Chibi Robo Ziplash 3DS review

  • WVW69ij88Eot4ULoe4 (1)*These are my own Images captured using Miiverse screenshot feature

How do you win the heart of a man who hasn’t completely grown-up, loves his video games and is a geek. Get him Chibi Robo (and a 2/3DS if he doesn’t have one) for Christmas. After all he most likely loves robots.


If I’m honest I was not completely aware of this game… and that it’s a series.


WVW69ij8-AoZXY8slyThe plot of Chibi Robo Zip Lash :
Chibi Robo is working as hard as ever scrubbing the space station that orbits the earth clean. TV (a hovering Conputer…why not!) can see just how hard Chibi Robo works, he recommends he takes a minute to watch his screen. A news flash reports Aliens are invading and are stealing all of the earth’s natural resources.
Three aliens happen to pass Chibi and TV as they head towards earth to join in with the removal of resources. TV & Chibi being the righteous duo are in pursuit of the invaders in an attempt to stop them.

The Game

WVW69ij97gg-495XjuThe first game was produced by Nintendo’s favourite son, the Godly Shirgeru Miyamoto, so it’s not surprising to see small similarities in the Star coins, map and level design of Super Mario. Every ounce of this game down to the last pixel oozes charm, from it’s cheerful catchy music, level design, enemies and Chibi Robo itself, in the way it walks and swings his plug chord like a lasso, or a propeller, or to strike it’s enemies and gripping to physical objects.
The 3D effect for this game is glorious, a giant hand in this is the New 3DS 3D effect being the most stable it has been yet.

WVW69imNGzQpdjrOoWThe scenery in Chibi Robo are beautifully crafted with a bold arrangement of wonderful colours and textures.
It has all the elements of a great platformer, collectables, upgrades, level scoring, hard to reach heights and hidden areas.

Chibi Robo is perhaps the most kind natured robot imagined (not surprising with Mr Miyamoto’s ethics in videogames) It’s not hellbent on destroying it’s creator, It collects waste left by the worlds inhabitants and generates that into power in the form of watts which is used as your timer on each level.

WVW69imNHyY_qLDLgeOnce you have completed the first level, at the world level map there will be a spinning destination wheel with numbers giving the level selection a board game feel. Depending on the end of level spaceship you destroy will determine the amount of spins you can have. When you spin the wheel you will land on a number, 1-3, which is how many moves you will do around the levels on the map. This being the case levels aren’t played in order and you can also land back on a completed level, BUT, you are rewarded when you go back to completed levels as there will be an extra thing or two to do the next time round. Plus you have to chance to go for all the collectables, beat your level time and try not to take any damage. The end of each level will show a score and badge screen to let you know how you performed.

Not only will you be tasked with saving mini robots on each level, but you will also come across child aliens who are lost. Aliens are invading stealing the resources, but we are tasked with saving their offspring?….
The World maps are based on the earth’s continent, The first being Oceania. Once you work your way through the Oceania levels you then move onto North Africa and so on.

WVW69ij97OUEvjftZ0 (1)Much like the Mario series there will be levels that are slow paced and you can explore quite a lot. Then there’s levels where the screen side scrolls where you are being chased by enemies, so you have to get a move on. The automatic side scolling screen also lends a hand to some fun different themed levels that are slightly more challenging than your platform style levels. You will have to try to collect your collectables in one run as there is no back tracking on some of them.
You will also come across mini game coin attack areas hidden in some levels where you will have a count down to get all the coins on the level.


WVW69ij-MRM6x4xxEUWVW69ij-Kzs7hsV-xWAs you progress through the levels not only does it become more challenging, but you also will come across obstacles blocking your way. A quick bit of exploration will make it apparent on what you need to do and you will see some
fun temporary power ups, speed is key here if you wish to get all the levels collectables.
You’ll also notice the reach of your plug cord will increase and it also gets more cool upgrades helping you reach those higher areas and items and helping you out of a spot of trouble.
If a level does become too challenging you can always buy your way past it which is handy for the younger audience or impatient people. However sometimes repeat and rinsing is the best learning curve for games.

