Turning My Back On Choices

I made a video recently about my current choice to stop my treatment. You can view that here. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE 😛

Anyway, I had my last IV, I am coming to the point I would be due back in for a top up in the coming weeks, I am coming to the point where I am comfortable with my choice.

Right now I can’t turn back without going back in to see my neuro, which is fine with me. I don’t want to go back. I don’t want to wait. I am ready now.

One of the things that is becoming far clearer to me is that the longer you go without the tysabri, the more you feel again.

The more you can feel those emotions, the more you can enjoy those emotions, the more human you feel.

I have to say I have always noticed how little I could feel or think for myself. Without struggling to understand or deal with the feelings in a “normal” way.

I am not overwhelmed by feeling happy. I can laugh until I pee and I can really enjoy the laughter.

Something that I have been thinking about more and more is having a break from any treatment. So I would push it back until after the Christmas season. So I can feel the season. So I can enjoy the whole thing. The sounds and the smells. The kids, the fun and all the love of my family.

I want to feel again.

I want to start the new treatment, but I want to spend a few months feeling and living in every moment. Before I feel like I am just going through the motions because my body is full of a drug that has so much control.

I can’t explain it. I don’t understand it, but I know that I can feel it.

I understand that I will be back in that wheelchair. That I will need help to walk, but I know full well I will feel every single moment. 

I guess I want to live side by side with my MS for a while. Before going back into a new treatment full of new feelings.



#DocMcStuffins PARTY!


This Pet vet Doc Mcstuffins party was all about making the toys better! All the boo-boos and owches needed to be dealt with and my did we have a que!

We started off just generally playing, everyone needed to settle and say hello as the girls invited friends from their old schools. So it was nice to see everyone!

Firstly we played stick the boo boo on the patient and after deciding where to place said boo boo, each child was blind folded and spun. FUN! Eve was the winner on this occasion. Much to her delight.

Then we played what’s missing from the Pet Vet bag. This is a new toy in the Pet Vet range and it is amazing! So sturdy, full of the right equipment. The older girls were better at this one. Much to Livs delight. Can you see whats missing?


Then came food time. By this time everyone was ready to munch on all things yummy. As we had already had a pre lunch, we did a smaller spread, but it went down a treat!

The other mummies were very impressed so far and even commented on how great it would be to be able to buy the items as a kit. Fabulous idea.


We even let them decorate the DOc Mcstuffins cakes!

Then it was another game. Help Findo find his way to Doc. Now this was my favourite and myself and liv were especially over the moon when we finally found the way. It’s harder than it looks you know!


Finally it was free play. We decided to let Eve have this one. She was so desperate to be Doc and her friends were a little shy on the matter.

So she went to work on fixing all the soft toys people had brought along 🙂

evie stuffins

Overall we had a fantastic time. The new series go amazingly with the toys and the kids really loved bringing their beloved Disney character alive.

NetFlix #Streamteam October!

It has been a while but we are back! This month I have been bingeing on Netflix. I hold my hands up. In all honesty is has been pretty old school, I am rewatching misfits which is just an awesome show and also trying to watch the returned and pretty little liars without getting them muddled up and ending up in some odd dream!

Liv has been pretty obsessed with Netflix as of late also. She is LOVING the project MC2 show. We had the chance to have a play with Adrienne doll on youtube and the character who plays her on the show saw the video and left a message for Livs.

liv tweet

I don’t think she will ever get over that one!

So what have you been watching this month?!

And what is new on Netflix?!…


Now Streaming

Now Streaming



Some awesome bits for the kids!

I am so looking forward to some scary bits coming on for Halloween. Ben and myself watched Insidious 2 on Netflix the other evening and I had to sleep with the TV on!!!!

Dont forget you can sign up to Netflix here and get the first month free!

Regatta Are The Coats For Me!


Autumn is here. The in-between season. The rainy but sunny season. The season that sometimes can make no sense at all!

So making sure the family are warm, cool and rain proof enough is top of my agenda.

Finding the right balance in a coat is hard work. Especially for the small children and husband types. They will let you know if something is not right and they will let you know with noise and snappy moods!

It’s no secret we are huge fans of regatta, they have really brought themselves into the 21st century with a beautiful range of outdoor clothing.

With something for every season, shape and outdoor adventure, Regatta have something for everyone. Everything is so well made, exactly what you expect from such a well-known quality brand.

We have been putting some of the rain jackets through their paces. These jackets are fully waterproof whilst being a fairly thin material. They are perfect for layering in the colder months, however, they have this really unique way of keeping you warm even without the padding.

I myself hate being too warm. MS has meant I can’t regulate my body temperature in the right way anymore. So having something that has the ability to keep me warm whilst not overwhelmingly so is important. Regatta deliver on this every time.

Ben takes the doggies out in all weather, so having a sturdy coat to battle all weather is important. He loves his Regatta jacket and can often be seen walking the pups rocking the blue jacket. It’s perfect.

So with the seasons changing, head over to the Regatta website and you will find a great range to kit out the whole family!



Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Twitter Party! #DocMcStuffins

So, here we are in October of all months. This month is a special one. We have a huge Halloween party coming up! But also we are hosting a Doc Mcstuffins Pet Vet Party!!!


On the 15th of October we will being having guests galore, games and a lot of dancing. Please remember to head over to twitter on the 15th of October at 1pm to tweet along with the hashtag #DocMcstuffins to watch the madness unfold and to win some pet vet prizes of your own!

Dont forget to follow @UKMumsTV and me @thehazelkey AND use the Hashtag #DocMcStuffins

I will see you there 😉

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