U Hugs Dolls

Who doesn’t love coming up with your own ideas on what your doll should wear and look like. These U Hug dolls do just that, bringing out the creative side of your little ones and help them use their imagination and create games with to play with their friends.

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These are great gifts for if your little one has been invited to a birthday party any girl aged 5 and up will love these and at £14.99 they are a great price. The dolls are released on the 17th Feb so these are a real must have.

They are a set of dolls that can be customised, they come with interchangeable accessories. There are different characters  to collect one to suit whatever your little girls are into, from Starry Fairy who is pink with wings and a wond, Scratchy DJ with her own headphones to Scary baby who’s not really scary and is complete with nappy and dummy and Sassy fashion dolls with great pink and black hair.


Each dolls is their own style so you can change there clothes, shoes, mouths, eyes and wigs to personalise the U Hug doll. These accessories can be interchanged between the different dolls. The doll is made from soft plastic with 16 holes for the pins and their is a compartment in the back of the dolls to store the extra pieces which is great because there hopefully!! will be no more “i have lost my dolls hair!” which we have a lot in our house. The pieces are easy to take out and put back in.

The pins are unique with different ones for each doll, and they have a diamond pin on the top of their head and a unique symbol of the U hugs family. The shoes for each doll are fashionable styles and you can flip them over to create a new design.

Each doll comes with 12 different pins.


WIN! A Teletubbies Pull Along Custard Train!

So recently we reviewed the new range of toys from the Teletubbies!

They are awesome, so awesome in fact, we want to give you the chance to win something from the range.

So! We are giving you the chance to win the pull along custard train!


It’s open internationally, so get entering 🙂

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Competitions at ThePrizeFinder – See more at: http://www.theprizefinder.com/content/teletubbies-pull-along-custard-train#sthash.X9nvgDf2.dpuf


All little girls are princesses especially in our house, with dress, shoes and crowns. So when we had a chance to review the Glitterbelle story and activity books we jumped at the chance.

Glitterbelle is a glittery, fun and creative princess the books are for ages 6 years and up. You can keep up with Glitterbelle in her story ‘The Sparkliest Princess Ever’ its about all her climbing trees and riding her scooter while wearing her tiara, but when she tires to be a fairy tale princess it doesn’t quite go as expected but she has some good friends to help her out. There is also one other thing about princess Glitterbelle she will not eat her peas  and how the queen reminds her that every princess  in the family loves their peas!!! From £5.99

The story book has lovely illustrations and is a lovely read this is also available in a read along book. To accompany this book and to bring the story alive there are also other activity books available. A lovely friendship book that is a journal for your princess to record her her dreams, friends and life in this is a great little gift and a place to keep their memories. From around £5.99

There are 2 activity books which we love to take out with us if we go out for a meal or to friends just give the girls something to do to keep them entertained. There is a sticker dress up book where your princess can dress up Glitterbelle and her friends in her own princesses designs and there is a story along with it to bring it alive it comes with  mini glitter nail art too. From £4.99

And finally an activity book is a based on a sleepover that Glitterbelle is having with her friends and as you read the story you can add doodles, pictures to colour and there is even a make your own tiara page to become a proper princess. There is a lovely note pad in a tin for any extra pictures from £4.99

This is a great range of books and really get the princess involved with the story and help them to understand and feel part of it.


New Teletubbies Toys 2016!

Yay! The day is finally here when we can reveal to you what’s in the box!


It’s the new collection of TELETUBBY toys! They have been remodelled and brought into 2016 and so beautifully too.

The new range of plush toys look stunning. Gone are the hard plastic faces which have been replaced with soft and cute ones. Each character is available in 6 inch plush and 8 inch talking plush. The talking plush have a list of iconic phrases, making them the perfect companion.

Dipsy mid lala po

They even have the Lala talking nightlight which lights from her tummy!


Each character also comes in a little figure with their favourite item. My kids love these. They are all for little figures!

tinky poooooo noo noo

Look, they even have a Noo-Noo!!! Perfect to collect over time.

Then they have the Tubb Custard Machine is amazing. It’s new to the TV series, so naturally it’s awesome. Kids cab pull the string on the Tubby Custard machine and all four of the Tubby’s spin around in their cups as the Custard machine lights up and plays music!


Or course there are so many more toys, which will all be available from mid-January. So make sure to grab the as soon as you can, I can see them being a must for kids this January.

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My 2016 Dreams

Everyone does the whole new years resolution thing and although me and Ben are trying to eat better, we haven’t really made any. But for myself, I have some goals, hopes, dreams whatever you wish to call them.

Firstly I want to be comfortable on a treatment. I am starting a new treatment in a matter of days and I hope this will be the one. But if it’s not, instead of living with it for several years, I will push to find something that suits me.

I need something because I am feeling the chronic tiredness something CHRONIC. 😉

Secondly, I want to finish my therapy and be happy about it. So many people who have therapy don’t talk about it. When you say the phrase “I learnt in therapy” it does make you sound fairly insane. But it shouldn’t. I’m not insane. I’m learning how to cope with something huge. My whole life and body has changed so dramatically over the last five years. I need help to learn new ways to deal with life. And that’s okay.

But I am coming to a point where I feel so empowered when I come out, that I am hoping it means I am close to fixing what needs to be fixed.

Next, I have done a pretty good job of being there this last year. I shut the computer and spent the year concentrating on my family. It felt good. I want to carry that on. I am bad at picking up my phone when I’m bored, but I am trying to put it down and live.

Lastly, I want to build my Youtube channel. I love Youtube. Whether watching videos or making them. It’s just awesome. I have so much to learn, but I want to do it. I want to connect with more people online. I love the community over there, its all warm and cuddly. I hope for my channel to have 2500 subscribers by 2017.

I want my channel to be about everything and anything. My goal is to build this channel and have it become part of my life.

So they are my 2016 dreams. Feel free to leave yours below and we can all join in with the journey.

Watch this space 🙂