I Have MS And I Am Too Expensive

I am facing a new problem.


This house is getting harder for me to live in. We are back on the list to be moved to home more suitable for my own needs.

Yes I am already in a LHA home, but this one is presenting new obstacles for me, but please bare in mind, these are not free and we pay our rent every month.

Moving on.

I am back on the list, we have fought our way to gold plus banding, with my medical needs. Not an easy process I can assure you.

I noticed on my recent letter that I will only be allowed to bid on flats and bungalows. Something which tend to be rarer than flying pigs these days.

I called the council with my concerns.

See this house has one bathroom downstairs, so it makes going to the toilet in the night a real “mission impossible” for me. I struggle with stairs. Which leads me to my next point. Our staircase is too narrow for a stairlift, especially when you have to factor in, the normal use of the stairs for the rest of the family.

With the phone call I was met with the worst possible news ever.

That because of my Multiple Sclerosis, they would not allow me to have a home that needed adapting, because “they cannot afford to adapt a home for people with MS anymore”

I mentioned that I would try and gain the funding for this myself. With the help of my OT. They said “we still wouldn’t put you here because we don’t want our new homes changed”

Today saw another phone call.

A different lady said once again. We are not adapting our new homes. We have adapted far too many in the past.

The lady on the previous call also said to me “you have to face facts, you will get worse, and we won’t pay for that”

Now, after I have cried all the tears, which trust me these last few days I have.

Not only am I a burden on my whole family. But now I am a burden on the people who are meant to be there to help people like me. I expect this from a private rent, but never from multiple LHAs.

Please let me reiterate. These homes are not free. We pay our rent.

I am now faced with discrimination due to having a disease I DIDN’T ASK FOR.

I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to be living in my body and forcing my family to live with this disease.

But its happened. And I am living it everyday.

I live quietly through the pain, the appointments, the needles, the questions, the everything.

And now I am being told that ‘people like me’ cannot live in a normal home. because after all, I still have a normal family. A family who just want to live like everyone else.

But we can’t have a home with a toilet both upstairs and down because they won’t adapt homes for people like me anymore.

People like me?

I need help. Even more so now than ever.

So please share this post, because I am looking for answers. I want to know who told the LHA it was okay to say no to ‘people like me’ because they don’t want to change their homes anymore. They suddenly don’t have to be there the help ‘people like me’ when that was their whole intention in the first place.

To be a lifeline for ‘people like me’

But not anymore.

Because I have MS and I am too expensive.

Pepper Pigs Muddy Puddle Deluxe Playhouse


We had the opportunity to review Peppa Pigs Muddy Puddle Deluxe Playhouse, now Boo loves all things peppa so we jumped at the chance. As did she.

Its £29.99 to buy and worth every penny for ages 18 months upwards, its small so easy for little hands to play with, the playhouse looks very much like the TV programme and it comes with a Peppa, George and even Georges crocodile. It very well made even the furniture that it comes with is very durable.


This is a great playhouse for brining to life those Peppa and George adventure. There are many stories that have already been acted out with Peppas house along with Peppas car which is also from the same series of toys. It open out has Peppa and George’s bedroom, their bathroom and kitchen and the opens out into their garden, there is a nice feature of Peppa Pigs muddy foot prints throughout the house .

The whole house folds away with everything inside it for easy storage and it means that bits don’t get lost! The only thing is that you have to remove the stairs to close it.

There is a range of other Peppa Pigs items in this range from Peppas car to the Playground where Peppa and her friends get up to many adventures.

For all Peppa fans out there this is fabulous, worth every penny and looks just like Peppas house!

We Are Hosts Of The #Zelicious #Zelfs Twitter Party

On the 30th of July we will be hosting the Zelicious Zelfs twitter party from 2pm to 4pm!Zelfs MPU Blogger Button copy

Myself and a number of Pop’s friends will be coming together to take part in games galore.

Zelfs really do taker me back to my childhood, they remind me of certain toys gone by, so when the chance came to be a host at the party we jumped at the chance.

On Wednesday the 30th I will have children galore running round, party games, food a plenty and we will of course be on twitter during the party tweeting away. So remember to follow @MSmummyoftwo and UKMumsTV on twitter and join in with the hashtag #zelicious and #zelfs to see the party in full swing and take part in the games online to maybe even win yourself some fabulous prizes!

Now, I feel like I might need to style my hair in a zelicious way, you have to look the part of course!

See you on the 30th!

School Is Out For Summer, July With Netflix! #Streamteam


So school is out and that means one thing. Movies for the kids!

With rainy days indoors and the overwhelming heat, sometimes the best option is sitting inside with the fan and a good movie.

unnamed (4) unnamed (3)

The girls are at a similar stage now, so they tend to like the same movies (phew) This month they have been enjoying some bubble guppies and Dora the Explorer. Yes we know all the songs and the storylines off by heart, but we still love watching!


