Disney Magical World Nintendo 3DS


Straight off, you can see Disney Magical World is a charming watered down role playing game for children. To me it has a My Sims kindgdom feel to it making it simple and child friendly whilst providing some challenge. This title is full of iconic Disney characters that will delight children when they are able to interact with them.

You choose a Mii character for your playable character and then you start off in a town called castleton.

Pressing X will open a menu on the touchscreen. It has eight various folders, Your Save button and a tutorial button. Make sure you take the tutorial tour so you are not throwing yourself in at the deep end.

Around the town you will see some Disney characters and other Mii style characters. The Disney characters are the characters you often see in Mickey Mouse clubhouse. There is a t You can interact with all of these characters and some of them with ask to carry out ‘favours’ for them. The favours are timed and require certain items in specific areas. Be careful of what you take on as you won’t have access to some items in locked areas so some favours can not be completed.

The Disney characters will ask you different favours to the Mii townspeople.

There are also buildings and locked shops scattered around, some of the favours may involve going to these areas for items.

Keep your eyes out for sparkling objects in trees, on the ground and generally everywhere, these are items you can save until you need them.

Areas and items require stickers to unlock. There are various ways to earn your stickers including the amount of favours you have completed. After you unlock the fishing ability stickers can be earned by catching different types of fish. Buying certain clothing and showing it to the townspeople and getting comments. When you are assigned a job, how well you do and products you make available also earns stickers.

The more you progress, the more Disney characters are introduced, with the likes of Disney princesses, Winnie the pooh and friends and many more. There is a total of 60 Disney characters to unlock and meet. At different times you will receive collectable cards from your Disney friends which can be exchanged for different types of greetings from the King.

More areas and shops will unlock when you have the right amount of stickers. You will see the amount of stickers required for each unlock.

On the battlements of the castle you will find sign posts, one of them telling you times when you can interact with it to watch a firework display.

The game has plenty of playability, it keeps evolving into different game styles including quests, an RPG type mode where you go to a haunted forest to battle creatures and collect items.

With local multiplayer friends can come to your town and visit your workplace.

There will also be seasonal events for you to enjoy and take part in changing the way the inside of shops and buildings looks.

Special Augmented Reality (AR) cards can be printed out from http://disneymagicalworld.nintendo.com/#worlds. Using the Magical AR option on the menu and following the instructions. You will receive items that will automatically be added to the game. Currently there are 4 AR cards available and no doubt more will be added over time.

Other special items can also be acquired through purchase on the downloadable content option from the main menu.

The variety it has to offer makes it appealing for all types of players. It is especially great for Disney fans and gives plenty of scope to keep young people busy and less likely to be a one week wonder.

Disneys Magicalworld is out now. RRP: £27.99

In the Night Garden – Fun & Learn Projector


In the Night Garden is a big favourite in our house, so much so,  it’s part of our bedtime routine. You follow the main characters of Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy  and Makka Pakka on their adventures along with their friends which include Tombliboos, the Pontipines and the Wottingers in the very colorful magic forest. It’s a great program to designed to relax and calm the children before bed.  Each character has its own little story and has some fab quirkiness.

At the end of the programme one of the charters  will have a bedtime story, which is created by the magical gazebo that sits  in the center of the garden the story is about what happened in the episode. The bit we all love is sometimes the characters dance under the gazebo and we all join in. Then one at a time they go to bed. with Igglepiggle going off on his little sailing boat.

There are all sorts of In The Night Garden products available from KD.



We have been looking at the In the Night Garden Fun and Learn projector which is suitable for ages 2+ and requires 3 aaa batteries which are included. This is a great learning toy, as you turn the light it will play a different tune from the program for the charter that is projected from the torch. There are two games, one to help learn colours, numbers and shapes and the other, discovery in a little quiz. Something I always get a little too involved with.

Boo loved the projector, unlike her sister, she is a huge fan of the dark. So had a lot of fun lighting her room up with her favourite characters. One of the things I did like about the projector was how calming it was, at the same time as being super colourful and engaging, it had a calming feel to it. With a twinkly tune to lull Boo to sleep!

Not something I think she expected.

The torch will turn itself off if not played with, so great for taking to bed for the little ones. Even good for those that are not such fans of the dark. Like all toys from KD, they are built to last, which is always a massive plus.



Malibu Barbie Dream House

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When we were little we always wanted a Malibu Barbie Dream house, so when the time came, it really was a “dream come true”.  When it arrived in it’s big box, uncle Marcus set to work putting it together. all the parts we very well made and it felt very sturdy, the instructions were very easy to follow and we soon had the dream house coming together very quickly.  The girls were able to help decide where the furniture should go and put the stickers on too.

