Netflix #StreamTeam June

So this month really has been me time. Mainly due to the release of season 2 orange is the new black.


Truth be told, i hadn’t watched series 1, but when I read about it I decided, why not? So I watched. And I was hooked. This is one of the funniest shows I have seen for a while. Loved all the characters, especially Chapman obviously. And just found the whole storyline so gripping.

If you have not seen it yet then firstly, why? Go and watch it, secondly its about the lovely Piper Chapman (above) who has to do time for something that happened two years ago. It follows her prison life and all the dramas she faces. It also tells the story of some of the other inmates along the way.

Its based on a true story, someone actually went through some similar stuff, which makes it more loveable. A fabulous series exclusive to Netflix!

Why not jump over here to see how to make a fabulous cocktail to go with long evenings watching Orange is the new black?!



Remember you can subscribe to Netflix too, its simple, easy and only £5.99 a month! 

Bags For Summer With Babymel

Babymel Satchel jumbo dot bag



This is a really trendy range of changing bags. It was thought up by Suzie and her 2 children as she need a bag big enough to take all the things you need for the children; bottles, nappies, wipes change of clothes along with all the things that she need keys, phone and purse and they came up with the Babymel London bags.

They also do a range of children’s lunch bags too

BabyMel do a great range of bags for everyone’s tastes and occasions. From plain and stripy to spotty flowery! The bag I had was the Satchel jumbo dot bag at £42.00 and there is free standard delivery which is always a bonus!!

It doesn’t look like a changing bag from the outside. The quality is amazing they are so well made. The whole bag is wipe clean including the inside, It comes with a changing mat which is a good size and can be folded about and doesn’t take up to much space when not being used. The bag is insulated to keep those bottles warm.

babay mel

IMG_1081 IMG_1082

There are loads of pockets to keep everything organised and easy to find. The strap on the bag is great it’s a long one so it can go over your shoulder or the strap as Velcro on each end so you can attach it you pushchair and it will not get stolen easily.


baby mel22

The bag itself is lightweight so it doesn’t feel heavy to start with, meaning you can carry around everything you need for two under six!

Overall the Babymel satchel is fantastic. The beautiful design, compartments, changing mat and the waterproof fabric make it a perfect bag for the summer, especially in those summer showers.

Summer Games From Drummond Park

We got to review 2 games for the girls, and we all love games in our house. We had Pumpaloons and Pig Goes Pop, made by Drumond Park.


Pig Goes Pop is for ages 4+ and 2-6 players and it retails at £15.99, basically as you feed the pig the burgers and pump his tummy without bursting open his chef’s coat!!!

You have different coloured burgers that have numbers on them this indicates how many times you have to pump the pigs head, you roll the dice pick up what it shows on the dice you pop the burger in the pigs mouth remembering to check the bottom of the burger to see how many times you need to pump as you pump his head his tummy swells, if his coat goes pop then you lose but if not you keep playing until he goes pop this is a great game to help the little ones learn to count and have some fun along the way.

This is very well made and robust as Boo has taken a shine to it and takes it everywhere at nanny’s!! It great fun pumping his head and wait for that tummy to go pop.


Pumpaloons is a game we have wanted for ages it’s for 2 players and for ages 4+. It comes with everything you need to race to be the first one to pump up your pumpaloons. This retails at £14.99 and as you can see they make great friends to sit on the sofa with and watch tv

There is Stripeyloon and Spottyloon, you need to insert the tube tip into the blue valve in the pump, you can use any part of your body feet or hands to pump up your pumpaloon the winner is the one that gets there first, this is great fun for parties with take it in turns to pump up the pumpaloons, thus us great fun and also a little exercise along the way. One good thing is that when then have been blown up its easy to deflate too, just pull the long thin tip off the hoes this helps keeps the valve open and then you just scrunch and squash the pumpaloon down until all the air is out.

Both the girls love the pumpaloons and they can often be found carting them around and talking to them, after all, pumpaloons need love too!

Breville Rio Collection From Tesco


We got to review the Breville Rio kettle in the most amazing green colour. Which will match the kitchen, This is a stainless steel traditional kettle, it looks like an old fashion one you put on the hob or your camping stove!!, it is well built and looks classy with a premium high gloss finish

The best thing about it, it has 3KW fast boil element which is concealed for easier cleaning and better efficiency, it’s a very quiet kettle. Even the power switch looks great it is illuminated blue. The water gauge is on the back so you can fill it easily this also helps with efficiency so there is no over filling and you can boil only what you need. With an easy pull off lid, the kettle is also on a 360o rotational base which makes it easy to use and it is not a heavy kettle, its capacity is 1.7 litres which is plenty to fill up my hot water bottle.The spout on the kettle is easy to pour with so there is no water going all over the work surfaces

Breville Rio kettle retails at £25

There is a range of different appliances in different colours that you can have to suit any kitchen from this fashionable range



Vileda is a leading supply in home cleaning products. They offer a large range from cloths and scourers to mops and booms. The company was established in 1948 and been a market leader since then and they are in over 50 different countries worldwide the vileda brand “stands for high quality, reliable, innovative and long lasting products. We pride ourselves to be your expert partner for perfect homecare. Our products are built to make your housework easier.”

We got to review 4 different cloths from vileda and my sister loves a good cloth!!

First was the Active wave non-Scratch All purpose scourer there are 2 in a pack, this scourer is great for the normal everyday washing up and doesn’t scratch Teflon or non-stick. My frying pans looked great and no scratches on them Its small east to use, its easily rinses clean after it has been used. Retails at £3.73

Second was the Style Sunsplash All purpose cloth, 2 in a pack with the added advantage that they can go in the washing machine (or be washed by hand) to be cleaned so it is longer lasting than a normal everyday cloth, it has great absorbency, durability and flexibility. This cloth can be used wet or dry on all surfaces. After using hang it to dry which it does very quickly. This is a great cloth which we use in our house always for every wiping job from the fridge to car. And a nice little touch there are little pictures of sunshine on the cloth Retails at £1.94 for 2 great bargin

Third was the Micofiber 2 in 1 Kitchen cloth. This cloth is great for removing grease and wiping surfaces, it has “scouring power zones” to remove tough dirt without scratching. This can also go in the washing machine so it can be used time and time again. The Mircofiber catches the dirt and keeps it locked it so it doesn’t spread it about. Retails at £2.47

The last one was the Microfiber dust cloth, great for all surfaces and can be washed too. We have a log fire in our house so it gets very dusty very quickly and this duster gets a lot more than the normal dusters that we use it was great and didn’t leave much behind. Was great on our glass table as it didn’t leave any smears. Must be used dry. This is defiantly the new duster on our house Retails at £2.39