Cicciobello Sunny

Both the girls love playing dolls, caring for them, feeding them, changing them taking them for a walk and doing all the things that a baby needs. Cicciobello dolls have a great range from a walking and talking doll to a rumbly tummy doll that talks and you have to feed him and change his bottom when he needs it.


We were very lucky to get to have a look at the Cicciobello Sunny doll. The doll comes dressed ready for a day out in shorts and tee shirts. This is a great doll not only is it a well made and sweet looking doll for your little one to play with it can also help you to teach your little one the importance sun safety to make sure sunscreen is always put on as sometimes it is a struggle in our house, they need to have sunscreen on when they go to school and play school and it’s a big fight in our house and with not a lot of time in the mornings. Look no further than the Cicciobello sunny doll for help. If you have forgot to put on sunscreen then Cicciobello sunny will have marks appear and his face and body around the sun glasses which comes with him and t shirt and these marks will then magically disappear when he is no longer exposed to the sunlight. Showing that if he does have his cream on he will get burned.

There is great uv sensitive accessories for your little one to wear a bracelet and necklace. It has a photosensitive patch that will change colour from white to purple and this can be compared to the colour round the outside to see how strong the sun is and then the greater the sun precision needed. This encourages you and your little one to keep an eye on that the sun is doing and help you understand the seriousness and make sure you’re all wearing the right sunscreen.  Sunny has hair and moving eyes and is articulated, can be easily washed and dried too. From round £28.31 not suitable for children under 3 years.


The Ciccobello sunny is perfect for teaching your children about sun damage and how to stay safe. It shows kids in ways they understand just what they can do to stay safe in the sun.



Netflix #Streamteam March

This month is going by so fast. With Easter events and the kids breaking up from school, I don’t know whether I’m coming or going right now.

Also, with so many bugs going round the kids seem to have a constant stream of colds. So the overuse (not a thing) of Netflix has been paramount.

I have completed Warehouse 13. Watched Olympus has fallen twice because that man, is yummy. BUt it’s been the kids who have been watching more this month.

And it’s no surprise really with the fabulous new releases:


Relive your childhood with your little rascals by watching shows based on old-school kids toys.

The Adorable Best Popple Pals love helping their friends but every time they do it seems to backfire in hilarious ways.

The whole huggable gang is back, bringing tales of caring and sharing to a new generation.
Journey to the enchanted land of Equestria, with Unicorn Twilight Sparkle and her friends.

Teenage Pac and his loyal crew face the ups and downs of adolescence whilst protecting Pac-World.

Follow Sonic the Hedgehog and his siblings in his troublesome adventures.


Enjoy a different kind of binge this Easter with these top food related titles.

Passion, Chocolate and Johnny Depp… what more could you want?

When chef Carl Casper’s plans for opening a restaurant in LA fails, he returns home to Miami and debuts a food truck instead.

Find out what’s inside the kitchen’s and minds of six
international culinary stars in this Netflix Original Docu-Series.

So this month has been epic for the kids with all the toys turned TV shows on.

Also this month Netflix challenged our little ones to take the blogging reins for the day. So Liv wrote a nice little piece on my her mummy is the best.


Head over to my twitter to see what she had to say.

So, come join in the fun and sign up to Netflix today!

Project Mc2 Camrym’s Skateboard #Britishscienceweek

So it’s British science week, what vetter way to get the kids into science than with the fabulous Project Mc2 New range.

We love this Netflix show, we also love the dolls. Not only are the fabulous for play, but they also bring a bit of science into the mix.



This time, we are looking at Camryn. Camryn is known for her super high IQ, she is a real genius when it comes to the garage. Especially when it comes to her souped-up skateboard. Her catchphrase is “nailed it” 

Camryn is Livs favourite. She loves her quirky personality, so she was especially excited about having her doll counterpart to play with.

Each Project Mc2 doll comes with an experiment to do together. Something that is linked into the character. Camryn of course, has something skateboard related.


On the back of each box comes the simple and easy to follow instructions. This one is to gain access to the blueprint to put her skateboard together. All you need to do is brush it with some H2O (water) and reveal the instructions on the paper!


Liv has been learning about H2O in school, so she especially liked that this had been used.

She was able to complete this experiment all by herself. Which is an added bonus.

I think the Project Mc2 range does a fantastic job of bringing science to life for the kids. We have looked at two other dolls, both with awesome experiments attached.