10337700_10205266667525885_8518657401161760905_n 10424297_10205266665445833_8071791577173602383_n

This two-story house has all the features that your little girl will recognize, from the Barbie Life Dream House web series. The house has 6 rooms including the bathroom, living room and kitchen it comes with some great furniture like the very glamorous outside table and chairs for Barbie to enjoy sitting outdoors with her friends. Also,  included with the dream house is some great accessories, like a table setting, water bottles and a pizza! The house comes a unique plug n play feature so the pieces will stay in place and not get lost, great idea in our house. There is a great chandelier to make the beach house that little bit more special for

The house comes a unique plug n play feature so the pieces will stay in place and not get lost, great idea in our house. There is a great chandelier to make the beach house that little bit more special for Barbie. The house has working doors too. The Malibu house has lovely details all around to make the ideas flow for creating their favorite Barbie stories.


The upstairs, via the grand spiral staircase is an aquarium column, this is a great feature to the house. Also, there is a bedroom with a lovely bed which folders away to become Barbie’s very own wardrobe to keep all her clothes safe and also a shower.  Another great feature is in barbies family room she can actually sit and watch a real tv, this is where you can place a smart phone and then becomes babies very own tv.

Lots of accessories for the whole of the house. The Malibu Barbie Dream House the folders away with all the accessories and furniture inside to keep everything safe and to make for easy storage too. Suitable for age 3+ and retails from £55

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Barbie Flippin Pup Pool Party

We are big Barbie fans in our house and even bigger fans of all things small, so when we were given the chance to have a play with the Barbie Flippin Pup Pool party, we were all very excited.


The lovely pink pool, which can be filled with water, comes with the Barbie Doll Chelsea and her three puppies, a great slide to attach to the pool and a diving board. There are lovely little touches all the over the pool and the slide with bows and hearts to give it that special  look. It’s all very easy to put together and holds together very well even when the water in the pink pool.


Chelsea comes with her costume, rubber ring and her dolphin toy which are both permanently attracted to Chelsea, this is a great feature, when you squeeze Chelsea’s inner tube the dolphin when sprays water out its month, water fights all round as two of the dogs that come with the Flippin Pup Pool also have water spray back feature so that they can get their own back on Chelsea when she starts the water fight.

Taffy the dog has a special skill, he does actual flips so when you put her at the top of the slide and let her go she will go down the slide and “flip” into the pool filled with water. All the dogs can jump off the diving board in the pool when you push the lever as well as using the slide. There is are dog bone-shaped water raft for the pups to take a rest in while the other pups are having fun.

fffp3 fppp2

This is a great toy for in or out of the bath and a great addition to any little girls Barbie collection it for ages 3 and over retails from  £16.71

October/November #netflixstreamteam

SO, its been a busy few weeks. With Christmas on the horizon and Halloween just gone, it probably wasn’t the best time to rebrand everything.

Anyhow, October with Netflix was brilliant. All the Halloween classics for the kids and super scaries for us oldies. From Hocus Pocus, which is a firm favourite of mine, to amazing series like American horror story, which I am always cowering behind a cushion whilst watching. Especially when we were sat in the dark after all our sweets had gone on Halloween night!

ameircan horror

Netflix have some great conversation starters for those cold winter mornings in the playground:

1.    Heard of a Jian Bing? It’s half way between a crepe and burrito! The soya milk pancake can be sprinkled with sweet or savoury. Try these for your Netflix night in, inspired by Walter’s pancakes from Breaking Bad.

2.    Tried Bokwa? It’s a new dance class craze based on drawing the alphabet with your feet, whilst burning calories! If it’s been a long day you could put onFootloose and freestyle (or relax and watch on the sofa).

3.  Board games are back! A recent survey by Britain’s biggest toy retailer revealed despite kids loving digital gadgets, games such as Monopoly will be big this Christmas. Get the kids playing early to polish their game playing skills and come out on top before Christmas hits or if your board game is buried in the attic you could always watch Robin William’s fight to save a toy factory in Toys

Now its November, long nights and dark mornings, but the selection on Netflix just keeps getting better.

With the Christmas season approaching, we are trying to find more ways of saving money, so staying in is the only option, but with Netflix we have plenty of films for the kids, whether its good old monsters inc or a good Christmas film. They have got it sorted.

monsters incsanta 1santa 2

So, get the duvets on the sofa and sign up to Netflix at only £5.99 a month, just in time for the festive season.