My Top Tips For Black Friday

black friday

So, another day from across the pond has made it to the UK, Black Friday and of course, Cyber Monday. All about stores dropping their prices in a bid to get us spending for the upcoming holiday season.

Do I think its worth it? Hell yes.

Companies everywhere are dropping their prices further down than ever before, so if you are looking to do some Christmas shopping, this weekend is the perfect time to do so.

So my top tips for surviving Black Friday weekend are…

Write a list. Sounds simple, but there will be so many people after the same deals as you. So write a list and stick to it where you can. Yes, you will see things you hadn’t planned to buy, it’s going to happen, but make sure you follow some sort of list and don’t get too carried away.

Read the fine print, big stores like Asda and Sainsburys have some amazing deals coming, but some products are limited to one per customer, and quite rightly so, as some of their prices are almost to good to be true.

Be prepared to go to the shops. Many will be having online sales, but the biggest reductions to be had will be in store. So dig out the hats and gloves, because it’s bitter out there.

Next is to keep an eye on sites like Hot deals, they have some early looks at the offers available and a list of stores participating. However, I have found their list of participating stores to be a little lacking as some large toy stores like The Entertainer and Smyths are not included and they are super important for us parents. Although they may end up being added. But, if you are unsure use twitter to reach out to the companies and ask!

Lastly, common courtesy is not needed on Black Friday weekend. Shops will be full of people desperate to get the best deals, they won’t kindly let you grab the last toy or pass you that cheap duvet set their standing in front of, so don’t do it for them. You will only be disappointed and get angry.

So, cards and lists at the ready, lets shop!


Why Duncan Smith Is A Massive Pillock


I woke up to the above picture in a Multiple Sclerosis group I am part of. Needless to say, Mr “Duncan Smith” you are a complete pillock.

I will start by kindly asking you to produce this cure? Because if these conditions are no longer classed as degenerative, then there must be a cure? Right?

So please, will you kindly present the thousands of suffers with these conditions, with this cure?



How come someone with no real knowledge made decisions like this? Because we cost too much? Because if that’s the case sir, surely you yourself and fellow MPs cost this country a whacking great amount.

Every day, myself and people like me with multiple sclerosis and Parkinsons wake up to face another shockingly painful day.

We take the medications we need to just be able to function and we go about our day.

And as each hideously painful minute gets more painful than the last, we carry on living. Surviving.

Because we didn’t ask to live with these DEGENERATIVE conditions.

Because that’s what they are.

They don’t get any better. The pain doesn’t get any less and the diseases spend their time taking a bigger hold over us.

Because the doctors can’t stop it. And neither can you!

We take medications which put us at greater risk of developing other conditions. Just trying to find a way to feel that little bit”better”

We face a life of scans and Neuro visits. More medications and eventually we face going into the worst and final stages of our diseases.

Where we relinquish all control over our own bodies.

Where we wait and hope someone will at least find a way to slow it down.

Because these are DEGENERATIVE conditions.

And trying to reclassify this will lead to us having fight even fucking harder to just live day to day. And all this just to save money?

Is this what this country has come to?!


Top 5 Christmas Activities In The Midlands

So Christmas is coming so fast, it’s literally upon us. So with everyone  being so busy Christmas shopping and planning the big day, I decided to put together the top 5 Christmassy days out in the midlands, to try and take the strain off.

There are so many different things to do, so many different options when it comes to activities, but I have tried to find something for everyone, big and small.

So here it goes, enjoy and please let me know if you visit any!

Firstly is the a firm favourite or ours, the Santas Grotto at Webbs garden centre Whychbold. This is something we do every year, going back to when I was tiny. It holds so many memories. Start by looking at the amazing decoration displays and Christmas goodies. Then follow the footsteps to Santas Grotto, where the elves will take you on a special adventure. Both the girls love the big display, and getting to meet the man in red himself. After that the kids can go into the workshop and choose a toy from an amazing range. We LOVE this grotto and its become a firm tradition for us. Prices start from £7 per child, which is amazing these days. You really do get so much for your money.


Next is a favourite for everyone. The Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham. With so many different stalls and something to suit all tastes, the German market is a must see. Free to walk around and find some wonderful decorations and unusual gifts. Open from the 12th of November to the 24th of December, you have plenty of time to visit.


Next is Santas Grotto at Hatton Country world near Coventry. We visit Hatton all year round, and now they have launched an Enchanted Christmas Kingdom which opens on the 29th of November, its set to be fantastic. With all the usual animals and fabulous play barn, this will be a full day of Christmas magic, play and shopping in the shopping village. This is a must for the family this Christmas.


Something a little bit different next, The Santa Express on Gloucestershire railway. This one is a favourite for locals. With an adventure up and down the line, they turn their fabulous steam train into the Santa express. Where they will travel to Meet Santa Claus and get a fabulous present. Also they serve mince pies, hot and cold drinks and biscuits and fruit.

The Santa Express is set to be truly magical, but it does book up really fast, so be quick!


Finally something with rave reviews, the Santa special Canal trip. Take your little ones on a trip to Lapland in the deep canals. Go on a truly unique journey through the deep canals, with special displays and a magical ride, the kids with be enthralled from start to finish. This is one I have yet to experience, but we are hoping to get tickets and go along. This will be something to remember forever, a truly wonderful Christmas trip.


So, there you have it, our list of fantastic Christmas activities in the midlands. So go forth and be Merry!



Why Ninny Wants To Work With Kurio

So, we are big fans of Kurio, their child safe tablets have evolved into something incredible and Ninny for one would love to put one through its paces.

Now she is getting older she has discovered Youtube. A firm favourite is Cookie swirl, who reviews and features all the new and upcoming toys. Ninny often gets engrossed in a video adventure with the lovely Cookie Swirl, so much so, she has decided she would like to make her own videos.

If anyone has the imagination for it, it’s her.

So she would love to put herself forward to review the Kurio XL tab, for ease of use and ability to take it anywhere with her, for those spur of the moment videos. Plus, as a parent I love the fact it comes with motion games, because neither of my girls ever sit still, so it suits them perfectly.

Ninny wanted to make a little video to tell you why she wants to work with Kurio…

Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Disposal System

Tommee Tippee has always been there for many people when they decide to start a family and are a trusted name within the parenting world, from baby bottles and dummies to cups and tableware. The website also gives great advice for plenty of baby dilemmas, like weaning and potty training. The products are available in shops and online so it’s easy to choose the right products for you.

We had the Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Disposal System to look at.


This is a great gadget a must for every house, the Tommee Tippee sangenic gives you anti-bacterial protection for all those germs killing 99% of germs and odours that are in the yucky nappies.

This individually seals each nappy away in seconds. All you have to do in place the nappy in the the tub and twist the dial and the nappy is wrapped.



It is easy to set up and start using straight away.  Each nappy is wrapped and twisted in a multilayer antibacterial film making those smells go away. Once this has been done the plunger pushes the nappy into the bin below.


It will hold upto 28 nappies and when it is full you cut the film with the cutter and tie and knot and then it can be emptied. As it holds up to 28 nappies there is less time going to the bin and more time playing and looking after your family.

The pack we had to review comes with the tub which is a great size and can be kept on the floor out the way or on the changing table as it is compact. It comes with 2 refills for the tub. These refils are widely available from around £10 for a set of 3 refills cassettes