If your as charmed by Chibi Robo as I am, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a great Amiibo of him available and he has multiple uses for the game.

I have really enjoyed my time with Chibi Robo so far, its been one of my favourite games to come out before the end of 2015, and I’m looking forward to delving further into it.
I can’t recommend this game enough.

The Very Best From LeapFrog?!

We all know we are huge LeapFrog fans. Their products are second to none and they offer so much in the way of learning and play to children of all ages. But this Christmas LeapFrog are looking to find out what you think they have done best.

They want to hear from you, so head on over to their facebook page and cast your votes now!

Of course we have a few of our favourites here t show you. Games and books that both my girls LOVE. So lets start with the Leap reader. 

The Leapreader is a system that helps and encourages children of all ages to read. If they gets stuck on a certain word, the pen helps them to read the word. So they can read and learn independently.

leap reader

So, our favourites from the LeapReader range are Best friends from Thomas and friends which teachers position words and friendship. This one will be great for Eve, at the stage she is at she needs to start looking at words and how they look.

Second is Livs favourite. Sofia the first, a princess thing. It teaches understanding characters and listening comprehension. She loves to read this to her sister. They are both huge Sofia fans, so this was always going to be included. In my eyes, a must have from the range.

Finally from the Leapreader range is Jake and the Never land Pirates, which teaches number recognition and counting objects. Something which Evie is really in to right now. It also helps she is a huge fan of the show, so it keeps her reading along for longer.

leap pad 2

Next is the LeapPad games. Evie is probably the biggest fan of the LeapPad. The games are perfect for her ages and she really does learn along with them. She is a bright little girly, but doesn’t like you to know it.

Livs firm favourite is the My little pony Friendship magic, mathematics game. This game teaches probability, multiplication, adding and subtracting and percentages. It is for the ages 5-8, so perfect really. She is really able to get to grips with number on her own. Something she loves to do.

Next is the Frozen reading game. This game teaches word building, grammar, handwriting and spelling. Evie likes to copy this game as it goes. She struggles to do the tasks,  but they are more suitable for when she is in reception. So this game will grow with her and hopefully give her that little edge.

Lastly is Jake and the never land pirates Maths game. We love Jake. You can probably tell. And this game is fantastic for Evie. It teaches number recognition, sorting, shapes and counting. So perfect for little ones just starting out with maths. I think games like this will help give your little one the edge when they move into school. Another wonderful thing about Leapfrog.

Finally, we have the new and the wonderful LeapTV.

leap tv

The LeapTV has so much to offer. From gameplay, learning and hand-eye coordination.

Firstly is Blaze and the monster machines science game. I think me and Eve love Blaze the most. In fact I am sat here singing it. This game is wonderful for problem solving (and keeping Eve calm at the same time) simple machines, number recognition and physical science. It is the perfect game to ease kids into science and a little bit of maths.

Then Doodle craft. This is something Daddy and the girls love doing together. It teaches creative expression (something Liv is wonderful with) Art and drawing, spatial reasoning and sorting and classifying. The game enables you to build and create your own world. With missions and the ability to design whatever you like, it helps them remember to have fun with it!

Lastly is the Frozen game. This teaches number sequence, place value, addition and subtraction and 2D and 3D shapes. This has been great for Liv now she is looking at shapes more. She already loves the characters, so they fact she can play along with them and learn at the same time is a huge thing for her.

So. These are out favourite titles from the different systems. Make sure to try them out and don’t forget to vote for your favourite!!!!!

Christmas With Debenhams

Debenhams has to be one of my favourite department stores. They offer so much for everyone, from kids to adults in clothing, beauty and gifts, you can always find what you need in Debenhams.

