Bags For Summer, Vendula London

So I have been looking at bags for the summer season. I came across the fabulous Vendula London. This is a little snippet about Vendula London which i think explains them perfectly…

“Vendula is a London-based team of fashion fanatics completely dedicated to the design and production of fabulous, affordable accessories for women. We create the designs for all our products, and also source all the materials and components, which makes our accessories completely original…”

I won’t lie. I LOVE this brand. In-fact even looking at the website right now, I have my eye on a few things, I think I may end up making a few purchases.

I mean look at this bag….

Vendula london

I know, I am in love to. Everytime i leave the house with it, someone asks me where its from. Even my best friend Erika is in love with it.

The Vendula lingerie bag.

Front back

This is the burgundy bag, however it also comes in black and lilac. All are equally as stunning. First thing I noticed when this bag arrived was just how well made it is. It just feels luxurious and like so much love went into it. It was love at first sight, I won’t lie.

Inside the bag has the same feel. The lining is beautiful and the three compartments mean everything has its place. It even has some pockets on the side for a diary, some makeup or even your phone. Meaning you spend so much less time rifling around trying to find something.

inside bag

With the two handle styles, one being the over the shoulder strap, you can really wear it how you need. Whether your just off into town or even on a night out, it will do for any occasion.

The Vendula Lingerie bag retails for around £75, a perfect price for this little bit of luxury. You can even get other accessories to match, I am thinking about getting the matching wallet. Its the right thing to do! 

Fathers Day With Aldi

Aldi have some great special buys, and this fathers day they have some great bicycle equipment. Take a look….

Bicycle Computer, £4.99

For those who love their gadgets and gizmos, this Bicycle Computer features a speedometer and trip meter, allowing you to monitor your top and average speeds. So whether you’re going to work or getting out on the open road, you can be sure you’re hitting a personal best.

bike clock

 Foldable Bike Lock, £14.99

With an easy-to-digest manual, three keys and a handy carry bag, keeping your bike safe while you’re out and about has never been easier with Aldi’s Foldable Bike Lock.


LED Cycle Light Set, £4.99

A must have for keeping you safe on the road, this Cycle Light Set has a white front and red rear LED light, and includes sturdy brackets to easily attach to your bike,


Double Cylinder Foot Pump, £5.49

Don’t let a puncture put a dampener on your day. The pedal on this pump is removable and locks easily back into place for compact and easy storage. It fits Dunlop, Presta and Schrader values, meaning you can get back on your bike in no time.


16 Function Bicycle Mini Tool, £6.99

Including Hex-Keys, Wrenches, Sockets and even a Phillips Screwdriver, this handy Bicycle Tool Kit enables you to fix any basic repairs so you can hit the road worry-free, without pricey service charges for small tweaks.

 mini tool

Adult Bike Helmet, £9.99

Whether you’re a cycling pro or just a beginner, making sure you have a good quality helmet should be top priority. Aldi’s Bike Helmet is light-weight with a polycarbonate shell and a one-handed size adjustment system.


Cycling Gloves, £3.49

Featuring a gel pad on the palm and reflective detail, Aldi’s cycling gloves are comfortable and protect your hands from the elements, leaving you free to enjoy your time in the saddle.


Men’s and Ladies’ Triathlon Suit, £14.99

Keep warm and reduce any potential muscle fatigue with this Lycra quick-dry Triathlon Suit. Featuring a small back waist pocket, mesh inserts for ventilation, reflective detail and silicone anti-slip tape, it’s great for making sure you’ll look good and perform at your best in any temperature.


Men’s and Ladies’ Premium Cycling Shirt, £14.99

With a breathable mesh insert, flatlock seams and elasticated hem, this Premium Cycling Shirt is an essential item of clothing for enhancing performance and improving comfort while out on a long cycle.

Bicycle Handlebar Basket, £9.99

With a light aluminium frame and lockable top, Aldi’s Handlebar Basket is easy to mount and can be converted into a bag with adjustable straps, making it perfect for holding everything you need for a summer day out.


Bicycle Saddle, £9.99

This high quality Bicycle Saddle is available in 3 designs and has an extra thick gel inlay to provide comfort for those long rides.


Bicycle Tool Bag, £4.99

Featuring a Ring Spanner, Self Adhesive Patches and Tyre Levers, Aldi’s Tool Bag will avoid an expensive trip to the bike repair shop and help patch up any punctures.

tool bag

Aldi’s Specialbuys Cycling ranges go in stores nationwide on 4th May and 29th June 2014, so don’t put on the breaks as once they’re gone, they’re gone!



Great Gadgets For Fathers Day

Dads love gadgets, anything to make their lives that tiny bit easier is a massive bonus, so these great gadgets are a real must have this fathers day. ipodnano

QVC have some fantastic things on offer, from the elegant and ever loved record player, to the ipods touches and the garden chairs with cup holders. They really do have something for everyone this year, at truly affordable prices.  Take this 16GB Ipod nano with bluetooth, FM radio and fitness functions. The humble Ipod has come along way over the years, they have produced something that not only play all our favourite music, but you can now track fitness and look at photos. All whilst out and about!

