy and put in that all important fruit and veg that that the kids need, but in a way that they can’t taste it and don’t even know it is there!!!! It covers anything from Scrummy snacks to family dinners, party time ideas and those difficult ones, lunch boxes.

There is lots of great help for you along the way if you’re an experienced cook or just a novice wanting to cook with your kids, there is ideas and parts of the recipes pointed out where the kids can get involved too.

The cooking guide helps you with healthier ideas, hints and tips about what and how to use fruit and veg to help with things like natural sweeteners or rainbow fruit to help kids eat more of the fruit and veg.

There are little sections in the book to tell you how you can encourage your little ones to help you cook, and what more do little ones like than a few stickers which are in the back of the book, so they can mark their favourite recipes. There are also challenges like making a fizzy volcano and making a chefs hats

I love cooking with the girls and they are always willing to get involved and this also means at the end they will try the food they have cooked, it’s a great way of getting them to try different things. My two are great fans of sausage rolls so we decided to make Ella’s Kitchens sausage and veg rolls. There were a big hit and easy to do and they could help out a lot to which always makes them feel like big girls!!

DSCF0397 DSCF0398 DSCF0400 DSCF0405 DSCF0406

It was great easy to follow lots of place for them to help me out.

Ella’s kitchen are best known for their child friendly readymade meals in the shops, they believe that our children eat with their senses and also involving the children with cooking helps them in food preparation skills and helps builds a foundation for their lifetime of healthy eating habits. They have a team of nutritionists that have selected and approved every one of the recipes.


For a while now we have been trying out some of the fabulous OXO tot range.


The non spill bottle and bowl are fantastic.

Often on a trip out with boo we need to take snacks, snacks that usually go all over the car and don’t really end up in the place they should have been.

So the bowl has a great handle, which is  easy for little hands to hold and then the lid is designed so se can get her little hands in to get the food, but the food won’t suddenly descend onto the floor, no matter how hard she shakes. And trust me. She has.

Then the twist top bottle. Not something you see much these days, but a real classic. Easy for me to open, which lets face it, with my wobbly hands is always a challenge and easy for Pops and Boo to hold. Boo was more into the twist top that Pops, which meant she would actually close it after using it, bonus.

With a twist of the lid the cup becomes completely leak free, in-fact even with the straw up it doesn’t leak. Which for two children prone to bouts of random ‘not sharing’ is perfect.

The OXO tot range is a particular favorite of mine. The products are beautiful and really well made, they can handle all the knocks and bashes of toddler life and still come out the other side, still doing the job. With a wide variety of products from baby to toddler, there really is something for everyone and you can be sure they will last several children. Even mine 😉

Being A #MorrisonsMum For The Bank Holidays

We were given the opportunity to become a #MorrsionsMums on behalf of Britmums for Morrisons supermarkets and we jumped at the chance.


We shop at Morrisons anyway and always love the products, so we were delighted to receive our vouchers and planned our shop for the Bank Holiday weekend, as we had planned a family meal and a day out with a picnic, so the vouchers were very handy.

Morrisons have fabulous  fruit and veg is it the best quality at a good price, I have tried other supermarkets and local shops but the fruit and veg doesn’t seem to last as long. Morrisons lasts for ages I can tell you.

Morrisons also make a lot of their food on site, like pizzas, sandwiches, bread and cakes, so they are always fresh and of high quality. They also make ones for you there and then if they have run out on the shelves which is always a bonus.

My local Morrisons has in the past has made me Hot Cross Buns without the fruit and doughnuts without the jam (picky kids and mother!!!)

The staff  are always willing to help and go that extra mile to help with advice and showing us the offers they have to help save that bit of extra money! They have a great meat and fish department, they cut and prepare a lot of it in store, give advice on how to prepare dishes, different things to try and what are the best cuts for certain dishes.

Morrisons offer lots of little extras too. They have dry cleaning, a pharmacy department and a customer café.

Anyway when I walked into our local Morrisons on Friday, I was very pleased to see that Morrisons had reduced a lot of their prices. They call it their “I’m your new cheaper Morrisons”. Products all over the store have been reduced and they and going to stay reduced, which was great to hear.

I love shopping at this store, we are local to a few Morrisons but Evesham is always been the easiest to get around. Clean, bright and the staff are always very friendly.

I walked around the store with my list picking up the shopping I needed looking out for those cheaper products and I realised that they were on everyday products to, things that you buy all the time, which I was very pleased about, always looking for ways to save that little bit extra. 

The morrisons shop

We were shopping for a picnic and I wanted easy things (things I didn’t have to prepare and cook!!)

We were going on our day out with some friends, so needed to cater for everyone. We got some fruit packs for the kids, Pom bears which is a big favourite in our house and they were on offer to, bonus. Even managed to pick up some mini choc brownies and muffins from the bakery which were on 2 for £3. I needed some savoury bits as I wasn’t doing sandwiches, so I found some little sausages, sausage rolls and cheesy rolls, pork pies, scotch eggs and pizza to cook and have cold. Fabulous easy to do and ready in minutes and will go great with the other good we have planned!

Just some drinks left to grab, so we got some of the own brand kids drinks, which are great and some flavoured fizzy water for the adults, also on offer! There were offers and reductions all over the place.


I had planned to do a family meal on the Sunday so I picked up all the bits I needed, I didn’t have to go anywhere else because Morrisons had everything we needed. Got to the checkout and paid for my shopping which came to £60, which to my delight meant I also got 6p off a liter of fuel as I had spent over £40. The cashier was great and really helpful packing my bags and having a general chat and also not wincing at the childrens noise levels!

Here are my bank holiday family meal recipes:

Layered salad

I use a inch glass bowl as there were 6 of us to feed but the small or bigger the bowl the more or less it will serve.

1 Iceberg lettuce

3 Spring onions

1 Green Pepper

4 Celery sticks

1 cup of frozen peas cooked and left to go cold

1 jar Mayonnaise

1 tbsp Granulated Sugar

Cheese grated.

Chop everything up and layer all this together starting with the lettuce, going down the list and ending with the cheese. Don’t forget the sugar, doesn’t taste the same without it, we know we tried! make this in the morning and cover with cling film and leave it in the fridge. Just before eating stir up and serve.

IMG_0992 IMG_0991


Sticky Ribs

To feed us I use 3 packs of ribs from Morrisons but we are big meat eater’s.

This below will serve 4

1 kg of Ribs

1 onion

1 tsp. mixed dried mixed herbs

Place all this into a saucepan cover with water and bring to the boil and simmer for 30 mins

Make the sauce

5 tablespoons of tomato ketchup

5 tablespoons apple or orange juice (I have always used orange)

3oz dark muscovado sugar

1 tablespoon English mustard

3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

½-1 teaspoon tabasco sauce

All in a jug and stir it up until combined.

This can all be made ahead (i’m a great fan of making ahead) just leave the ribs in the sauce pan in the water and put the sauce in the fridge.

Who you are ready to cook, put the ribs in a shallow oven proof dish I use my roasting tin cover with the sauce and put in oven for about 30mins gas 6

With this we have wedges, brought are ok but you can’t beat homemade.

Old or new potatoes work fine (a good way of using up the little ones!!) about 1lb is enough for 4 but again it depends, in this house who is eating!! Cut into wedges

Place in hot olive oil in a roasting pan. Put a sprinkle of garlic salt and mixed herds on for some tasty wedges. But you can also leave them plain. Cook with for the same time as the ribs

And serve.

For the salad, ribs and cakes it was around £2.75 per person. Which for all that is pretty amazing!

I made some vanilla and chocolate fairy cakes for pudding, but that ones a secret 😉