Cicciobello Rumbly Tummy Doll

Both the girls love playing dolls, caring for them, feeding them, changing them taking them for a walk, so when we were asked to review the Cicciobello Rumbly tummy doll we were very excited. They like a doll to be as realistic as possible and to be able to get accessories that will fit and be able to use with the doll is great.  This doll is all this and more.


rumbly doll

To start with he says over 40 sentences and sounds.  There are different actions that your child can take part in. He comes with an interactive spoon, when he gets hungry you use spoon to fill him up  if you don’t feed him enough he will tell you he is still hungry and if you don’t feed him he will cry just like a real baby!!! and after feeding him his mouth will become dirty, this does not happen everytime just to add to the reality of the doll.  He will ask to be cleaned with the cloth and when you do the light around his mouth will turn off. He also gets thirsty and he comes with his special orange juice with a straw. while you are feeding him he may dribble, and his mouth will go orange and you can wipe this away with the cloth. He will tell you when he is dirty.

When he has eaten and had a drink he may also get a tummy ache and a red light will appear in his tummy and you will have to massage his tummy to make it go away, he will then stop crying and might even break wind (this makes everyone smile even nanny!!!). He will also need to use the potty he will get a dirty bottom a yellow light comes on his bottom to show he is dirty and needs to be cleaned up again if you use the other cloth this will clean him up in no time.

If you get fed up with the demands then this can be easily stopped by popping on his dummy which we thought was great

This is a great doll it comes with a potty, dummy, juice box cleaning cloths and a spoon. He needs 3 AA batteries and retails from around £49.99. When you start him up you will need to make sure that he is on the correct language for you. There are also other products that you can buy to acompany Cicciobello.


Smells And All – Marriage

When you get married, you forget about just what you are agreeing to in all the excitement.

It’s all about dresses and loving each other in this fairytale life you imagine.

The day is amazing, the gifts are amazing, the party is amazing.

Five years later and you are sat with your marriage certificate looking for some fine print that states they must wash at least once a day.

I mean come on.

Not one person told me I would have to deal with all the smells he throws my way.

Am I meant to do it with a smile on my face?!

Can I tell him to open a window, or does the marriage thing mean I just have to cover my nose and power through?

There should be a clause or some clear guidelines in those vows.

Whether you married a nose picker or a finger sniffer, you just have to grin and bear it.

Thems the rules!

Stinky feet, sweaty pits and closed in farts. You just have to deal with it.

You have to sniff on through it, all the time still loving them.

So we do it, stink and all.

Because that’s what love is. Right?!