Little Live Pet Owls

We had the opportunity to look at the new Little Live Pets. These are a range of interactive toys for children from ages 5 and upwards. There are 3 different bird families to collect The Night star family, Graceling family and Heartwing family and then there is also 2 butterfly families to collect. They are all brightly coloured and also available for boys as well as girls. A great gift with a little twist, ranging from around £9.44 for a single bird and from £17.99 for the families.

We had the mother and baby owl to review and this was a great hit, its a pet without the hassle of looking after it all the time!!!! You can help mummy owl feed and care for her baby. Baby owl loves to be held in your hand and stroked and will make happy sounds back. Mummy owl will record your voice, which was a great hit in our house and the girls love hearing the mummy owl talk back to you. They are covered in a soft feel material, so with bright colours and their beaks moving they make a great toy.

There are 55 different sounds that mummy and baby owl will talk to each other with from hooting to bird calls and songs, this is great to have such a range of different sounds that they will never be boring.

There is a large range of different styles to collect with both the birds and the butterflies, there are also cage’s available to buy for your little live pet, so it has it’s very own home.

They do come fully working with batteries but will need 2 AAA for mummy and 3 button cell batteries for continued use.


The Half Term Holiday

It’s been a while. Which is something I am working on. But in my defense. The last few weeks have been busy, I have some amazing news which I will reveal soon and I think we are set to get busier. So I have taken to recording our little adventures (which are mostly from the sofa)

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The ShopKins So Cool Fridge

Shopkins are never far away in our house, you find them having breakfast with the girls, helping clean their teeth and just generally keeping them entertained.

Shopkins f

Shopkins, just incase you are not up to date on them are one of the latest crazes to come over from the USA. They are small plastic cute food characters that live in a supermarket where they live their lives and you can create great adventures. These are suitable for 3 years and up but we were so excited when they released season 2 shopkins these are now  not only food items but household items such as toothbrushes, baby stuff such as nappies and bottles household cleaning  and laundry products and also your old favourites the foodstuffs.

The girls love collecting the shopkins and they can use their pocket money as they start from as little as £2.99 up to £20  they are also ultra rare and limited edition ones so it’s always great opening up your Shopkins blind basket (that comes in a basket that you can use in the supermarket when different scenes are being acted out.

There is already a different counters that you will find in a supermarket including the bakery and fruit and veg shop available now they have brought out a  “so Cool fridge” with is from available from around £11.52 and its part of the growing supermarket as they will all connect together to make one large supermarket there is an ice dispenser and egg seesaw for the eggs to be stored in which come included 6 mini shopkins egg, and removable trays to make play more interesting there is also 2 exclusive shopkins characters included.

The products in this range are well made and keep the girls entertained for hours thinking up different games to play with from Lisa Litter and Molly to Sweeps and Baby Puff. They are small so can easily be stored and transported and they are great for friends as they can do swoops so that they can collect all the Shopkins they need. Each Shopkin product you buy comes with a collects guide so it will help the little ones keep upto date on what they have and what they need to collect.



Ben & Holly Hide And Seek Holly


Boo is a big Ben & Holly fan, her favourite character probably being Gaston, well next to Holly that is. The idea behind the hide n seek Holly, is to teach your little ones all about the game of hide and seek.

Either yourself or a sibling can hide the lovely Holly, whilst your little one holds onto the remote and goes about looking for Holly.

They will have to listen to the remote or detector and follow the clues Holly will give. Whether it be “you’re getting warmer” or “too cold” They will have hours of fun listening and finding where that cheeky Holly is hidden.

The great thing about this for us, is that its the exact way we play hide and seek. Boo has been trying, however now we have Holly, she is coming on leaps and bounds and really enjoys the challenge.

Learning to follow instructions with their favourite Ben & Holly character is a great way of learning with interactive play. So much so she has taken to hiding our own things and shouting “too cold mummy!” whenever I try to find anything. Still no idea where that hairbrush is.

One of the qualms I do have is that it requires 7 whole batteries. It just seems like a lot, so make sure you purchase a really good, long lasting battery. You will need it.

The Hide & Seek Holly retails at between £30-£25 which is a good price. We have already had hours of fun!