LEGO Friends and LEGO Elves, perfect sets for the LEGO loving girl.

We can all say that we have all played with lego at some time in our life (and stood on it too!!!).  First a quick history in lego just incase you were wondering. Lego began in 1939 by a danishes carpentry workshop making small toys  just after the second world war they purchased a molding machine which created the Lego that we know the first item made was a truck. Hours of fun can also be had creating something out of a pile of coloured and different sized bricks. From houses to cars and more. When we were younger it was more about creating something that you had thought of. Now there are loads of play sets complete with step by step instructions on how to build, so even the little ones can have a go and help out which the love.

They come from a price range of pocket money prices £5.00 right up to £200 plus. There are a huge range of sets available and for all ages too. With Lego Duplo for the younger ones as the pieces are bigger again a huge range available from Mickey Mouse to forest ducks. Then there is Lego again there are some may themes that have now been created in lego. From famous films like Star Wars and Back to the Future right back to a plan or a house.

Now when i was younger Lego was very for the boys but now there is a great range for girls, with almost everything covered. From the Frozen Castle with Elsa and Anna to Rapunzel and they have also created a range calledIMG_1851 Friends which are Lego playsets for girls from a Private Jet, a pop star stage show. they have even made a car and petrol station girly.

Our two love anything small so Lego is always a winner something they can have as a treat or as a big present for a birthday, and with such a great range there is always something for them. They love to help build and find the pieces using the instruction book. They use bright and girly colours and themes so that they are different for the boys.

There new range that we are collecting is from the Magical World of Elvendale, with flying horses to crystals exploding functions. All the Lego sets that we have get kept as they are so they can be played with time and again and as its Lego it stays together well and pieces don’t get lost (or sucked up the hoover).  The girls make small changes as everything is interchangeable. The little people figures are also a really winner and they all have different chapters too.

Barbie Bubble-Tastic Mermaid


Ohh Barbie. How we love you 🙂

The Barbie Bubble Tastic Mermaid has become a firm favourite for days out in the garden with the girls. Also at bedtime and anytime they feel like making bubbles.

In true Barbie fashion the doll itself is fabulous quality, its sturdy and she is looking fabulous as per usual. But this Barbie is a little different. She comes with a moving fin that creates some amazing bubbles.

Firstly. She was super easy to put together. Liv is 6 and she did it with ease. Secondly, we have had dolls like this before and the bubble quality was poor. I have  to say I was expecting this to be the same straight off the bat, however I was so wrong.

She comes with a tray that is modelled the same shape as the tail, so it makes it super easy to ‘dip’

All you need to do is pop some of the bubble mixture into the tray, dip in Barbie’s tail and pull the pull chord at the back. Barbies tail spins and launches loads of bubbles into the air. The mixture will also last a fair few pulls.

With the hot weather we had so much fun playing with the Barbie Bubble Tastic Mermaid in the garden. She even took a dip into the paddling pool!

We recorded a video which sadly did not pick up the sound. However you can see how easy it is to use and just how many bubbles she makes.

The Barbie Bubble Tastic Mermaid retails for around £20 and is well worth it.

Little Live Pets Lil Mouse Trail


I’m sure that you all know in our house that we love all things small and Little Live Pets kill 2 birds with one stone.  We can have the pets in the house with all the problems of cleaning, walking, little accidents and making sure the girls take care of them and don’t leave it to us!! Which I know I did when I was little with rabbits and my rabbits had babies!!!

So little Live pets are a great alternative to having real pets.

There is a great range from birds, with or without their own cadge. The bird will sing, tweet and respond to your touch, comes in different colours with their own identities. Then we had have the Tweet and talking owls mother and baby who talk to each other, you can help mummy owl take care of her baby and again they will respond to you touch and tweet and tweets back with happy sounds these start from £17.99

We were lucky enough to get the new Lil Mouse House Trail and our very own Lil Mouse Staria who is a sleepy little mouse. There are 6 different Lil mouses to collect each with their own personalities and different colours suitable for boys and girls. They move and sound like a real mouse with over 25 different sounds and need 3 x LR44 batteries available from £12.99.

You can get your mouse its own house that is portable so your little one can take their pet with them, which is also a big hit in our house little pets and a carry house bless. There is a wheel to keep them entertained and you can watch what to see how your mouse is or you can open the door and let him play outside in his own play area. This can be connected to the Lil Mouse House trail which is a great addition to the set where you can watch your mouse or have your friends mice over and watch them spin in the playzone, ride on the see-saw or slide down the ramp. There are plenty of tunnels and rooms for the mice to hide and play. This creates the idea that the Lil Mouse is alive and is going about it his mousey business. available from only £14.97 which is great value and these make great gifts for your little ones friends on birthdays and parties.

This will keep them entertained for hours and me too.


Keeping Sun Safe This Summer

Ahh the sun, a rare thing in the UK however, I am beginning to love it somewhat. Although it makes people with MS sluggish and hellishly sweaty, I think I am slowly coming round to the sun loving thing.

So, I thought I would put together a little guide with some fantastic products for keeping sun safe this summer. All of the below products have been tried and tested. They are fabulous and well worth it.

glam gloss

Glam Gloss from Urban Skincare. This was my first jump into at home tanning. Its a much safer way to look fabulous. I was a little scared, however glam gloss is the perfect way to start your tanning journey. It is what it says, a gloss. Its so easy to apply and just glides over the skin with ease. Also I found it to be super hydrating for my legs and it smelled AMAZING! It took a few days to build up a tan, but this made it look so much more natural. There were no streaks or transferring to bed sheets or clothing, which is a massive bonus for a first timer like me.