This year I thought I would put together my favourite outfit from Debenhams. Over the years they have grown so much in size, they sell so many different brands that it is often hard to choose. I know I spend many an evening looking at bags and wallets. Loading up my basket, then realising Ben will kill me if I spend even more on bags.

Not that this has ever stopped me 😛

So I put together an outfit that firstly I love and secondly I personally think it would be fabulous for both day and night, dressed up and finished with all the little finishing touches.


Now fashion is all very well, but I think adding your own style always makes it perfect. I may have overloaded with geometric print and spots, but that is how I like it. I like to look a little unique.

The red coat is perfect for that pop of colour this winter, it also looks super comfy and warm. Finding a coat that will be timeless through the years can be tricky. But with this one I think it will look fabulous year after year.

Another classic is the Chelsea boot. Now I love it a little bit because we share a name, but also because I can wear them. I have larger calfs, so as much as I would love to own a pair of knee highs, the likely hood of that is very low. So the Chelsea boot is a perfect alternative.

The bag is also a favourite. With the flash of pink and polka-dot pattern, this will look on point throughout the seasons.

Narrowing down my choices were difficult. Mainly because I love it all, but that is the thing about Debenhams, they really do have something for everyone, including all the classics, like the leggings 😉

So, if you are looking for the perfect outfit for the party season Debenhams is a must!


The Legend Of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes review for Nintendo 3DS

*My own Images are captured using in-game screenshot feature and Miiverse.

‘Tri Force Heroes is A Legend of Zelda game, but not as you may know it….’

The story told, is that in a fashion obsessed kingdom called Hytopia. The Princess named Styla is adored by the people of Hytopia for her fashion, but, despised by the Drablands Witch.

A gift arrives for the princess from an, “unknown” sender. Upon opening the box, the room fills with smoke, and once cleared the princess was left wearing an ugly brown diver style suit which is impossible to remove, thus making her appearance hideous and locks herself in her room.

Her Father the King feeling helpless, cries out for heroes to enter the Drablands. As only they can enter.

Enter your character- reading a sign post for the description of a Tri Force Hero…..

The village and finding your way to the action, the game itself.

The first person you meet is a colourful fellow. One that is impressed by your Tri Force features. He goes on to tell you that he works at Madame Coutures, said to be famous for her outfits with magical properties. He suggests a change of outfit while your around. After all, your outfit is ‘choicey.’ Once your acquaintance exits, you will be able to roam the village. Speaking to the villagers will give to tips on the games basics. You will notice some closed shops, these will be available shortly.

Trying out the buttons you will notice some moves available, This is unusual for a Zelda game as you usually have to find and earn items.

WVW69ijADngysXrB7HOne of the first things to do is to visit Madam Coutures shop. Madam Couture is somewhat unimpressed at your desire to be a Tri Force Hero. (And is very suspicious looking, almost FAMILIAR) due to meeting the many failed predecessors. Her mood is not helped that people are afraid to shop as they fear being cursed for being fashionable. She gives you some cloth to take to Sir Combsly who knows a true Tri Force Hero from a mile a way.

Once you have spoken to and had Sir Combsly’s blessing, Madam Couture is willing to work with you, allowing you to choose an outfit. Of course I opted for the classic Hero’s tunic, and named my Character Link.

Upon returning to Sir Combsly for further instructions he will run through your options of how you would like to play the game.


the game is a puzzler of sorts. That feels like it takes influence from Majora’s mask, to The Phantom Hour glass and Spirit Tracks games. As-well as yourself, there are two other playable characters. Hence the Tri Force name.

Depending on how you are choosing to play the game, solo or multiplayer will depend on how the two Accompanying characters are controlled.

WVW69ijAEAoUSTvEzpIn solo you take control of your character and two dopple characters. This is cleverly done by tapping the character bars on the touch pad to switch betw
een them. Your characters are only controlled once at a time, and your character’s Soul if you like, will transform between the three character’s turning your own character into a dopple when not in use. The dopple’s seem to be stone-like when not it use, and also un-damageable, which is good because your health is shared between the characters.