It comes is a variety of colours and QVC even have the touch version which includes thousands of apps, now that would keep him entertained for hours. I know my husband loves anything that plays games.

Getting music onto these beauties is so easy, simply upload your favourite CDs to itunes on the PC/laptop or even download from the itunes store, plug in your Ipod and add the music you want and there you have it! Perfect.


Who isn’t looking for the perfect razor for the perfect shave? Well my husband is forever on the look out for the next best thing. For that completely irritation free shave, I think he has finally found it with the Braun series 5. This incredible electric razor does everything you would expect, it glides easily over the skin, with its flex motiontec head it really does glide over really easily. I had a play, although apparently its not going anywhere near my legs. The twin foils and integrated cutting systems means it can get really close to the skin as well as making sure all those hairs are reached. meaning he doesn’t have to drag it over his skin multiple times, which also helps reduce the irritation.

With 7 LED indicators you know exactly how much charge it has left, although with a minute 5 minute charging time, you won’t be worrying about that anyway. The Braun series 5 is currently on offer at £99.99, which is an amazing price for such a fantastic electric shaver.

I know hubby wouldn’t be without his now and it doesn’t take any nagging at all to get him to go and have a shave. Extra bonus. karcher

Karcher. One thing men love is cleaning. Okay, one thing men love is cleaning with a powerful pressure washer. Preferably outside. This Karcher K2 Compact is perfect for all that heavy duty cleaning when you aren’t blessed with space. For ages we have wanted a pressure washer, it makes cleaning the car really easy, who doesn’t need that? However we don’t really have space for the larger pressure washers, but this one is different. Its really compact and fits nicely in the garden shed.Included with the machine is a trigger gun, 4m high pressure hose, one way lance, detergent suction facility and a dirtblaster lance which provides up to 50% greater cleaning power than a standard high pressure lance.” 

The K2 compact is also great for cleaning patios. Something I have always oddly wanted to do. It works with just a normal garden hose, meaning even my husband could use one. The Karcher K2 Compact retails for around £119 and would make a fantastic gift. For Dads and Mums!


The Vibe audio Bluetooth speaker. If men like anything its noise. Making is especially. So this Bluetooth speaker from Vibe is fantastic. We have even used it in the car to make the sat nav louder! Genius. Its so simple to to use, simply link up with your phone/device though the Bluetooth, choose some tunes of even an app and hey presto, you now have your own portable sound system.

Whether you’re looking for something to get him into the kitchen for washing up duties, or even upping the sat nav volume so you can have your tunes a little louder in the car, the Vibe audio Bluetooth speaker is perfect. It’s also super easy to charge and lasts ages!


Another great thing for Vibe is the slick grip 5 in 1 tablet case. This case is great. Made from silicone it goes on super easy. It has great, almost handles either side, so it makes holding the tablet really easy. The back is designed to stand up the tablet. Making viewing really easy. Also the case actually amplifies the sound as it surrounds the speaker so its concentrated. The slick grip also has a fabulous back to the case. It makes it easy to use it for typing on the go. Something that is not always so easily done.


Lastly is this fab new app from Co-Pilot. This app is a really get sat nav. You can often spend a fortune of getting a sat nav when in  actual fact all you need is this app! Who doesnt have a smartphone these days? Co-pilot is not only really easy to use, it is also really clear. You have the ability to zoom in and out when you need that extra bit of help. Also when on the motorway the road can often just divide and it can be hard to tell which lane you should be in. With co-pilot it comes with an arrow showing just which lane you should be in, meaning you can know the exact way to go. The app also reroutes you depending on traffic data, meaning it will take you the quickest route depending on the time of day and traffic updates.

Saying that, you don’t always have to be connected to the internet to use it. So the signal dipping is no longer a problem. Hubby loves this app, it starts from £19.99 which is a much better investment than an expensive sat nav.

Its Been A While

So I guess its been a while.

Since I really blogged for me that is.

I do still need it and enjoy it, but my life has been consumed by, well, life?

I might be hiding from emails and I could probably give you a million excuses, but thats all they would be. Excuses.

In my defense however I have started my own online magazine. Erisea. Its been a labour of love, something that started with a friendship between me and Erika. We kind of stumbled into this amazing friendship, the kind where you are scarily alike in the whipping your hair back and forth sense. Where you can hug for the first time and it feel like the millionth time.

Those friendships are hard to find.

So we built Erisea, we launched this week and I can safely say I feel like I am drowning and if I hear the word editorial once more today, I might cry. 

Nevertheless, this is just the start.

I hope to refrain from neglecting my blogs. I miss them, I miss my space to let out my feelings.

My more recently feelings are far more humorous as of late. Something I am particularly proud of.

I guess I really am more than a disease.

So, I have work to do, so I am signing out. Please bear with me. I will be back, however do come over to the magazine, would be nice to see you there 🙂