Like I said before, the colour it builds up is stunning, however it also keeps your legs so beautifully smooth. So much so, it has become my new favourite moisturiser. Glam gloss is a must for anyone looking for a subtle, yet buildable tan. Perfect.


Next we have some DELPH suncare. DELPH is an old favourite of mine. The smell of the suncream and after sun lotion just takes me right back to my childhood, which I love.  With an SPF of 50, its perfect to have in your handbag for repeat applications. This is a trusted sunblock that offers great SPF protection, it will need applying throughout the day, I found this especially with the girls. They are in and out of everything, but they didn’t mind the repeat applications, because like mummy, they love the smell. DELPH might have to make one of my favourite after suns. Its so cooling and makes the sun rehydrate in seconds, perfect after a day on the beach.

Also we have the sunkissed instant tanning mouse. This I used after trialling in the Glam Gloss, so it was almost a next step in tanning. I tend to concentrate on my legs, because no matter what time of year and how much I have them out, they are super pale. This was also easy to used. Didn’t really have too much of smell, but I wouldn’t mind if it did. I have heard Tanning mouse is so much easier to work with. With my handy tanning mit and some skin prep I went to work. When it says instant tan, it means it. The colour is just there immediately. Something I love, especially on nights out. It was so easy to buff into my skin with the mit and I had no streaks! Bonus!

sun sense

Next is Sunsense. Another trusted brand. Sunsense off something fo everyone. From a high SPF for your face with lovely tint (super important ladies) to High SPF all over in the form of some lovely lotions. The kids lotion is one we keep in the car for random outdoor fun. Its reliable, long last and super easy to apply. I have to admit, I enjoy using the kids one myself. Sunsense really offer something for everyone. The true test however is for our family member Jason, who is a thatcher. He spends all his time up on top of the roof of many a house. In the hottest place in the scorching sun. So we like him to put the high SPF lotions through there paces. The Sunsense ultra passed with flying colours. Lovely to apply, soothing and kept his skin from burning in the sun! A+ to Sunsense!





Next is a supermarket staple. Sun Care from Morrison’s. These little spray bottle have become a firm favourite with the husband. He likes a little lower SPF (tutut Ben) Morrisons have put together the perfect spray lotion. We all know men love anything with easy application. The spray bottle ticks that box. We have also found it to be super waterproof during our paddling pool adventures also, which is awesome.




Next is the Lacura range from ALDI. With a great range of SPF, great after sun lotion and a beautiful spray oil for your body, which also contains an SPF of 15, they really do have something for everyone.

My favourite of this range being the oil spray. It smells amazing and feels wonderful on my arms, neck and chest. It gives you the most perfect glow, especially good on an early evening, so you are still covered as far as suncare goes.

I am a big fan of the Lacura range. All the skincare items are fabulous and the suncare is no exception. It feels great and lasts a good amount of time.


Next is a Mummy essential. The Calypso sunscreen that lasts all day on little skin. Little skin tends to suck up products like this, making it great for longevity. This Calypso sun cream is perfect kids of a school age. Pop it on before they go out to school and it lasts all day long. Plus it smells amazing so Liv especially loves wearing it. Its super easy to apply, it sinks into the skin like a dream and stays put all day. I will pop it into her bag if I know she’s doing PE or going on a trip. I just like to know she can pop a little more on if she needs to. Which she is very good at. This is the most perfect sun cream for small bodies, one I would highly recommend for the school bag. p20

Lastly but certainly NOT least is a firm favourite in this house. P20. This stuff is amazing. It comes in an array of different SPFs, but we tend to use the 50. Like the above, our lovely thatcher Jason swears by this thanks to us. They all come in spray bottles, so they are super quick to apply. They contain alcohol which has good and bad points. Becuase of the alcohol, it can be quite drying, saying that, it also makes it really cling to the skin. From jumping in the pool to getting a rather unpleasant pressure wash, this stuff will not budge. We even tried applying it when we were wet and it still clung to the skin. Amazing. For the dryness, we tend to use a lovely aftersun to pop the moisture back into the skin. We love P20 and it is well worth the money. Its last time wise and quantity wise. Perfect for the kids who are in and out and everywhere. We always have a bottle of P20 in the house.











Zelfs Series 5


Yes, Zelfs are back with a fabulous new season!

We are massive Zelfs fans, we have been eagerly awaiting the release of season 5 and we were not disappointed, Zelfs have come back cuter than ever!

With muted, yet bright pastel colors and super cute characters, season 5 was well worth the wait. A sure hit with the girls this season as the colors are bang on trend.

These will be perfect for any little girls love of big girls fashion.

Both the girls were instantly drawn to their new additions and have become firm favorites in roll play. Evie especially loves anything little that she can carry around everywhere she goes, plus she loves the colour yellow, so the Zelf on the right was perfect her.

If you have yet to jump on the Zelfs craze, where have you been? These lovable little characters take me right back to my childhood with trolls. However Zelfs are far more stylish and sleek, perfect for kids nowadays.

With so many different characters to collect, kids will love building their own Zelfs collection, they even have smaller packs to suit any pocket money budget.

Kids will love brushing and styling their hair and making them look even more fabulous.

Prices start at £1.99, so go forth and collect 🙂