In multiplayer you can have upto two friends accompany you, and again, the health is shared.

There is also an option to battle other characters online if that’s your cup of tea.

Each zone will have levels. These levels vary in size, but they’re mostly on a small scale from what I have played so far.

Your aim for each level is to work out the puzzles to get your Tri Force Heroes to the Tri Force portal.WVW69ij8Ak4uQ2dbGd

Levels are replayable at anytime so you may potentially collect different types of loot each time you playthrough

The solution for the first level is obvious, but how to achieve it may not be so obvious.

I knew what I had to do, but it took me a little while to realise how to action it.

WVW69ij8A6AfLpYJY7The Tri Force Heroes are also known as Totem Heroes, as the three characters can stack up like a totem. As the levels have puzzles to solve, the totem technique is key to almost something on every level. The technique is hard to get to grips with straight off, but once you have found your feet it will be less confusing and you will be given items on each level, such as the crossbow or bombs that will need to be used for certain tasks. Different weapons, or magic outfits from Madam Couture, can be equipped to each of the character’s. Again, these items are usually what you would have to scavenge and earn, so having them just handed to you, especially early on… is an odd feeling.

You will encounter familiar enemies from the series, attacking with your sword alone will not get you very far. You will need to experiment with the equipment available on each level, to not only defeat your enemies, but to also discover hidden items.

The last level of each level of the zone will most likely be a boss battle of some type. Again, trying out the items available to you and each of your characters, will be key to their demise.

The biggest shock for me has been no dungeons. Dungeons has always been a huge staple in the series for me, and not having them has given a completely new feel to the game.

It’s not the first time an iconic series has tried a different route and it’s certainly not also the first for this series too.

For me it feels a rather confined Zelda game compared to the open world epic adventures I know and love. And, although at this early stage this isn’t so appealing to me as a fan of the series, it doesn’t mean that it won’t appeal to you. And, I do have to admit, the puzzle solver mentality in me is probably enough to make me revisit and beat the game in the future. And of course, I am still early into the game which may evolve into a puzzle spectacle that I can’t put down.

I think I may have hopes beyond my horizons for this game, expecting it to be a new Zelda adventure similar to that of the Four Swords remake. But I think I need to approach this game with a more reserved attitude.

Bizzy Bitz


We are always looking for something new to keep the entertained without using a screen, giving them a chance to use their imagination rather than relying on the computer. So when we were offered the Bizzy Bitz we jumped at the chance.

They were invented by two people who had both worked with children for over 25 years. You may think another construction game the same as all the rest, but these use a ball and socket style system. This comes with an assortment of colours and shapes. There are a medium size so that they are easy to hold and play with for little hands, but they are still flexible and sturdy enough to assemble and to take apart time and again

These are great toys that kept all the children and bigger children in our house quiet for hours. There are endless possibilities to make from vehicles, people and birds to musical instruments, a cot for the baby you have just made and an airplane. Hours of fun to be had and will help get the little ones imaginations running wild.

There are many  other things that the Bizzy Bitz is helping the children do without them even knowing it, dexterity, helps with developing spatial awareness, gets everyone playing together young and old. helps with early engineering and mechanical skills along with encouraging problem solving and enhancing brain development

There are many different ranges for the different age range starting at 3+ in different sets six sets from a 36 piece set up to a 850 piece set starting from £2.49. You can pick and choose the set best geared towards your little builders. Some also come in plastic boxes with lids for great storage. These are a great gift for a special occasion or if you want to keep some toys at nannies these have endless possibilities and will help keep them out of mischief. They come with easy to follow instruction books so they have a good start on what to make but once you start you will be well away before you know it. Another plus they don’t fit up the hoover so they won’t have bits clogging it up!!!