Netflix have a HUGE variety for the kids to watch, you would be hard pushed to find nothing to keep the little ones entertained.

However below are some crafty ideas and yummy lollies, of which I will be making. Lactofree of course!

 Get creative with our craft idea, and try out our healthy brain-boosting snack too!

Story Starter craft

Try out this neat, colourful craft that inspires the whole family to participate in the art of storytelling, keeping creativity sharp.


Strawberry-Yogurt lollies

Check out this brain-enhancing snack here

This month for me it has been about two things. Misfits, which was incredible and of course, Gossip girl. Both have kept me entertained through the world cup and beyond.

With Netflix faultless service, I have enjoyed hours of Bart Bass and Rudy. Perfect.


Remember, you can get netflix from £5.99 a month. Its well worth it.

Mario Kart 8



The long awaited Mario Kart Wii sequel is finally with us. Sadley and although fans desperate to see it, it didn’t find it’s way onto the Wii. Had it surfaced in 2010 on the wii where it still would have had a 4 year lifespan, we may have seen Mario Kart 9 by now. But has it been worth the wait and does it live up to expectation?

Clearly the Wii U has had a poor start and buyers have been skeptical. But since MK8’s release it has caused gold fever, selling out the system in stores all around the world and creating a demand for more Wii U consoles to be distributed.

What to expect:
New tracks, classic / fan favourite tracks. New power up’s and classic power up’s.
Battle mode. Multiplayer / online / worldwide racing. Character selection. Vehicle selection.

Mario Kart 8 like it’s predecessor has a blistering 32 tracks. 16 new tracks, and 16 revisited tracks from previous installations built from the ground up. Tracks are still peppered by boost strips and an equal amount of gaps and tight turns that can course you to veer off track A LOT. There are also very long corners that will be a joy to drift fanatics.
A side by side comparison of the Wii and Wii U version of Moo Moo meadows on the mushroom cup, is probably the most noticeable track that shows how much the Wii U’s striking and beautiful graphics and colours really have lept since the Wii version of the series.

Choice of characters:
The kooper clan are available as playable characters in this offering. Rather than coming face to face with them at the end of each castle, you get to go head to head and flat out on the race courses. There are also a small handful of other character’s to unlock. Disappointingly some characters from the Wii version have been sacrificed to accommodate for the new characters, whereas it would have been great to have them all.

Choice of vehicles:
In Mario Kart Wii there was a vast variety of Karts and Bikes. In Mario Kart 8 there is a equal amount to choose from only this time they are customisable. You can choose your wheel type and have a choice of glider’s which return from Mario Kart 7, taking you to the air and off the occasional ramp. Like the vehicles they have their own stats so you can apply them to your play style.

Power ups:
Your arsenal of weapons and chance to catch up when thing’s are not going well for you.

New for MK8

Fire Plant; for a limited time you can throw fireballs towards your opponents.

Boomerang; you get up to three attempts to hit your opponent which can make contact on it’s way out and way back.

Piranha plant; you know those dreaded plants that want to take a bite out of you that pop out of pipes? You hold one in your hands and it will snap at rivals and at the same time give you short bursts of speed.
You may have already heard of the zero gravity feature that has been introduced. Placed through out tracks are blue strips, on roads, walls, bridges and ceilings. Once you pass this strip it trigger’s your zero gravity system on your vehicle. It will function until you hit a second blue strip then transform back to your regular vehicle. New routes are opened up on walls, ceiling’s, bridges and parts of the road. Ocasionally scattered about you will see some blue bollards, which initially you may think are there as trap but once come into contact will spin you and give you a brief boost, which can really help you out when you need it most. The same applies to opponents in zero gravity mode when you bump into them, though he who bumps first get’s the boost.
Though the idea of racing upside down is exciting, you don’t actually notice you are doing it as the camera rotates with you. It’s a shame you don’t actually get to race upside down though the move would not appeal to all. As a spectator though it is quite fun to watch the players opponents zip along upside down.

Multiplayer: Four player local Co-op mode

Online – One Player. Play against the world, Your region, friends and rivals, Create and host a room (lobby) where friends can join you in competitive races. Tournaments. Create you own tournaments and hand out codes to invite people.

Online – Two players

MKTV: Replays of your races. Slow down or speed up and edit footage to make a great video to watch

Coming soon to Mario Kart 8 is downloadable content. First up will be a driveable Mercedes car. With any luck with future DLC there will be extra characters, tracks, vehicles and modes.

Mario Kart 8 is a fast competitive blast, that is fun alone but more so against friends or when you want to get one over on your children.
Though there are slight flaws, the game is brilliant, and once you start it’s hard to put down.
It’s a triumphant return to a series that is very loved.