Of course with all the science stuff they also get a super cool doll at the end of it all to play with. The dolls are stunning to look at, each bringing their own style to the mix. We love that they have ‘joints’ of the elbows and knees, making them super easy to play with, in any situation. NO matter how squashy 😛

The dolls retail for around£29 and can be purchased from any good toy retailer.


Keep an eye out for out video demo, coming soon 🙂





The Hopping Mad Easter Guide

Green and Black’s Organic Easter Range

Green and Blacks are makers of Fair Trade chocolate, their chocolate comes from the Trinitario bean, when the beans are picked the farmers cover them in banana leaves for around 5 days and then are left to dry in the sun. This makes Green and Blacks really great chocolate with a little some special, they do white,  milk  and dark chocolate with different flavors and some are very different from Salted caramel and blood orange to ginger and almond in a traditional chocolate bars to hot chocolate and ice cream.

If you’re looking for special easter egg then Green and Blacks have something for everyone from single eggs to an easter egg tasting collection which will suit any choc a holic, a lovely great dark chocolate egg with 24 different flavored miniature bars so great for someone who can’t make their mind up. From around £14.36


Elizabeth Shaw

Elizabeth Shaw are one of Britain’s greatest loved luxury chocolate makes. Their chocolates are enjoyed by everyone, they bring a little elegance to any occasion.  They use the finest ingredients.

They produce a large range of chocolates from their amazing chocolate crisps that are a great addition to any dinner party! mint thins and chocolate boxes, not forgetting the chocolate flutes and famous name liquors.

They have a lovely easter range with a yummy orange and honeycomb egg included are 12 milk mint crisp, they are put in a stylish box making them look the hit of luxury and from around  £10  they are a great easter gift. There is also a liqueur and mint one available so something for everyone. They are available from most supermarkets.


Monty Bojangles

Looking for an easter egg with a little something extra then look no further than Monty Bojangles, makes of truffles, with their very own truffle bar in Reigate. There is a lot of thought and detail put into not only the product but the packaging too. The boxes are described as “utterly unstructured” they are very different but this makes them look extra special.

Along with truffle for lovers of fruity berries or Pastichio maroon to marc De champagne and raspberry. They also produce gummy sweets and fudges and toffees, starting at £1.  Their easter egg range is a little bit special with their fun and colourful boxes making them look a little posh!! and not just a lovely milk chocolate egg some of their truffles included within the easter egg that retail from around £6 they are a great little buy.



When anyone says chocolate i’m sure one company comes into your head Cadburys!! Easter = Chocolate = look no further than cadburys. Everything you could possible need for easter whether it would be just simple eggs most of cadburys chocolates have an egg at easter, and when it’s easter we have those special ones that we have to wait until this time of year!!! cream eggs and mini eggs our favorites!! you can’t go wrong with one of thoses.  

Cadburys do a great range of smaller chocolates if you’re planning an easter egg hunt, your cream eggs of course and the smaller individual foil wrapped there is a range available from daim bar to oreo. They even do an easter egg hunt pack with everything you need for a hunt from the clue cards to a range of different eggs for your little ones to find. great fun to be had.

Cadburys also have an egg that comes with its own icing so that you can decorator your very own easter egg. This kept some of ours quiet for a while, was easy to do and tasted great too, this is a great easter gift idea too.

Something a little different from Cadbury i’d the dairy milk egg and spoon, it’s like a real egg only with chocolate and milky mousse inside comes with its own spoon and in its very own egg box, great as you get to eat the shell too!!!

12776764_10208788238642962_1929451657_o 12787218_10208788238242952_367359651_o

Hari Ghotra Currys

We love curries in our house and I’m talking proper ones, but to make them taste like they should involve a lot of spices and when i’m looking at recipes to make i always seem to be missing 1 or 2 of the spices. Well I have found the answer, Hari Ghotra. The curry kits are all the spices you will need, in different bags with some separate and some altogether and you just have to buy the meat and any vegetables that are needed. It was so easy to follow and with a heat guide on the packet you can suit everybody.  The website is great you can choose many different ways or foods to cook and it will find a recipe for you. From times and ingredients to occasions and courses, It will give you great ideas and kits to suit you and all your different curry tastes includes Bhunas and tikka masala to the more usual Dahl curry and acuit kit. From around £2.95.  They do a curry kit 6 pack that would make a great present.


Ferrero Rocher

These are a firm favourite with my brother in law, but it’s usually something we have at Christmas. Ferrero Rocher have a great easter range (which made my brother in law very happy!!) From a bunny shaped tin with the traditional Ferrero Rochers in to small eggs with different fillings in. They have different varieties too white chocolate and dark chocolate and One with just chocolate so no nut in the middle for the person (my dad) who always gives the nut away! These will make any easter event a little more upper class!!


