Dear you, you’re a mess…

Dear 15/16 year old Chelsea.

If your reading this it will enforce just how amazing you are. We have created letter time travel, we are in-fact incredible.

I know where your sat and what your doing. On nanny eve’s pink chair, listening to Norah Jones on repeat, crying and singing. I know future you is amazing. But seriously get up, pull yourself together and dump that loser of a boyfriend. He is making you look like a total loon. It is doing you no favours, he will keep doing it, he is simply a vile creature.

You will find someone else and he will make you very happy, so stop pushing those girlys away, put on some slap and have a giggle. Being 16 is easy, trust me.

Stop eating so much fudge from the sweet shop your working at, it will make you go up 2 whole dress sizes, yes TWO!

Talk to your best friend, she does not hate you, she will fool around with your current boyfriend when your not together but he is a loser and she knows this! If you had taken my advice you would have been well shot of him anyway! 

Please know all your womanly instincts are true, yes all of them. He will however make you feel like you are the one going mad but in fact he is the mad one who enjoys messing people up. He is a good liar and he will convince your friends you are insane, but one day you will talk to them and they will see sense, just like you need to do.

You will make up with your best friend, she is young too, we all make mistakes.

You will meet Callie, try not to loose touch for those few years, she ends up being there for you alot. She will however try and push ‘him’ off a ladder, I know you will stop her. To be honest he does deserve it. 

One day you will meet Kevin, go with it if you like, but he is a massive fool, he will force you into one of the worst situations ever. You will want to turn around, you almost will, but don’t, you do get another chance and it turns out to be amazing.

When you are 20 you will have sight problems that you will ignore, you really should see someone. I know you won’t. You do however end up with MS, yes ultra sucky, no it is no fun, yes its hard, but I will do my best to make sure you are okay. I’m still working on it.

Well I will end my letter by saying, pluck your eyebrows, dump the lanky tosser, go out with your friends and GET A LIFE! Don’t waste school arguing with friends and the lanky bloke. Have fun. Life at 15/16 is one big party! Love life and find yourself.

Kind regards 25 year old you, the more shaved tattooed, badly wired up you.

P.s Don’t drink the champagne off the fat boy, it has something in it. Don’t mix you drinks, purple sick is not cool.

This is an entry into the Legal and General #youngerself competiton.

Baby Annabell, A Fab New Feature

When we were children my sister and I had a babydoll each. We had clothes, a pushchair and pram (my sister still has her doll and she is 37!!! and I have to confess I do still have my pram because it really was the best you could get). I had been looking for ages for a proper babydoll and all the ones I had seen, weren’t quite right, some even looked a little scary and then we had the chance to have a play with this Baby Annabell and I have to say I, along with the girls, were most pleased with her. She has a very sweet face and soft plastic hands and feet, her body is soft (apart from the power pack which isn’t too noticeable). She comes dressed in a pink baby grow along with some other accessories, a bottle, dummy, bib and pendant.

annabell 1

She is just like a real baby. She can suck on her dummy and makes great baby sounds, just like a real baby. When you feed her, her bottle with real water, she moves her mouth and makes drinking sounds which is a great feature, and then afterwards she burps when you pat her back. She will laugh and giggle The best thing the girls loved was that when you rocked Baby Annabell she would yawn and fall asleep, this is a new feature and something both girls took great pleasure in doing. It’s added so much more to the role play aspect of the doll. Both Boo and Pops take great joy in rocking her to sleep, add to that them both insisting on silence and its just perfect!

baby annabell 3 baby annabell 2

She does also cry but you can just stroke her cheek and she will go back to sleep.But you can just wake her back up by lifting her up. She acts like a real newborn baby. She was really easy for the girls to play with and they soon got used to what to do. Every little girl loves to play mummies and babies and this Baby Annabell was perfect for the job.

baby annabell 4

The great thing about Baby Annabell is there is a  full range of clothes and accessories available so there is always something that you can buy to add the collection. So, on birthdays and Christmas you can add to the whole magic of it all.

Baby Annabell from Zapf creations retails for around £38.50 and is for age 3 upwards and requires 4 x AA batteries which are not included. She can be turned on and off with ease.




#Netflixstreamteam September

So, summer is over and here comes the return to school, which means early morning and tired kids. So my personal evening escape is in the forms of films aplenty on Netflix. Personally I am one of those people who like to start watching Christmas films now, Netflix understands this and already has a few good classics to watch, although Snow was a new one to me, but I still loved every minute!


Pops has taken to Netflix at the moment, especially when she wants some quiet time when she gets home. She can take the Ipad upstairs and watch a film without any interruption. Thanks to Netflix I have introduced her to the magic that is the magic roundabout. Not exactly the same, but she loves the CGI series!


Below is a great idea for snacks, especially if you have picky eaters like myself!

Fruit Salad Fun

Ingredients needed
1 watermelon (you can use a pineapple, kiwi or any other fruit you like)
1 star shaped cutter

Step one:

Cut off the skin of the watermelon then divide it into slices

Step Two:

Select the cutter and cut out the star shape



Shopkins are a new favourite in our house and the girls do love all things small!! They are small plastic food characters that live in a supermarket where they live their lives and you can create great adventures. These are suitable for 3 years and up.


There is a huge range to collect from a small set of 2 shopkins and their shopping basket from £2.50 great for a pocket money spend up to a full playset at £20.00 which is what we had to review the shopkins small supermarket . All playsets have moveable and interactive parts It has all you need to set up your supermarket with all your shopkins from and shopping trolley and checkout to a slide for the shopkins to have their fun on, and exclusive figures. In addition we also had a Shopkin 12 pack to get us started these come with 2 surprise shopkins so you never know quite what you’re going to get. along with some shopping and a basket for your shopkins to fit in and be carried around

Each shopkin is designed in the shape of products that you will find in your supermarket that your children will recognize,  has its own name which are all based around which product it is. There’s cute fruits, sweets dairy and many more some of our favorites are Tommy Ketchup, Cheese Kate  and Gran Jam

There  are currently there are over 100 to collect and come with a collects guide, they of course have rare, ultra rare and limited addition, they are great for kids to collect and swop and new shopkins will be out every 3 months so there is always new shopkins to collect  

Cbeebies sweet dreams with squidge


£20.00 for ages 10m+

We had the opportunity to review the Cbeebies squidge the lovely able Cbeebies character sweet dreams toy. This was a hit as Cbeebies is on a little in our house to say the least. This is a great toy for getting the children into their bedtime routine, so they understand when bedtime starts and they also have some comfort while they are getting to sleep in their own bed.

He plays the Cbeebies bedtime hour tune by pressing his tummy, press it again and he will stop straightway, he also glows in different colours when you give him a gentle squeeze as the tune plays this will help any little clam down ready for bed. He is also very soft and huggable which will make him a great favourite bedtime toy. The tune and the lights do not last for very long which is also a great idea for the little ones that go to sleep quickly and it has an on off switch too!!!!! You can all sing along with the song as the words are printed on the back of the box so the is no excuse for nanny and grandpa not to join in!!!!

Boo has loved playing with the squidge and now gets even more excited when she sees them on the TV, she is a huge Cbeebies fan, so her “squidger” was a welcome addition to the toy box. For me, it’s a massive bonus it helps at bedtime. Now she is getting older she is becoming like her sister at bedtime, wanting the light on, with her squidge gives him a cuddle and is usually asleep by the time he turns off!

He does need 3 x AAA batteries but these are supplied with squidge when you by him

There are also other Cbeebies toys available from Chatty Bugbies to a wooded sorting puzzle