The benefits of raising kids in the country

mum and kids

One of the biggest parental decisions you’ll make and one that will continue to have consequences for years to come is where you will raise your children. Many of us dream of settling in the suburbs, others value the liveliness and life skills offered by the city – and there are those who crave to provide an upbringing that focuses on the freedom and simplicity of the countryside. Choosing to set up camp in a rural community has so many benefits for parents and children. Here are a handful of reasons why you might want to listen to the call of the country.

Getting in touch with nature

There’s no easier way to ensure you bring up your child to be aware, conscious and loving of nature and the world around them than to allow them to be truly in touch with it. We all know our planet is in somewhat of a crisis, so the importance of valuing what it has to offer has never been more crucial. A childhood surrounded by fresh air, natural woodland and creatures in their own habitats is not only exciting and healthy, it could make a difference to how future generations tackle the big problems facing them. The simple ability to hear, see and touch the beautiful nature around them will encourage a desire to look after it.

Space to roam

Children are naturally energetic and playful beings. A town house with a garden and concrete streets are just no match for the openness and freedom of the countryside. Any child will cherish the opportunity to run around, exert their energy and express themselves in the unique environment that rural surroundings bring – something they’ll probably be very grateful to have experienced once they grow up.

Release their imagination

For centuries children have been able to entertain themselves without the aid of computers, complex toy sets or TV shows. Of course a child’s imagination is vivid and can be stimulated and developed wherever they are – that’s the joy of childhood – but there’s something about the quiet and organic nature of country living that can really nurture a child’s mind.

Reduce their stress levels

One survey found that growing up in close proximity to nature can lead to lower stress levels compared to children who don’t have access to “nearby nature.” As individuals who will inevitably grow up and enter a high-speed and high-pressure adult lifestyles almost unavoidable in this day and age, providing them with the best chance of a peaceful and relaxed childhood seems all the more imperative.

Lessen the bombardment of marketing and promotions

Towns and cities are chock full of in-your-face advertising. Moving away from this environment will not remove this by any means, as television and the Internet are likely to still be a part of your home life, but lessening the barrage is possible in the country. Children are susceptible to the power of advertisements, but it’s refreshing to put some distance between them and a culture of constant need and want.

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Trunki ToddlePak

Trunki are best known for their ride on suitcases for children. With their many uses, from keeping their toys into resting tired little feet and I have to say that they are a great idea.

But trunki also have other products to help us and our children’s lives go that little bit easier, always with a little bit of fun thrown in.

For example they do  backpacks, pillows, car seats and reins.

Trunki have created some wonderful products which not only useful to busy parents but also playful for the little ones, making the perfect companion wherever you are.

The reins are what we have had to try out from the lovely people at Trunki.

The animals are a great point for us as Boo isn’t too keen on reins but having the little duck on the front made it easier to put on her as she was distracted by the ducky and the bright colours. There are lots of different animals available to suit every child’s tastes.


The toddlepak itself is great. It is super comfy for Boo as well as being robust and strong, so you both feel safe. Something which is important to me as I already struggle with my sight. So knowing Boo is clipped in and I can guide with ease is great.

boo 3


They are fabulous  no fuss reins which are easy to put on over the head and they tighten up at the front using Velcro so there is no more difficult adjusting of the straps when they have thicker clothes on, meaning far less faffing around.

It has 2 different straps which do not have to be removed so they won’t get lost, one for the first steps and helping them steer and the second one just when you need to keep them close. The reins have reflective detail to so will help little ones to be seen in the darker days. The buckle on the back is easy to undo and do up.

Overall the ToddlePak reins are great. Easy to fit, they grow with your child and will see many the adventures. Boo approves and she is not easily pleased!

boo 1

The ToddlePak rains retail from £17.99 they are from ages 6 months to 48 months .