Barbie Super Heroes



Even girls now can be superheroes with the new Barbie in Princess Power. These are a great set of barbie dolls. The princess was kissed by a magical  butterfly and finds out she has special powers and she joins  her super friends to help the kingdom rid itself of the enemies using her special crime-fighting powers and flying around the kingdom, but her jealous cousin catches the butterfly and transforms into dark sparkle.


our little princesses will have hours of fun with this and acting out their own stories and with a dvd with a free barbie mask to accompany this collection of barbies, what more could a girl want from their very own barbie super heros

There is princess power super sparkle. Kara is always ready for her princess duties in a pink gown with full skirt and sheer peplum. but she is always ready for action when her kingdom needs her, by pushing the gem on her bodice she will spin and change into her Super Sparkle, her skirt opens into a sparkly cape she has a pink skirt, utility belt, tall boots and with superhero insignia to complete her Super Sparkle superhero look. She also comes with wrist cuffs, a lightning bolt necklace and tiara that turns into a mask. And with one quick twist of the body she is back to an ordinary princess. The dress can not be removed but it saves it from getting lost.

There are other dolls available, the barbie princess Corinne doll she is the cousin of Kara and too was kissed by the magical butterfly and gets special powers of her own. Press the butterfly on her IMG_1860shoulder to hear a kiss followed by a magical sound her glittery bodice flash with coloured lightning bolts. Dressed in a purple and blue gown with a full skirt and sparkling peplum Her accessories include a purple tiara with lightning bolt cut-out. Dolls are from £16.99

There are more Barbies available from princess power scooter doll Chelsea to a vanity unit which doubles up as mission command center again with one twist. Girls can put their smartphones in the unit to play out superhero missions that are received, the vanity stool doubles up also as a tracking device and computer monitor.also comes with one necklace, one tiara, one brush, one set of wrist cuffs and one mask from £12.95


Big Hero 6


Is a Disney animated comedy and is inspired by the Marvel Superhero comics. It is based on a young man who is a robotics prodigy who forms a superhero team to fight the masked villain.

One of the charters is Baymax who was created as an inflatable healthcare assistant providing healthcare around the world, he was a truly loveable robot that is highly intelligent in the world of medicine, devoted and very caring for the patient he is looking after. He doesn’t understand however human emotion himself as he is only concerned with his patient. There are different chips for Baymax to change his personality.

In the story he starts to develop his own personality and with the karta chip installed and a suit of armor made for him as his is an inflatable hero. He goes along with the other chartered in the story to help defeat the villain.

Your little Superhero can now enjoy this in your own home figure. He is made from vinyl plastic to give the idea of an inflatable charter but is still durable to be played with without worries. You rotate his arm to reveal 8 different sounds and scenes from the movie.

This is a great gift for anyone who loved the move and could be a great collector’s item is years to come. For ages 3 years and up and from £29.99 it does need batteries but these are included.