Moo Free – Dairy Free chocolates 

Now in our household many of us can’t well shouldn’t have milk, some more serious than others my brother and mum and a couple of my cousins can’t have anything where was me and the girls and other family members can have the odd bit of chocolate or icecream, but not in a quantity, I remember when i was young the only easter egg that was around that my brother could have was an after eight one and he missed out on lots of things, chocolate being one of them.

The range nowadays is so much more it is great and it’s not just easter eggs, Holland and Barrett do a great range for all occasions of dairy free and vegan chocolates and ice cream from their own make to Moo Free (great name) . We were so pleased to get some of this to try and some other easter chocs not just eggs. Little chocolate bunnies and chicks and small chocolate eggs so this year you can involve everyone in easter hunt and not worry about the little ones having too much chocolate.



On our easter egg hunt day we like to do all different things as well as just the traditional hunt, from games to crafts, and hobby is a great place to go to get everything we need. From the little plastic eggs to hide the chocolate eggs in to all sorts of different craft ideas, from easter bonnet kits, to ceramic egg design kits, to you guessed, it fluffy yellow chickens, no easter in our eyes is complete with a little fluffy chicken! You can get ones in nests or with hats on a different colours too. Hobbycraft does a great range of everything you will need to make cards or decorations or even that unique present for someone, on rainy days we love to craft and Hobby craft is a great place to go to get ideas and kits as well as everything you need and not just for easter for any occasion. With prices from as little as around £1 it makes great pocket money prices too. We have great days with all our friends around making and doing and there is always a prize for them best one and  it’s not only the children who get involved too.


The Crackin Egg Company

Finally one for the savoury lovers amongst us. I don’t know about you but I do love a hard boiled egg. Nothing can beat it. Nut they can be a faff to make. Especially when you’re my husband! But The Crackin Egg Company have now got you covered. With ready to eat hard boiled eggs on the go, for whenever the notion takes you. You can choose from a two pack, or a multi-pack for those of us who are eggbound. The Crackin Egg Company use free range eggs, boil them and then covered them with an attractive protective layer so they stay yummy for longer. They even come with flavouring packs for those of us who are a little adventurous.


The New Spring Menu From Beefeater


Our local Beefeater is one we frequent a fair bit. The food is good and the service, at times, has been exceptional.

So we were really excited to go and try our the new Spring menu. When I say we, I mean the adults. The kids always eat the same thing, I think the staff there may even know what it is they order without asking :/

So after school today, we went to fill our tummies and try the new Spring menu.

Beefeater is a very family friendly place. The atmosphere is nice and hey have colouring and activity books the girls love. I may even join in on the colouring fest from time to time.


Evie wasted no time settling in.

The new menu has lots of the usual favourites on. Vegetarian options and lighter options. And or course a great menu for the kids which enables them to personalse their meal as much as possible. This is something we greatly appreciate as Eve is such a picky eater.

12837529_700253940116938_1548060012_o 12823153_700253943450271_705565375_o

Service was great. They were attentive and made sure we had drinks as soon a we sat down, with kids this is essential to avoid the screaming. Added bonus of the standard fizzy drinks having free refills is also something we value as a thirsty family.

I will say that it did feel like a longer wait this time. However some of us had made changes to our meals, so we had to allow for that.

The girls had the usual…


Ben had the new surf and turf which came with whole prawns and a steak cooked to your preference. The meal was much bigger than I expected, but we felt it slightly lacked in the side salad department.


New items on the menu also include: Sticky duck wings, the ultimate steak salad for those who want to go healthy but still have the full Beefeater experience, chicken bacon and avocado salad I can see this one being popular, chargrilled chicken and mushroom risotto and finally a new selection of pudding choices which is always nice. Why not try the salted toffee apple crumble or the mixed fruit trifle? Our tummies were a little full, but we will for sure be back to try those, probably next week 😛

Their fries are a personal favourite. So I went for some spring lamb. Now this usually comes with mashed potato and accompanying veg. Me being a picky eater, much like my youngest, needed to change this. The waiter was super lovely and made all the changes I requested.


Both mine and Ben’s meat was cooked to perfection for us personally and I was really surprised with how much lamb I actually had. Around 4 separate pieces.Overall the meal as fabulous. Couldn’t fault the service,

Overall the meal was fabulous. Couldn’t fault the service on this visit. The spring menu has loads of choice whether you are looking for a small or large meal. Plus there is a great selection for the kids.