Win An ECOTOOLS Brush Set!

With 2016 in full swing I have decided to give something back from my January sales shopping madness!

So I will be giving away this STUNNING Brush set from EcoTools. A perfect addition to any brush collection.

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All entries will be checked so no cheating now! 😛

Competition is open worldwide!

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Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Wii U review



When it comes to sports I’m not exactly a fan,  and although I find tennis very boring to watch there is something about it that I love when it comes to Tennis games. I guess it almost makes you feel like the worlds best tennis player without putting in all the practise and partaking in all that  excerise which I could do with. I have enjoyed tennis games through all the computer game generations and as well as fun to play the realism is getting better and better and there’s no finer example of Virtual tennis, which I play on the Playstation Vita. Having said that Nintendo always has a way of not only making tennis games fun, but also a great family bonding experience as their games appeal to people of all ages. Wii sports tennis is hours of fun but you do admittedly forget about Wii sports as a game in it’s own right and more of a showcase game for what the Wii and Wii U was capable of.

WVW69iwy9Bomt-GWDuMario has starred in a variety of genres and nearly all are a fantastic time to be had. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is not the first tennis game for Mario and pals, but it does do a lot. Within 30 minutes you’ll be pounding tennis balls against great opponents (staple Nintendo characters) feeling like a Pro, and what’s more you will be doing it in stlye and having a great time doing it. Though the controls can seem a lot to take in, you will master them in no time at all and see yourself fire back special shots and getting through opponents quicker than eating a tube of Pringles.

There’s a wealth of game modes available to suit all playing styles and to harness your skills.
WVW69iwy-dA1D4aj6BMega Battle: This can perhaps be considered the Main game. You can play either a singles or doubles match. There is 12 playable Characters and four unlockable characters. There is a possibility with these games that there may be hidden unlockable chatacters too. Chose your player and your opponent and play! It’s Tennis with a Mario Twist, as you play there are chances to get to colour highlighted areas for special Smash moves, These can seem a bit tricky to do but getting used to the colour code and button positions will have you returning shots like Andy Murray. For extra fun Giant mushrooms are thrown into the mix.

Mega Ball Rally: Is as it suggests simply a rally game but with a Mega Tennis ball. The better your score the better your return of coins you will recieve to purchase things.

WVW69iwy9z8ayOTKeVKnockout Challenge: A fast paced mode where it’s first to score 7 points. Work your way through all the available characters with your newly aquired Tennis moves.

Online: As usual with Online modes you play against Local and Worldwide people in a singles or doubles mode. Test yourself when once you have mastered the game and beat every computer opponent.

Classic Tennis: A refined version of Mega Battle and Tennis as we know it. No special abilities just good old fashioned stuff.

WVW69iwy_dQtvzG_KeIn the game modes you can chose how the game is presented on screen wether it be on TV, Gamepad or both, also with cool Reverse and Dynamic mode.

You can also work your way through all the rewards you can achieve by completed specific tasks.


Some press reviews from Gaming sites are giving this game a bit of a tough time, but they are catering for a more mature audience and aren’t really looking at it from a family point of view. But as not only a Family man AND a mature gamer, I love this game!!!



So this very special box arrived the other day. It’s a tip top tubby secret, so for now, I will have to keep you guessing. But with the Teletubbies back on our screens, you just know the contents of this box will be epic!

Evie loves the Tubbies, we are huge Cbeebies fans anyway, so it was a given really. Liv enjoyed it when she was younger, so the fact that it is back on TV now is amazing.

So, remember to come back here on the 11th of January to see what’s in the box!!!!


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