TY Friends Game.

We are great loves of all things small and all things soft and cuddly at the moment, and having family time all of us together without any tablets, computers and tv, having fun the old fashion way!

ty friends

The TY Friends game is a great board from around £9.99 and for ages 3-6 years and from 2-6 players. It is based on the new small TY beanies that are now available not the older ones that I knew when I was young, which the girls love and collect as there are many different animals to collect and only being around £2 they make great pocket money toys.

The game is based on the memo game teaching the children shapes, colours and numbers the first person to find the three missing friends wins!!

The colourful pieces makes learning fun and exciting while also being durable and able to be handled easily. The rules are easy to follow and the little ones picked it up easily and quickly and they were able to play with their friends without us having to explain the rules.

Minky Free standing Rotary Airer

airer minky

With the great British weather being what it is then the struggle of getting the washing dry is always an issue.  There is nothing like air dried washing rather than the dyer and it saves on electricity. This Minky Airer is a great little feature in our house now. It is a free standing collapsible dryer that will hold an average load of washing.

There is no drill or assembly required it simple folds out when you need it and is compact enough to be put in the bottom of a cupboard for storage when it is not needed. It is so small when down it is ideal to take on a camping or caravanning holiday, to dry these wet clothes and towels.

You can have it up inside in a flat or apartment or on a balcony or patio so you are still able to dry your washing naturally. There is no wash line getting in the way of the children playing or the man next door is having a bonfire then you can still dry your washing inside on a washline. It has 3 hooks to keep it in place when it is outside, it was very strudy when the washing was on it too.

From around £30 it is a great little buy.

Karcher For Kids?!

20150619_141856 20150619_141903
I knew from the off that this was going to a hit in our house as water is was a great loved product in our house,, from muddy puddles to helping grandpa clean the car or making potions in a bucket the girls love it.

So to have their own pressure washer they can use to help grandpa clean his car or clean their own scooter and bikes made them over the moon.

With a lot of children’s toys they don’t either work at all or not in the same way as adult ones, this is not the case with the Karcher pressure washer and from only £19.99 it is a really good toy as well as teaching them about keeping their things clean.

With wellies on and hose pipe connected to the tap we set to work pressure washing everything and anything, even the dogs got a quick wash!!!!!

Its lightweight and easy to carry even for the littlest one from ages 3 upwards it works well enough to clean the foam off the toys or dogs!!! It has two different interchangeable water sprayers one with a fine jet and the other with an open jet.

This is a great gift for a birthday or christmas presents for both girls or boys.

Now, this doesnt have the power that  a normal pressure washer has, but it’s for children, so thats a given. But it is great for little hands.


Graco Evo Mini Stroller – Harlequin

We are very particular about our pushchairs in our house, we like them to be small, easy to push and put down (due to nannies and aunties having the girls too). We were lucky enough to get the Graco Evo Mini stroller to review, my sister who loved the old pushchair was a little skeptical about a new one, but when we got it out the box and put it together that was it. Love at first sight.

evo 2 evo 1


From only £159 it was a great little pushchair for 0 to 3 years old. It was quick and easy to put together just attach the front wheel and hood and we were ready to go within a few minutes, although we did find the straps a little tricky to adjust but we got there in the end. The straps can be moved to three different heights as your child grows. They are also well padded for good comfort when they are asleep.

evo 3 evo 4

It is very easy to push and can be done with one hand so there is a hand free for the all important morning take away coffee. it weighs around 6.2kg so it is easy to pick up once put down and lift into the car.

The wheel at the front it lockable as well as swivel,to suit the needs at the time and it has a good size basket underneath for the shopping which makes a nice change.  The 5 point safety harness is easy to get the little ones in and out of. The seat fully reclines using the drawstring system at the back of the seat, which gives a good sleeping position. The seat itself is well padded on both sides to give extra protection and a comfy ride.

evo 5 evo 6


There is a rain cover included which is always a good thing in Britain as you can guarantee that rain is just round the corner. The rain fits well and keeps does its job. The hood itself also extends further than most do which gives extra protection or just a little more cover when they are sleeping.

It appears to be a smooth ride and when have no complaints so far. The handlebar is also padded, and with a push of the button and one twist the pushchair is down with only one hand. The pushchair comes in different colours to suit all tastes.

evo 7 evo 8


Back To School With Clarks

Back to school is here. Shops are filled with stationary, parents are rushing to get the basics, then rushing back to gather all the things they forgot.


There is one shop however that makes the whole back to school process a little more, well, streamlined.

Clarks. It’s almost like an institution, I remember going there as a child and now I am taking my own child.

I feel old. 

That aside, we went to Clarks to get Liv some new school shoes. She’s starting a new school, so we have had a complete uniform overhaul, and that includes the very best school shoes.

The process at Clarks is easy. Take a number, take a seat, wait for your number and the assistant takes over. Its moved into the “modern age” so seamlessly.

Clarks 3 clarks 2

The range of shoes on offer were fabulous. All ones I would even wear myself! Liv chose this style and then went to work on making sure they were the perfect pair.


By making sure they are easy to dance, jump and run in. But most importantly the jumping part. They couldn’t be too heavy, that made jumping impossible.

So we settled on the above pair.

The shoes were a perfect fit, wide enough to fit her feet comfortably, yet long enough for some growing room. Which is very important when you are 6!

Having the right shoes for school is a must. The cheaper shoes can often look appealing, however they are almost always quick to fall apart, with little to no support for growing feet.

Clarks shoes have always been second to none for growing feet. They have the perfect fit as they take into account the width as well as length. As both my girls have wider feet, its an important aspect. They also have the perfect support for arches inside the shoes, something which will help your littles ones feet grow comfortably.

So, get yourself down to Clarks, take a number and let them take a little bit of the stress away with the perfect pair!