Doc McStuffins Eye Doctor Bag Set


Boo loves Doc McStuffins. The days we must spend watching her fix her toys this winter could amount to many. To be honest, she is pretty amazing. I like to liken her to nurse nancy with more up to date equipment. She was my favourite back in the day.

This set comes with everything you need to keep your toys eyes look good. With a changeable set of lenses, endoscope, pippet, working head torch, eye chart, eye patch and a stunning bag to keep it all in, kids will feel just like Doc herself.

The set itself is covered in an old favourite, glitter. But unlike cheap toys, the glitter actually stays put. A massive plus for me.

We decided to shoot a little unboxing video, so we can show you just how fabulous this set is. It is our first, so please be gentle.

New Nintendo 3DS Review

New Nintendo 3DS


Speculation and rumors were rife when Nintendo were supposedly to  announce a new console at E3 2014. However the big reveal turned out  to be little more than a new 3DS system, but with some neat  improvements.

The improvements are:

Added buttonsds

Return to the Iconic Super Nintendo controller button colors.


Taking the best features of the 3DS and 2DS, some buttons have been relocated for easier use, these include: The Power button relocated to the front bezzle of the system. The Volume slider is now on the left side on the top screen similar to the 3DS slider. The Stylus relocated to the front bezzle next to the power button and also has a firmer grip in it’s housing. The Cartridge slot is also relocated to the front bezzle neatly with less chance of accidental ejecting a cartridge while playing.

C-Stick added
Mainly, the C-Stick will free up buttons for camera angels.
Below is a list of current compatible games for use with C-Stick:

Resident Evil Revelations

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D

Super Smash Bros 3DS The C-Stick main use here is special attacks for Game characters.

Other potential Compatible games on the new 3DS for the added buttons as they are essentially a Circle Pad Pro, should include:

Monster Hunter 3 G

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy (Japanese only)

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Resistance

Dynasty Warriors VS

Nano Assault EX

One Piece Unlimited World RED

Samurai Warriors Chronicles 2nd

Steel Diver: Sub Wars

amiiboThe New 3DS has a Built-in NFC for Amiibo. This is behind the touchscreen and you simply place an Amiibo character on the touch screen to activate.

Stabilized face tracking will give more stable viewing as you are moving the console around and getting the most out of it’s built in gyroscope. The face tracking technology will follow your gaze and adjust itself as you and the system move. This will be perfect in titles such as Face Raiders.

zbuttonsAdded ZL and ZR buttons. If you’re adding the C-Stick you’re going to add the ZL and ZR buttons. These will come in handy for any further remakes such as the N64 games and any other game wishing to make the most of the new buttons.
No doubt games in development will utilise the C-stick providing more precise gaming and buttons to carry out more actions.

Extended battery life by a whopping 2 hours more than the previous 3DS system.

FP Changeable face-plates. These are easy to install but will require a  precision screwdriver.



fp1 There is already a fantastic  selection of changeable  face-plates available to  buy,  and official ones at that.

The only qualms I could find ¬†with the system is, the SD card ¬†often ejects ¬†itself, mainly due ¬†to the system taking a knock when ¬†children get their ¬†hands on it, (which is the point) but it’s a pain to have ¬†to take the rear ¬†cover off each time to get to it. The seating of the ZL and ¬†ZR buttons ¬†could have been raised for easier use, or set out like the circle pad pro.


And some more great news, is that the New Nintendo 3DS, still supports original NDS games.

Disney Princess Palace Pets

palace pet

Ninny is a massive Palace Pets fan. These lovable little pets belong to the Disney princesses we know and love. There are many different pets to collect, so you can really grow a beautiful collection.

Each Palace pet comes with a few lovely accessories, like a hair brush for their bushy tails, crown and dress/skirt to look beautiful with.

Kids will have hours of fun playing with their palace pets and growing their collection for years to come. Ninny already has quite a few of the characters with many more making her Birthday list. Obviously. With prices staring from around £5-£6 they make perfect little treats.

Ninny decided to do a video unboxing/review, so please watch and enjoy ūüôā


The SweetPea Pantry


We had the opportunity to review some of the rage of products from Sweetpea Pantry and as pops loves helping out in the kitchen this was really exciting.

The range was thought up by 2 mummies that loved to cook but couldn’t find a great range of baking mixes, what were health and fun recipes this is when Sweetpea Pantry was born.Its a range of baking mixes to bake at home from normal sweet biscuits to savoury pizza dough and pancake mix with buckwheat and brown rice flours, the pancakes and other products can be made dairy free too which is a great result in our house. These mixes are full of all-natural whole grains like barley and rye they are high in fibre, non GM and some of the packs are gluten free too.

They are great for all ages from the little ones that like to do there bit or the older children who want to have a go themselves. There have also come with exciting names for each product Ginger Giggles – are gingerbread people!!

Each pack comes with what you need to add, its basic store cupboard ingredients. step by step instructions that even a novice cook could cope with and find it very easy to get a great result. There is also a few hits and tips on the back on the packets about how to make them even better for you, for example decorate your ginger giggles with cranberries and currants to add that little bit more goodness to them.

Great for if your children have a play date or for a playschool to use at the everyone can get involved with mixing, stirring and cooking.

The baking mixes start at £5.95 there is great range on the sweet pea pantry website and they have baking sets which make great presents for someone your not quite sure what to buy, and lots of useful baking equipment from cutters to baking sheets